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Thursday, December 18, 2014

OBGYN Practice for Sale -- Marc Charles Update

9:22 AM

Hey Gang:

I like the Merger Network. They offer businesses for sale without the hype, deception and games most brokerages play.

I prefer to buy businesses direct from sellers, and advise my consulting clients to do the same thing.

Plus, when you come into a deal you'll have either "strong" or "weak" hands. That means you have the funds, business savvy and ability to close deals in your favor, or you have no funding, no business experience in the given field and therefore usually get taken.

Granted, I think the good deal is profitable for both parties. This is why most of the deals and business sales I've put together do not come undone. I try to make sure everyone is happy.'s a OBGYN practice for sale. This is a high demand market and service.

Post your thoughts.


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