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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Censorship Sucks

8:14 AM

Hi Guys:

You won't find any political or religious stuff or comments from me anywhere on the Internet.

I've been online since 1993 ;)

Politics and religion rarely answer ANY questions -- they're very deceptive.

I've been annoyed recently with the incredible censorship by almost all of the so-called "big boys" on the Internet. It's amazing.

I can't provide any solutions -- so I'm probably worthless to you ;)

But I'm producing a fun video to SHOW HOW the big boys absolutely censor anyone who doesn't agree with their views.

The fact that 20-30 million legal citizens didn't vote in the 2016 elections should provide an indication some people are not buying the Fake Everything.

Oh well.

Talk soon!

Marc Charles

PS Oh......Marc Charles Academy is Live (and free)

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