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Friday, November 14, 2014

Why Are Artists Starving by Marc Charles

8:22 PM

Hi Gang:

I've launched, bought, sold, and managed many businesses in 30 years. I've slowed down on the buying and selling businesses in recent years, I'm 55 years old.

But still love launching and advising startups, and writing about them.

I've helped a good friend launch an art gallery. I advised against it, with facts, proof, insight, wisdom and actual numbers. But it was Mr Artist's dream.

He had two things going for him -- he owned the building outright and volunteers (like me which he knows is a big deal).

But still....the first six months have been weak. In fact, I'm the top sales person ...mainly from direct mail, Internet, parties and contacts.

The bottom line is this: artists create from their love, pain, passion or whatever.

Artists typically don;t care what the market wants. And this is why they're starving.

But if artists want to increase sales they need to feed into the current, not future, market demand.

So.....that's my take on galleries and selling art.


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