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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

$222k Profit by Marc Charles

6:35 AM


I've enclosed an app and platform for sale that generated more than $200,000 in profit last year.

I like apps and web-based businesses. But like all things, most things are way overpriced or overvalued. Negoiate is the rule of the day :)


Marc Charles


2) Top Productivity App (Featured by Apple):

For sale is one of the top productivity apps for iOS
with 2.5 years of history and 235K premium paid app users.
The app increases efficiency for frequent tasks on iOS
(iPhone and iPad) that targets power users on the platform.
The app is on an a relatively high percentage of users
home-screens (even in the dock) including some very
influential users.

Additional Highlights:
o Loved by Apple and the press
o Editors̢۪ Choice badge and Editors̢۪ Notes on the App Store
o Influential userbase (Credible word of mouth advertising)
o Community of users writing about the app and sharing tips
o No meaningful direct competition
o Unique app where as other apps grow, this one will become
more powerful and users will become more dependent in it
o Poised for a paid update or switch to freemium

Revenue = 242,663
Profit = 222,067
Asking = 675,000

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