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Friday, April 3, 2015

15 Milllion Downloads by Marc Charles

7:22 AM


Once in a while I'll post businesses, apps, websites or services for sale.

I've enclosed a niche sporting game app with more than 15 million downloads for sale. is pretty cool.

And remember.......EVERYTHING can be negotiated.



1) Top Multi-Platform Niche Sporting Game:

For sale is a top multi-platform niche sporting game with
over 15,000,000 downloads and an average user session of
11 minutes (pretty amazing for most mobile games). This is
a rare opportunity to acquire a revenue generating app with
a desirable user base that still has room for expansion.

Additional Highlights:
o Multi platform - iOS, Android, Amazon and Facebook
o Average user session length is 11 minutes
o Users love this game (250K+ reviews with 90% 4-5 stars)
o Social media in place with room to grow
o Quality users (good demographic of 18 - 44 year old males)
to cross promote other apps
o Multiple sources of revenue from IAP and ad revenue

Revenue = 602,312
Profit = 576,988
Asking = 1,750,000

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