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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Look At The Latest Platform For Whistle-Blowers by Marc Charles

9:07 AM


This is cool.

As you know I'm a big fan of the Dark Web.

Not because I'm into dastardarly, illegal and perverted activities.

But rather I'm sick and tired of corruption, government hacks, the IRS, and  many other areas that steal, kill and destroy  geniune freedom.

This just in from my friends at Anonymous News....THIS is a very cool Big Idea:

A Look At The Latest Platform For Whistle-Blowers

WikiLeaks was a strong step forward for
those seeking to fight censorship, and
looking for the total release of secret
documents. These people have shown their
support for the likes of Snowden, Manning
and Assange, and have been crying out for
someone to continue their fight. Now in Slur,
their saviour may be nigh.

On slur, whistle-blowers can sell their
encrypted information to the highest bidder,
and by using bitcoin transactions over the
Tor network, both parties can remain
anonymous. Thanks to this, whistle-blowers
will get some compensation for acting for
the greater good. It̢۪s undoubtedly a very
interesting idea.

Find out the full story here. link


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