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Here's the deal......

 I've launched, managed, bought or sold more than 40 businesses over the past 29 years or so.

If you Google my name you'll see I'm not a business newbie.

I haven't seen it all......but maybe 50%!

On top of that, I've reviewed hundreds of business plans, ideas and marketing strategies......not to mention executive summaries.

There's a good chance I can help your startup venture, business plan, idea or executive summary.

FREE Business Plan strings, or upsell BS

I'm willing to review your plan or strategy free of charge. But PLEASE be nice and respectful of my time, and experience.

I can't provide any in-depth advice, suggestions, ideas, contacts, VC or anything else.

My free offer is for a BASIC review only.

If you'd like my help on a deeper level, or on an ongoing basis we can discuss what works best for you.

I love working on small startup ventures......on a temporary, freelance or project-by-project basis.

My clients (and enemies) will tell you what it's like to work with me.

But..........I'm seasoned, street smart and I've launched many successful ventures, for myself and others.

I'm currently advising entrepreneurs, business owners and startup ventures in the US, China, Canada, Hong Kong, Croatia, India and Panama.

I've also helped entrepreneurs online, and I don't know where they reside!

Let me know if I can help your venture.




  1. I am very interested in starting an import business Marc. I read your article, Importing Fortunes, if this is the same Marc Charles.

    Thank you for the connection!

    Portland, Oregon

    1. Hi Stuart:

      Thanks for your post.

      I have two books on Amazon about starting an import business. Actually one is live and one will be live shortly. The live one is called China Wholesale Trader.

      I also have a great product offered by AWAI -- it includes an eboom, special reports, forum access, webinars, workshops and more.

      I hope that helps!

      Import is a fabulous market and opportunity.