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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Can a Person REALLY Live “Off the Grid”? by Marc Charles

Can a Person REALLY Live “Off the Grid”? 

Is This Type of Lifestyle Really Feasible?

6:27 AM

Living “off the grid” can be a tremendous reward for anyone involved in business and making money. 

It has been for me.

So this is a great question!

First of all…..I’d like to define “off the grid”. 
I’ve lived “off the grid” four times over the last 30 years or so in places like New Mexico, Minnesota, Maine, and Mexico. 
I’ve also lived on a luxury house boat on the St Croix River is Wisconsin. Everything was powered with a diesel generator….and in those days we grabbed TV signals out of the air and used radio telephones.
To me “off the grid” means no connection to the conventional “grid” of electricity, telephone, water, government sewage systems, the Internet and cable TV networks….which is where the term derived.

It’s harder to live this way than you might think.
But it can be an adventure and there are a ton of other benefits too.

In my experience, the two greatest benefits was the satisfaction of being self sufficient, and an appreciation for real things and values.

Watch the movie “Into the Wild” by Sean Penn….it’s a classic.

Richard Zimmerman, also known as the "Salmon River Caveman," lived an “off the grid” lifestyle. Richard lived almost entirely off the land, in a cave along the Salmon River in Idaho.
And get this….
Some of Richard’s caves were 60 feet deep. He earned extra money by renting out adjacent caves for $2 a night. Most people only spent a night or two; but others chose the $25 monthly rate and stayed for months or even years.

I’ve explored caves in New Mexico that were 30-40 feet high, and up to 100 feet wide! The temperature remains a pleasant 60-70 degrees year round.

Granted, living in a cave, in a tree house or on an iceberg may not be your idea of “the high life”.

But it can be an exciting adventure…..and it may you a new perspective to life, business and making money.

If you’ve dreamed of living “off the grid” I’ve enclosed some details for doing it in this week’s issue.

What Do You Need to Live “Off the Grid”?
Here’s a revised list I used when I lived off the grid in New Mexico:
  Access to clean water
2Access to a legitimate food source or be able to easily transport food to your location (hunting and fishing are not always
3Shelter. Building a shelter while getting established is not realistic so I rented a hunting cabin.
4High-quality laminated topographic maps. Understand how to use a map and a compass before you go.
5Firearms. Forget about bows and arrows, snags and traps. Bring a gun.
 Most animals are not your friends. Living off the grid is not a cartoon. I was stalked for several days by a mountain lion until an old timer showed me a secret: always try to appear larger than you are if confronted by one! Animals do not want problems.

Let someone know your exact location. Today with Google Maps and Geo-tags it’s easy.
Make friends in the surrounding area. You’ll need them. I made friends will an old man, who was a 35-year Navy veteran (designed ships).
 Invest in a state of the art first aid and survival kit (even if you’re Rambo) One of the best is QuakeKare.
CASH. Cash always works wonders when you’re in the middle of nowhere. Store cash in zip lock bags outside of your shelter, like under a large rock.
“Yeah, But Is This Really Feasible? What About Making Money?”
My focus each week is on legitimate business and money making opportunities.
So….”living off the grid” might sound like a contradiction.

If you haven’t made enough cash to retire on a deserted island, in a cave, in a tree house or somewhere else remote, then maybe you could build “living off the grid” into your lifestyle as a hobby or on a part time or seasonal basis.

My suggestion before setting off into the wilderness with a backpack, shotgun and trail mix is to try a couple of weekends “off the grid” first.

Then you could try it for a week or a month at a time. This should give you a great feel for the lifestyle.

Another option is sailing on the ocean. 

Many entrepreneurs I know used sailing as a motivation to build successful businesses and money making empires. 

In some ways, sailing is the ultimate “off the grid” lifestyle.

These days I prefer having Internet access, a cell phone and other niceties. This keeps me semi-attached to the “grid”, so I can monitor businesses and money making ventures.

My kids have been bugging me to rent a tree house for a week or two for our next vacation. We’re seriously considering it. I think two weeks in a rainforest tree house could be worth more than a year in a public school (we homeschool our kids so it’s not an issue).

Anyway, an “off the grid” lifestyle is feasible and you can make it a reality.
There are several ways to approach an “off the grid” lifestyle.

You could build a self sustained camp or cottage “off the grid” in hundreds of locations. 

My preferences are places with reasonable climate. 

But some locations are great for “seasonal off grid living” such as Maine (especially northern and the islands), Montana, New Mexico, Central Mexico and some parts of South America. 

I also like the Pacific Islands but these can be tricky (finding remote locations or islands with access to food and water).

It’s fun to think about living “off the grid”.

In today’s world it might become a necessity.

Please write to me with your thoughts and ideas for “living off the grid”.

Marc Charles
“The King of Business Opportunities”

(Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as "The King of Business Opportunities" ....and for good reason. He should be known as "The King of Legitimate Business Opportunities"...because he's launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities. He understands legitimate opportunities)
******* Valuable Resources ********

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Wall Street Trading Secret the Masses Never See by Marc Charles

Wall Street Trading Secret the Masses Never See

How to make money trading precious metals and reduce your risk like a hedge funds pro

9:14 AM

Dear Entrepreneur:

The gold futures market is a powerful tool for making money. 

But, there’s a significant downside risk in this market, I’m not pulling any punches.

When you open a gold futures trading account you’ll be required to read, sign and approve a disclaimer like this:

The risk of loss in trading commodity futures and options is substantial. Before trading, you should carefully consider your financial position to determine if futures trading is appropriate. When trading futures and/or options, it is possible to lose more than the full value of your account. All funds committed should be risk capital. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

However…..there is a way eliminate or greatly reduce your risk, I’ll show you how.

I’ll show you a way to make money in the gold futures market which is hidden form the masses.
If the average guy on the street understood and applied this tactic it would rip the curtain back on the Great Oz of Wall Street.

And don’t kid yourself…

I’m not talking about a “perceived risk” here. 

I’m talking about actual, real time, fortune losing risk!

But let’s get real….every business has some risk. 

The secret to being a successful gold trader is reducing or eliminating risk

Let’s take a peek at this bad boy strategy…

The gold futures market is a 24-hour trillion dollar raging torrent of cash

I recommend staying away from unregulated futures markets; it’s not worth the trouble. There’s no reason to get involved with unregulated markets when regulated markets are available.
On top of that, my preference is to avoid markets with low open interest. 

Open interest is the number of open contracts in a particular market.

The open interest for the December 2011 gold futures contract is about 135,000 contracts. This number will increase just prior to the expiration date as speculators, traders and investors rush in to make a quick buck.

The idea is to focus on the markets which are easy to get in and out of quickly Open interest is how you determine total participation.

Know the Market 

It’s important to understand the market you’re trading.

If you ignore this key you’ll pay dearly for your lack of knowledge.

In other words, every market has its own “ebb and flow” or subtle difference.

On top of that, it’s a good idea to study a market’s “ebb and flow” and cyclical patterns. You can do this by reviewing historical price charts, and observing how the market reacts to events, shocks or “bad news”.

The “masses” rarely make (and keep) money in the gold futures market because of a lack of knowledge and understanding.

An Easy System for Removing Profits from the Market

When you trade you need an easy system for removing profits from the market, and protecting oneself when things go from bad to worse. 

There are thousands of software trading programs which claim to do this and some of them better than others.

And, I’m not living in the dark ages. I realize high frequency trading (HFT) and other sophisticated software programs is what the ‘BIG” money uses these days.
But I’m not talking about a software trading program.

I’m talking about a system which incorporates human logic and common sense.

Most of the new traders do not understand the market they trade nor do they understand how to remove profits.

I’ll show you how to do this today.

Commodity Futures Learning Curve

A futures contract is an obligation to buy or sell a given quantity of an asset at a specified future date and at an agreed-upon price.

Futures contracts have standard delivery dates, trading units, terms, and conditions. 

A futures contract can be based on any number of underlying assets. 

You can trade coffee, cotton, currencies, precious metals, and soybeans… to name a few.
To "open" a futures position, you either buy or sell a future. 

To "close" a futures position, you do the exact opposite - either selling or buying the same future.
Most futures contract positions are "closed out" in this way before they expire.

If you believe that the price of the underlying asset will rise, you would buy a futures contract. This is referred to as LONG position. 

When you own a contract (long) it commits you to take delivery of the underlying shares, or equivalent cash value, at a prearranged price and by a certain date – unless you sell it.

If you believe the price of the underlying asset will fall, you would sell a futures contract. This is referred to as a SHORT position. 

When you sell a futures contract (short) it  commits you to deliver the underlying shares, or equivalent cash value, at a prearranged price and by a certain date – unless you buy it.
The most active futures contracts are traded on government-regulated exchanges like the Chicago Board of Trade (the largest futures exchange), the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the New York Board of Trade, the London Metal Exchange, and the ICE (Intercontinental Exchange).
Little-Known Gold Trading Strategy
New traders trade like they're on a weekend junket in Vegas!
They don’t stick to a strategy and they don’t understand the games they play.
When novice gamblers win big money they spend it even faster on drinks, parties, and entertainment and more gambling. 

It’s a great business model when you own the casino!

Rookies trade with reckless abandon
I’m not trying to bring you down, or overwhelm you with negative “vibes”.

But it’s important to know this stuff because your WILL be faced with it if you trade gold futures.
What’s more, novice traders usually “let it ride” after a winning trade with the intention of making even more money.

Professional traders don't trade like this (except for people like Job Corzine at MF Global. His trading losses will probably top $650 million). 

Professional traders usually understand trading is a business, not a hobby.

Most (but not all) professional traders know how to make and keep profits. 

My trading mentor always removed part of his profits and wired it to another bank account.

The Markets are Predictable (to a Degree)

Every market moves in cycles, trends, and "waves." 

This is an incredible truth, and very good news for traders.

For example, hogs are a popular livestock futures market. 

Hogs have gone up in price the last part of March and into the first week of April for the past 45 years or so like clockwork. 

Part of the answer is Easter!
More ham and bacon are sold around the Easter holiday than at any other time of year!
Most professional hog traders understand this cycle and trade it accordingly.
Professional traders typically specialize in one market.

For example, a professional coffee trader would know if prices were at historical highs or lows. He or she would know when a coffee crop is vulnerable to freezing temperatures in Brazil (a huge producer).

A professional coffee trader waits patiently and watches the market. 

Then just prior to the winter “freeze season” he might load up (buy) coffee futures.
When the news hits of a “devastating freeze,” the coffee trader might load up with more positions

The savviest traders sell into a panic, remove profits, start trading a small position again and if the conditions were right buy more contracts.

Wall Street Gold Trading Secret

Most professional traders understand hysteria doesn’t last forever.
At some point he or she knows the market settles down and prices return to an “average” trading range. 

As a professional trader you can seize this opportunity like a Wall Street insider.

Professional traders can make a lot of money when markets move into an “average” trading range by selling options.

The Wall Street gold trading secret is a little different. We’re going to trade gold futures and options – together.

Let’s say you believe gold futures are going to go down in the short term. This is actually a good trade because almost NO ONE believes the price of gold will go down today.
It’s like betting on a football game. My friend and gambling icon Wayne Root said you will never make big money betting on favorites or sure things. You make the biggest payday going against the crowd and betting public.

So…if you think gold is heading lower you could sell one January 2012 gold futures contract. This means you are “shorting” the market expecting it to drop. You could place a stop loss order above the current price at whatever point you feel comfortable.

In other words, let’s say you are only willing to lose $3,000, no matter what. Then you would place a stop loss order $3,000 above the price where you enter the trade. 

Okay, now you buy one gold futures call option at a strike price $3,000 above the point where you sold.

If your short trade goes against you, and the price of gold rises, the losses you incur in the futures market will be offset in part by the rise in value (and profit) of the gold call option.
In other words, whatever direction you feel the gold market is going, buy a call or put option on the other side of your trade, to offset any losses.

It’s like having insurance on your trade, thereby reducing your risk -- big time.
This is what hedge fund managers do to protect themselves – and they often trade tens of millions of dollars in gold futures.

There are thousands of strategies like this which involve futures and options, but this is one of the easiest to implement and understand.

As always……please send or post your feedback, on this article, or anything! Feedback makes the world go ‘round.

Trade wisely,

Marc Charles
“The King of Business Opportunities”

(Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as "The King of Business Opportunities" ....and for good reason. He should be known as "The King of Legitimate Business Opportunities"...because he's launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities. He understands legitimate opportunities)

Action Strategy
Paper trade!
Paper trading is the most powerful tool available to futures and options traders. It enables you to trade “on paper” without risking a dime.
You can start practicing on paper right now to see if the strategy I gave you works.
You can open a paper trading account free of charge at the Paper Trading Club

Valuable Resources:
World Commodity Futures Exchanges
Chicago Board of Trade
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Kansas City Board of Trade
London Metal Exchange
Minneapolis Grain Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
Euronext LIFFE
Shanghai Futures Exchange
Tokyo Commodity Exchange

Commodity Brokers
PFG Best
Great Pacific Trading Company
R.J. O'Brien
Traders Network

 Futures Trading Education and Tutorials    
Chicago Board of Trade – Options Institute

Commodity Central
Chicago Mercantile Exchange - Simulated Trading

New Book Recommendations
Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom
by Van K. Tharp

Commodity Trading Manual
by the Chicago Board of Trade and Frank Rose

Trading Futures for Dummies
By Joe Duarte MD
Winning in the Futures Markets: A Money-Making Guide to Trading, Hedging, and Speculating
by George Angell

Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders
by Jack D. Schwager

The New Market Wizards: Conversations With America’s Top Traders
by Jack D. Schwager

Trading Tip:
There are basically two ways to approach any market - either from a technical or a fundamental point of view.
A technical view is based on charts, cycles, Elliott Waves, and mathematical equations, etc.
A fundamental view is based on supply, demand, weather, crisis, and facts etc.
If you can utilize BOTH approaches to make your investment decisions, it's even better.
For example, with an Elliott Wave technical view of a market a trader would wait for signals based on Elliott Wave structure on price charts.
The three major aspects of Elliott Wave analysis are pattern, time, and ratio.
The basic Elliott Wave pattern consists of a five wave uptrend followed by a three wave correction. Each "leg" of a wave in turn consists of smaller waves.
Elliott waves can be used define where a market is in relation to historical prices.
Then you would review the actual supply and demand figures. These are harder to find then you might expect because everyone (farmers, miners, government, traders, hedge funds or anti-capitalists) has a bias.
One of the coolest projects I’ve seen regarding supply and demand is the Wolfram Demonstrations Project. You don’t need a PhD to enjoy it.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

SaaS Property Management Software (PMS) for Sale -- Marc Charles Update

10:14 AM


Here's another software company for sale.

I think the price is kind of steep. But I think everything is steep :)

But I like SaaS services, property management and the fact this business is profitable right now.

Check it out:


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Thursday, December 18, 2014

OBGYN Practice for Sale -- Marc Charles Update

9:22 AM

Hey Gang:

I like the Merger Network. They offer businesses for sale without the hype, deception and games most brokerages play.

I prefer to buy businesses direct from sellers, and advise my consulting clients to do the same thing.

Plus, when you come into a deal you'll have either "strong" or "weak" hands. That means you have the funds, business savvy and ability to close deals in your favor, or you have no funding, no business experience in the given field and therefore usually get taken.

Granted, I think the good deal is profitable for both parties. This is why most of the deals and business sales I've put together do not come undone. I try to make sure everyone is happy.'s a OBGYN practice for sale. This is a high demand market and service.

Post your thoughts.


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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Is Starting a Business for $1 Actually Possible by Marc Charles

12:22 PM


Is it possible to start a business for $1 in the real world?

My friend and client thinks so.....

Here's his pitch:

Start Your Own Internet Business Today For Just $1!

Marc Charles

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How to Make $10,000 Selling a Simple Product Online with Google's Help by Marc Charles

How to Make $10,000 Selling a Simple Product Online with Google's Help!

10:13 AM

Dear Entrepreneur:

Bob Maydonik makes $10,000 to $20,000 every month importing a simple product from China and selling it online.

He also secured a unique partnership with Google to design his AdWords campaign for him.

I talked to Bob on Monday about his little venture.

On top of that, Google provided advertising seed money for him to boot!

I’ll show you how Bob does it and how you could do something similar too.

As some of you know, I wrote a comprehensive home study course and e-book called China Wholesale Trader. An updated edition will be available soon from AWAI.

But know this…..

I’m not a rookie when it comes to outsourcing companies in China, and importing products for resale.

What’s more, my good friend and consulting client Phillip Sterling was in the process of launching a venture to export cigarettes to China and sell them under a “Mary Kay Cosmetics” business model, until his untimely death in 2004.

This was before all the “big boys” got ahold of  the strategy.

And so…I have a little insight into exporting products into China as well.

Here’s what Bob Maydonik did ….

Bob designed an oversized yoga mat which measures 6’ x 6’.

He called his company and product Square36.

This simple product makes $10,000-$25,000 per month for Bob Maydonik.

It took Bob about a year and a half to get this thing up and running, and become profitable.  You could do it much faster with the information in today’s issue!

Bob got the idea for an oversized yoga mat while doing the training program  P90X. He told me he was annoyed the size of typical yoga mats.

A New Site Opens the Door for You …..

With the idea in hand Bob he set out to find someone to design and manufacture it.

The he stumbled on is a Monster Resource for entrepreneurs to manufacture and import products from China. is one of the highest traffic business websites on the Internet.

I’m dead serious…..they have more than 6 million registered users and facilitate more than $6 billion dollars in transactions every year.

Bob located a company to manufacture the Square36 and export it to the US super cheap!

The next step was to get a website up and running…. here it is:

A website is the easy part.

Granted, a nice website with dependable ecommerce takes a little effort……generic templates won’t work.

But most entrepreneurs get overwhelmed with all the website stuff.

Focus on users and customers….NOT on your company, product or prices….and you’ll be fine.

Bob simply jotted down some ideas for his website and handed it to a freelance designer. It should only take a couple of days to develop a simple ten page website.

In fact, whenever you work with a webmaster, designer or programmer ALWAYS insist on completion date. If they can’t do it don’t hire them.

If you hire or retain someone with “artist tendencies” you could wait for years to get a website built!

I’m serious….I’m telling you this from experience on hundreds of ventures and websites.

Enough said.

The next thing Bob did was approach Google to buy keyword advertising.

But get this……..

Google built the Square36 AdWords campaign for them!

You heard right.

Most people don’t realize Google offers free consulting and assistance when it comes to setting up an AdWords campaign.

Yes…..Google wants your money…as much as possible.

But Google understands (better than most)  they can’t make big bucks over the long term without helping people make money.

On top of that, Google gave Square36 seed money credit to launch the product and the campaign!

One of the biggest mistakes Bob made (in his words) were the first twenty prototypes of the oversized yoga mat.

They bought a HUGE roll of PVC mat and asked the yoga supply wholesaler to cut them into 6′ x 6′ mats.

But the wholesaler ripped off their idea! This is fairly common but it always hurts.

In addition, the wholesale company grabbed the photo of Bob’s mat and took credit for it.

Bob quickly dealt with the situation by changing the color of our mat to black, increasing the density and thickness, and then embossing their logo on it.

Oh….Bob dumped the US wholesaler and went with a reputable company in China.

Bob mentioned the ripoff wholesaler has done a lousy job marketing their “knock off” product and so it hasn’t affected Square36 sales whatsoever.

Million Dollar Lesson

Bob Maydonik learned a million dollar lesson about doing business in China.

When you do business in China the most important thing is the “connection”.

In other words, if you meet with a Chinese business partner and talk about your family for two hours! In the last ten minutes of a meeting the topic of terms and pricing might surface.

“If you take the factory manager out for beers you’ll get way better pricing & terms”, Bob said.

The business culture in China is built our “connections”, family, friends, and associates,

The biggest thing Bob learned about online marketing (and Google AdWords) is the time of day matters.

In other words, most people aren’t shopping online during their workday. The ads running on weekday nights always perform best.

Bob also said incorporating the cost of shipping into the price is the best way to go. Advertising “FREE SHIPPING” is very effective when it comes to Google AdWords campaigns.

Bob swears by the Alibaba.

He told me entrepreneurs new to this business should find a minimum of three manufacturers who can make what you want.

When you’re getting stuff made in China there’s a good chance the manufacturers will be in the same town (different towns seem to specialize in manufacturing one type of product).

If you can visit manufactuers in person, do it. Bob and his partner visited five factories for the Square36 mat. But only one of the five factories could actually do their project.

Bob registered his Internet domain (URL) with They host the domain at

Bob said the only thing he would you do differently is pick a product that’s easier to ship. A 6′ x 6′ yoga mat weighs about ten pounds. It’s as easy to ship as a pair of shoes or a DVD.

What’s more, you can fit a much smaller product in a Sea-Can, this would mean significant savings.

That’s it!

Bob saw a need, developed an idea, started SUPER small, found an inexpensive way to manufacture the product and import it. Then he got some help from Google to set up a profitable AdWords campaign.

You da man!

Please send me your thoughts, ideas, complaints or feedback. We read every comment, email, post and snail mail letter.


Marc Charles
“The King of Business Opportunities”

PS Check out my NEW Program -- Importing Riches 2015 with step by step instructions for doing this yourself.

 *** Action Strategy ***

Do you have an idea for a product?

Hold on quick draw!

Everyone has an idea for a product. 

You need to make sure there’s an existing market for it. 

Don’t try to invent or build a demand for something….it’ll cost you millions.

Instead, focus on products already selling in the marketplace. 

Three tools I use are Google, eBay and infomercials. Search Google Products and eBay for products selling now. You can use Terapeak to find out what’s selling on eBay too.

Infomercials are a great resource too. 

Do you know how much money it takes to develop, market and sell products through an infomercial? The answer is a boatload. 

So….if you see repeat infomercials you can bet they are probably selling products like crazy.

Then go to and find a company to make it for you, and import it.
Start small, test, and roll it out!

****Valuable Resources****

TradeKey (similar to – excellent resource)
As Seen On TV (hundreds of commercials and infomercials)
Importing Fortunes Program

Saturday, December 13, 2014

New Years Eve Events

9:22 AM


One of my clients set up a great site to promote New Years Even events.

Check it out.......