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Sunday, June 14, 2015

MicroGig Riches by Marc Charles

MicroGig Riches

7:29 AM


I hope all is well.

A quick heads up.....

I've launched my new MicroGig Riches program with the help of AWAI and Great Escape Publishing.

It's hot.

Check it out.....

MicroGig Riches 2015


Micro Gig Riches Travel Stories

My first “micro gig” was developed, posted and sold from a lawn chair on the beach in Anna Maria Florida. I was dumbfounded by how easy it is. The learning curve was almost nonexistent. There were no signup fees, special software, or additional skills needed.
I designed the “micro gig’ in a few seconds, posted it on a special (free) exchange, and received my first order in about an hour. I thought, “This is a great sideline business.”

I promised my family a special trip to a unique resort in the Green Mountains of Vermont with my first big “micro gig” payout. But little did they know it would happen so quickly! My kids thought the trip would be “someday” in the future, not in two weeks. My “micro gig” business took off faster than I anticipated.

We enjoyed five days of incredible fun, weather and adventures. We rode horses (which we hadn’t done in years), went whitewater rafting, fly fishing and hiking. We also enjoyed Jeep tours, chairlift rides and even swam in granite quarries.

The most amazing thing about the “micro gigs” market is the speed at which things can happen, and when your gigs go viral in social media. Micro gigs produce a wonderful, easy secondary income.

My surprise trip to Bermuda for my family was a big hit. I promised myself an exotic vacation for my wife and kids when my “micro gig” business took off. The business took off and payments were sent to my account like clockwork.

My “micro gigs’ business generated enough money to splurge on a trip to Hamilton Bermuda.

The best part was watching my wife in kids playing soccer and cricket with Bermuda locals. I’ve never seen them have more fun!

We enjoyed the beaches, festivals, sidewalk cafes, and bus rides around the island.

I’m convinced the ‘micro gigs” marketplace is a hot rising trend. It can produce a wonderful secondary income, and nothing could be easier.

When we returned home from our Bermuda adventure my wife and kids each started a “micro gigs” business!

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