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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Online Strategy Game Business For Sale

10:10 AM
July 22 2015

Dear Entrepreneurs:

I've enclosed a new strategy game business for sale.

As usual....the asking price is a little high based on comparable portfolios. But it's not ridiculous.

2.3 million active players!

2) Online Strategy Game with 2.3 Million Players:

For sale is an established free-2-play browser MMO Game
with over 2,300,000 registered players. The game has
twice been nominated for Browser Game of The Year
(for Story and for Strategy Game) and was originally
released in 2010.

Highlights & Key Assets:
o Established community of active players and buyers
o Original and extremely high quality graphics and art
o Optimized conversion rates Active-to-Buyer and Player
lifetime retention rates
o Fully localized in 19 languages
o Very easily customizable, adjustable or upgradeable
o Viral players acquisition
o A lot of room for monetization improvements or
cross platform publishing

Revenue = 231,481
Profit = 91,765
Asking = 200,000

Marc Charles

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