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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Health and Fitness App Business For Sale by Marc Charles

9:22 AM


Here's another app business and platform for sale by AppBusinessBrokers....

3) Health & Fitness App Business + Custom Backend System:

For sale is a mobile app business with three years
of history that focuses on the evergreen health and
fitness market. The product portfolio spans iPhone,
iPod, iPad, and Android with copyright protected
content along with affiliation with a major
national health association.

The apps have been featured by Apple on numerous
occasions, including a full editorial feature
in the health and fitness section last summer.

The business includes a custom backend system that
can be used with other mobile app businesses.
The source code for this backend system is easily
the most valuable piece of the acquisition.

Revenue = 51,023
Profit = 42,570
Asking = 125,000

Best Wishes,

Eric, Mike and Mark

PS. Not interested in these listings?
Check out other businesses here:


Marc Charles

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wallpaper Based Apps for Sale by Marc Charles

10:04 AM

Hello everybody.

I've enclosed another business or app for sale by AppBusinessBrokers.

I like their listings.....but they really need to get their act together when it comes to replying to email, text or calls.

I realize AppBusinessBrokers is a trillion dollar venture (I'm teasing), and they receive thousands of messages a day (again teasing)....but maybe if they replied to my messages I could help them sell A LOT of businesses and apps. But I guess it's not that important :)'s the listing.....

2) Wallpaper App Portfolio - 14MM+ Impressions:

For sale is a portfolio of 126 wallpaper based apps
that have produced over 14 million impressions.
The key value with this portfolio is in using these
apps to cross promote other apps and bring them ranking.
Full list of applications included is in the prospectus.

o Recurring Revenue (passive)
o Bug-free, good quality, reusable code.
All work is done in-house. No external dependencies.
o High quality artwork & graphics
o Maintenance free with almost no maintenance costs
o Releasing new apps on same code is just 7-8 hours task
(no iOS developer skill needed)
o All Intellectual Property created in-house
(no bought code or graphic assets)
o iOS8 ready apps

Revenue = 91,212
Profit = 87,612
Asking = 217,500
(Seller is open to offers)


Marc Charles

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

SEO Service Business for Sale by Marc Charles

Greetings all!

I really like the business listings and apps for sale featured by AppBusinessBrokers.

But it's funny......

I've tried to reach them 5-6 times.....make that seven.....and nothing. No response, reply, call, snail mail, text, autoresponder, fake humans.....nothing.

Come on's 2015....when a top-level entrepreneur and start-up expert tries to reach out to something :)


Here's the listing:

1) Growing SEO Service Business:

For sale is an established link building search engine
optimization (SEO) service business based in India.
The business was founded in September 2012 and the
owner has put a huge amount of work into it, in terms
of marketing and developing a client base of 1,200+
with a 60% re-order rate. Relying on white hat SEO
techniques, clients receive safe link building and SEO
services that have not been hit by Google algorithm updates.

The current owner runs this on a part-time basis
(5 to 10 hours/week) with the service delivery
outsourced to one third party and the marketing
to another. With more active attention from a
new owner there is a lot of room for expansion.
Business is run virtually and can be relocated anywhere.

Revenue = 369,759
Profit = 249,207
Asking = 500,000
(Seller is open to offers and will provide partial
seller financing for the right buyer.)

Have fun!


Friday, April 17, 2015

Is Email Marketing Dead? by Marc Charles

8:32 PM

Good morning:

Email marketing is not dead, it's just changed and evolved.

However, one thing has NOT changed....the power of a qualified prospect list.

Most people involved in email marketing have no clue what a prospect is or even a qualified prospect. And so they send millions of email messages and spam to  people who could care less about your stupid offer.

A qualified prospect is someone that has already purchased what you're selling for about the same price, and ideally recetnly and often.

An unqualified prospect is everyone else!

Legitimate qualified prospect lists are VERY HARD to find, let alone rent or buy. You can find them, and you'll pay dearly for the privilege to mail to these prospects.

The best way to reach qualified prospects by email is to enter into an agreement or joint venture with someone that has an in-house list you can use, rent, or advertise on.

You can also buy qualified prospect lists -- Google it, or check out

Anyway, email marketing is not dead if you use legitimate, qualified prospect email lists.

If you're sending generic email blasts, spam, bogus "list brokers" or any of this stuff -- email markeitng is DEAD.

I've enclosed a question from a subscriber and my response, along these same lines.



Question: Dear Marc, what's your opinion of email marketing? I know sending unsolicited bulk email and spam is a no no. And buying bogus  email lists is not the way to go. But what are your thoughts on email marketing in general?
C.P. Tampa FL

Answer Marc Charles:

Hi CP:

Thanks for the question and post!

My opinion of email marketing is very, very high.

However....and that's a BIG need to do it right or you will be thrown out of business, sued, fined or worse.

The Internet community does not like spam....and there are some very serious and skilled anti-email marketing programmers and "techno" geeks to contend with...and so....

The ONLY way to do email marketing is with verifiable opt-in subscriber lists and "advertorials".

Granted, everyone claims his or her subscriber lists are "verifiable" and legitimate. But in reality very few are verified.

I won't go into all of the specifics here....but we'll cover the topic over time.

But legitimate opt-in subscribers are people who have "opt-in" or requested information from someone or a publisher and THEN verifies or confirms his or her email address. This verification is then recorded and stored in a database with the user's IP address for legal purposes.

The good news is.....verified opt-in subscriber lists can be VERY powerful and effective.

The other side of this is "advertorials". An advertorial email would be one that someone with a following or loyal audience would send to his or her subscribers which "soft sells" a product or service.

One of the "masters" in this space is Agora Inc. and Early to Rise. If you read these publications faithfully you'll begin to understand how and why advertorials are so powerful.

You're absolutely right.....DO NOT spam people or send them email they have not requested, and DO NOT buy email lists from companies, brokers or individuals.

I hope that helps!

I invite anyone to post his or her thoughts on the subject.

Marc Charles

Monday, April 13, 2015

Arbitrage Marketing Software Business For Sale by Marc Charles

8:02 AM


I've enclosed an interesting software package and platform for sale.

I like most of the listings by

The enclosed business generates more than $200,000 annual revenue, with nice profit margins.

Check it out!

Marc Charles (review site)


3) Arbitrage Marketing Software For Internet Marketers:

For sale is an automated marketing software tool and
training system that allows users to perform arbitrage
across two very popular sites and profit as a middleman.
However this is not the typical “make money” type of offer.

This is a very well known, respected and established brand
within the internet marketing industry, and has won
multiple awards for its profitability, user friendliness
and anyone-can-use-it business model. It enjoys tremendous
customer loyalty for being a high quality pragmatic product
that is profitable for its users

Revenue = 213,000
Profit = 107,000
Asking = 160,000

Friday, April 10, 2015

James Bay

11:03 PM

Hi Gang:

Here's a fantastic new singer, songwriter, musician and entertainer.....

James Bay


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

$222k Profit by Marc Charles

6:35 AM


I've enclosed an app and platform for sale that generated more than $200,000 in profit last year.

I like apps and web-based businesses. But like all things, most things are way overpriced or overvalued. Negoiate is the rule of the day :)


Marc Charles


2) Top Productivity App (Featured by Apple):

For sale is one of the top productivity apps for iOS
with 2.5 years of history and 235K premium paid app users.
The app increases efficiency for frequent tasks on iOS
(iPhone and iPad) that targets power users on the platform.
The app is on an a relatively high percentage of users
home-screens (even in the dock) including some very
influential users.

Additional Highlights:
o Loved by Apple and the press
o Editors’ Choice badge and Editors’ Notes on the App Store
o Influential userbase (Credible word of mouth advertising)
o Community of users writing about the app and sharing tips
o No meaningful direct competition
o Unique app where as other apps grow, this one will become
more powerful and users will become more dependent in it
o Poised for a paid update or switch to freemium

Revenue = 242,663
Profit = 222,067
Asking = 675,000

Friday, April 3, 2015

15 Milllion Downloads by Marc Charles

7:22 AM


Once in a while I'll post businesses, apps, websites or services for sale.

I've enclosed a niche sporting game app with more than 15 million downloads for sale. is pretty cool.

And remember.......EVERYTHING can be negotiated.



1) Top Multi-Platform Niche Sporting Game:

For sale is a top multi-platform niche sporting game with
over 15,000,000 downloads and an average user session of
11 minutes (pretty amazing for most mobile games). This is
a rare opportunity to acquire a revenue generating app with
a desirable user base that still has room for expansion.

Additional Highlights:
o Multi platform - iOS, Android, Amazon and Facebook
o Average user session length is 11 minutes
o Users love this game (250K+ reviews with 90% 4-5 stars)
o Social media in place with room to grow
o Quality users (good demographic of 18 - 44 year old males)
to cross promote other apps
o Multiple sources of revenue from IAP and ad revenue

Revenue = 602,312
Profit = 576,988
Asking = 1,750,000