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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

REVIEW "Get Paid EVERY Time Netflix Rents a Movie" by Marc Charles

9:22 AM


Reviewing a new promo this morning.......

"Get Paid EVERY Time Netflix Rents a Movie"

I thought the headline was really good. The actual promotion video is pretty good too.
I guess I would give it 5 stars out of 10. I'd like them to shoot for 7-8 stars.

My biggest problem is the length of the video promotion. I know a lot of people LOVE long form sales letters and landing pages.

But what about long form video sales letters? I'm not a big fan.

The one exception would be if you could hold my attention for 23 minutes. The video I reviewed could not...

And of course.....the old can't "fast forward" trick is in play too. I hate the fact I can't fast forward a video to get to the bottom line, close or "pitch".

Of course copywriters will argue there's a reason for "no fast forward" videos. But at least with a landing page or snail mail letter I can skip to the end or read the PS.

Oh well.....I still like the headline and lead.

Marc Charles

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