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Friday, April 17, 2015

Is Email Marketing Dead? by Marc Charles

8:32 PM

Good morning:

Email marketing is not dead, it's just changed and evolved.

However, one thing has NOT changed....the power of a qualified prospect list.

Most people involved in email marketing have no clue what a prospect is or even a qualified prospect. And so they send millions of email messages and spam to  people who could care less about your stupid offer.

A qualified prospect is someone that has already purchased what you're selling for about the same price, and ideally recetnly and often.

An unqualified prospect is everyone else!

Legitimate qualified prospect lists are VERY HARD to find, let alone rent or buy. You can find them, and you'll pay dearly for the privilege to mail to these prospects.

The best way to reach qualified prospects by email is to enter into an agreement or joint venture with someone that has an in-house list you can use, rent, or advertise on.

You can also buy qualified prospect lists -- Google it, or check out

Anyway, email marketing is not dead if you use legitimate, qualified prospect email lists.

If you're sending generic email blasts, spam, bogus "list brokers" or any of this stuff -- email markeitng is DEAD.

I've enclosed a question from a subscriber and my response, along these same lines.



Question: Dear Marc, what's your opinion of email marketing? I know sending unsolicited bulk email and spam is a no no. And buying bogus  email lists is not the way to go. But what are your thoughts on email marketing in general?
C.P. Tampa FL

Answer Marc Charles:

Hi CP:

Thanks for the question and post!

My opinion of email marketing is very, very high.

However....and that's a BIG need to do it right or you will be thrown out of business, sued, fined or worse.

The Internet community does not like spam....and there are some very serious and skilled anti-email marketing programmers and "techno" geeks to contend with...and so....

The ONLY way to do email marketing is with verifiable opt-in subscriber lists and "advertorials".

Granted, everyone claims his or her subscriber lists are "verifiable" and legitimate. But in reality very few are verified.

I won't go into all of the specifics here....but we'll cover the topic over time.

But legitimate opt-in subscribers are people who have "opt-in" or requested information from someone or a publisher and THEN verifies or confirms his or her email address. This verification is then recorded and stored in a database with the user's IP address for legal purposes.

The good news is.....verified opt-in subscriber lists can be VERY powerful and effective.

The other side of this is "advertorials". An advertorial email would be one that someone with a following or loyal audience would send to his or her subscribers which "soft sells" a product or service.

One of the "masters" in this space is Agora Inc. and Early to Rise. If you read these publications faithfully you'll begin to understand how and why advertorials are so powerful.

You're absolutely right.....DO NOT spam people or send them email they have not requested, and DO NOT buy email lists from companies, brokers or individuals.

I hope that helps!

I invite anyone to post his or her thoughts on the subject.

Marc Charles

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