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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wallpaper Based Apps for Sale by Marc Charles

10:04 AM

Hello everybody.

I've enclosed another business or app for sale by AppBusinessBrokers.

I like their listings.....but they really need to get their act together when it comes to replying to email, text or calls.

I realize AppBusinessBrokers is a trillion dollar venture (I'm teasing), and they receive thousands of messages a day (again teasing)....but maybe if they replied to my messages I could help them sell A LOT of businesses and apps. But I guess it's not that important :)'s the listing.....

2) Wallpaper App Portfolio - 14MM+ Impressions:

For sale is a portfolio of 126 wallpaper based apps
that have produced over 14 million impressions.
The key value with this portfolio is in using these
apps to cross promote other apps and bring them ranking.
Full list of applications included is in the prospectus.

o Recurring Revenue (passive)
o Bug-free, good quality, reusable code.
All work is done in-house. No external dependencies.
o High quality artwork & graphics
o Maintenance free with almost no maintenance costs
o Releasing new apps on same code is just 7-8 hours task
(no iOS developer skill needed)
o All Intellectual Property created in-house
(no bought code or graphic assets)
o iOS8 ready apps

Revenue = 91,212
Profit = 87,612
Asking = 217,500
(Seller is open to offers)


Marc Charles

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