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Friday, March 6, 2015

$50 Import Secret by Marc Charles

9:03 AM


I've enclosed an article I wrote for AWAI and Great Escape Publishing.

The article also talks about my new program called Importing Fortunes 2015.


Drop me a note if you've got any questions or if I can help your business in any way!



$50 Import Secret
By Marc Charles

You could start an importing business for $50.

This is not a joke.

Granted, you probably won’t produce thousands of dollars in profit instantly.

But you will be able to start importing and selling products from anywhere in the world. You’ll also get a feel for how this business works in the real world.

I’ve developed a comprehensive program to help anyone get involved in this fascinating business and market opportunity. You can read about it here.[MCS1] 

Today I’ll show you how entrepreneurs around the world are making money in this market right now.

What’s more, some people discovered how to fund their travel adventures with this business.

The key to making money as an importer (or exporter) is to focus on obtaining inexpensive or small quantities of in-demand products, and then selling them quickly on high traffic Internet shopping sites.

To locate inexpensive products for importing you can check out these sites:

1.    Aliexpress
2. Fulfillment Program
3.    Taobao – China’s eBay!
4.    Etsy

These sites will enable you to import inexpensive or low quantities of products easily. You don’t have to worry about freight forwarding, complicated procedures, tariffs, regulations or anything like this.

All you need to do is order products (import) and then sell them online.

It couldn’t be easier!

In my new program Importing Fortunes [MCS2] I encourage students to concentrate on in- demand products first and foremost.

Oftentimes entrepreneurs try to force their products or ideas on the market. It makes more sense, and costs less money, to focus on products with a market demand, rather than a “perceived” demand.

Importing Fortunes [MCS3] teaches you HOW to identify the hottest in-demand products quickly.

For example, on you’ll find dozens of companies and suppliers offering iPhone 5 Protective Cases for under $1, and this includes free shipping.

You could easily import 6 of these products for under $15.

If you conduct your market research as outlined in Importing Fortunes you would find out the iPhone Protective Case enjoys a nice demand.

If you go to eBay and you can see the popularity of this item. Then you could post your iPhone covers for sale.

Note: You should wait until you have the items in your possession before listing them for sale on eBay or any high traffic shopping site. However, I’ll show you a new program offered by that eliminates having to inventory products!

When we search eBay for iPhone Protective Cases we find more than 3,000 search results. But we focus on the product we purchased on AliExpress.

In our illustration on eBay we can see these items sell for $3.79 - $7.99 and up. 

If you purchase a product for $.60 and sell it for $3.79 your profit is approximately $3.10 per item. If you sell 100 items the approximate profit would be $310.

That’s not bad for a few minutes of work.

Getting Started!

Every successful business has a formula.

I’ve developed a successful formula for this business too!

When you’re starting out in this business, and you have a minimal investment, it’s important to understand how and where to obtain small quantities of products, as cheaply as possible and selling them quickly on high traffic Internet shopping sites.

And that is the formula: acquire products cheap + sell the products online with nice profit margins + ship the products to customers = Make Money

You’ll need to investigate potential partners, suppliers and exporters. I’ll show you how to do it with an incredible new website.

We’ve also launched the Importing Fortunes interactive forum! This is a powerful resource to help you connect with other entrepreneurs, importers and exporters.

We monitor the forum throughout the day, post exciting news, developments and new ways to import and export products. We also feature entrepreneurs doing this – which is priceless when someone is starting out in business.

The import export market is a multi-trillion dollar wellspring of cash. The best news is you can leverage this market with a business of your own for $50….all kidding and jokes aside. Check out my new program Importing Fortunes today to find out if this is a good fit for you.


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