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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

SEO Service Business for Sale by Marc Charles

Greetings all!

I really like the business listings and apps for sale featured by AppBusinessBrokers.

But it's funny......

I've tried to reach them 5-6 times.....make that seven.....and nothing. No response, reply, call, snail mail, text, autoresponder, fake humans.....nothing.

Come on's 2015....when a top-level entrepreneur and start-up expert tries to reach out to something :)


Here's the listing:

1) Growing SEO Service Business:

For sale is an established link building search engine
optimization (SEO) service business based in India.
The business was founded in September 2012 and the
owner has put a huge amount of work into it, in terms
of marketing and developing a client base of 1,200+
with a 60% re-order rate. Relying on white hat SEO
techniques, clients receive safe link building and SEO
services that have not been hit by Google algorithm updates.

The current owner runs this on a part-time basis
(5 to 10 hours/week) with the service delivery
outsourced to one third party and the marketing
to another. With more active attention from a
new owner there is a lot of room for expansion.
Business is run virtually and can be relocated anywhere.

Revenue = 369,759
Profit = 249,207
Asking = 500,000
(Seller is open to offers and will provide partial
seller financing for the right buyer.)

Have fun!


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