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Friday, November 28, 2014

New App Businesses for Sale by Marc Charles

9:32 AM


I've enclosed three new app businesses for sale from my friends at AppBusinessBrokers.

These are pretty neat, with a nice return.

Marc Charles


There are 3 brand new business listings for you this week
along with a SAAS investment opportunity. Each of these
have some strong and unique selling points for the
right buyer so be sure and take a look.

For more details on any listings click the respective link,
submit the form on the page and fill out the NDA,
then we'll get you the information right away.

1) Diverse iOS/Mac App Portfolios In Multiple Niches:

For sale is a diverse portfolio of apps in the iOS and
Mac app stores across multiple categories. App types
include educational tutorials, Minecraft gaming guides,
radio apps, niche wallpaper apps and game apps.

With 2.5 million iOS app and 400,000 Mac app downloads,
the diversity of this portfolio has kept earnings steady.
The core apps are in niches that are steady earners.
And several source codes can be used to create a virtually
infinite number of new apps.

Revenue = 152,178
Profit = 149,407
Asking = 300,000

2) High Quality Tank War Game:

For sale is a state of the art war tank game. This app is
high quality with outstanding AI, reality features and
beautiful maps. This one has everything to be a top
tank/war game on the app store with the right owner.

The seller is a young app entrepreneur that has been
doing apps for four years and now wants to move into
developing a console (PS4) game. He doesn̢۪t have the
capital or time to market and distribute this tank app
the way he would have liked. He is open to offers to
buy the game outright as well as licensing or
revenue sharing type of deals.

3) Publishing Company - 70+ titles in the best markets on Amazon:

For sale is, a small, Indie publishing company that
focuses primarily on creating books and guides that
will improve the lives of its readers through topics
such as health, wellness, cooking, yoga, and children's stories.

The hard work that has been put into this company has
been noted by several industry leaders in the publishing
world, which has garnered the business numerous accolades,
awards, reviews, and offers to work with companies such as
Penguin, Random House, and Gaiam.

Sellers are a husband and wife team that started 2 other
(non competitive) businesses and don̢۪t have time to
focus on this one.

There is a full team and system in place to run and grow
this business ongoing.

Revenue = 34,646
Profit = 25,723
Asking = 80,000

4) SAAS Investment Opportunity: helps companies make more money by empowering
their salespeople to sell more effectively. By combining
a sales best practices framework with a proprietary and
innovative real-time data platform, sales teams can
effortlessly research, monitor and contact their accounts
in a proactive, value-added manner.

FunnelFire is a "Bloomberg for Salespeople" platform which
aggregates and analyzes news, press releases, SEC, social
and other data on the people and companies sales people
are targeting. The company is run by repeat entrepreneurs
with deep knowledge of the space and has paying customers.

The founder and CEO of this business is a long time
personal friend of ours. If you are interested in learning
more please email Eric Owens at
with your contact info. Then we'll connect you
with the founder to learn more.

Best Wishes,

Eric, Mike and Mark

PS. Not interested in these listings?
Check out other businesses here:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Overseas Income Opportunity by Marc Charles

9:01 AM

Hi Gang:

I've enclosed another article I wrote for International Living.

It's about a new overseas income opportunity.



By Marc Charles

Dear Fund Your Life Overseas Reader,

Finding reliable income opportunities is not easy. But I have one for you today.

I was a guest on a webinar recently that focused on legitimate business and income opportunities that required little or no startup capital.

I revealed a business that surprised a lot of people.

I’ve dedicated more than 30 years to researching, dissecting, testing and teaching people about legitimate business and income opportunities. So this webinar was right up my alley and a lot of fun.

I explained how one “work-from-anywhere” income opportunity might be a good fit for people like you who like to travel or live overseas.

You could start dabbling in this business to see if it’s right for you with very little investment. I completed my first “deal” for under $250. But you could start with even less than I did and be on the right track.  

My friends Kevin and Lisa Hickey started doing deals from a spare bedroom. That was eight years ago. Today they have an online business that can be run from almost anywhere with a laptop.

Caroline Lau loves scrapbooking. She found an overseas supplier for high quality scrapbooks and then she sold them online for a nice profit. The best part is she doesn’t even handle the products; she outsourced this to Amazon (for a small fee).

I’ve developed a comprehensive program with step-by-step instructions for this income opportunity.
You’ll also learn about an incredible website where buyers, sellers and suppliers from 240 different countries meet to discuss products and make deals. That’s where Caroline and the Hickeys found their products.

Jane Ivanov knew there was a market for lingerie for expectant mums. She found a manufacturer on this website that could make them for her, and ship them to her fulfillment center. She has a thriving business that can be run from anywhere!

Did you know that you can sell products on Amazon without ever having to deal with the product physically in your home or office?

Forget about the hassle of storing products in your basement, garage, or home office. Those days are gone.

Today, companies like Amazon have huge storehouses specifically for this purpose. They will store your products for you and only charge a small fee when you make a sale. This is like an ultimate, no stress business with super low startup costs and risks.

I share all of my “insider tips” for this business, plus real life examples, and simple step by step coaching and instruction.

Once you see how it works, you can decide how much time you want to give it.

And when you see the income you can plan the overseas move with the security of knowing you can continue to earn on a regular basis.

In other words, it’s a step in the direction of your dreams…..before you make the big leap.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Fun and Lucrative Business by Marc Charles

7:44 AM


I've enclosed an article I wrote for International Living.

Enjoy :)



By Marc Charles
I discovered a fun and lucrative business almost anyone can do…from anywhere.
I say “almost anyone” because this is not for everybody. There’s some work involved, a knowledge curve and details that might overwhelm some people.
But, this business is fun, and you can do it “on the road”, in your spare time or work from your kitchen table if you want to.
The idea is to acquire products at deep discounts from more than a hundred countries around the world, and sell the products online at amazing markups.
The greatest obstacle when it comes to selling products online is traffic. You need tons of targeted traffic and qualified buyers (versus tire kickers). The problem is this kind of traffic costs money, unless you can piggyback sites like Amazon, ebay, CraigsList and other shopping sites.
Last week while moderating a forum I set up around this business, I was amazed how people were leveraging this business and making money.
One gentleman from Germany was importing colored computer cables at deep discounts and reselling them on technology shopping sites at huge mark ups.
A young woman, Jenny, is importing Christmas supplies and reselling them to other online retail stores. She’s doing this from her “pantry office” next to the kitchen in Calgary Alberta Canada.
The point is this is a fun and lucrative business almost anyone can do, even if you don’t have a lot of money to get started.
I also discovered a trading exchange that enables entrepreneurs to locate reputable suppliers in other countries and order from them directly instead of going through a middleman. 
I know dozens of entrepreneurs who are leveraging this neat business. You can meet them in this program I’ve developed to help get youstarted. URL
Today, starting a business on a shoestring is much easier than it was 30 years ago—or even five years ago.
There's nothing wrong with building a big business. I’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs and start-up ventures do it.
But when you run a business from your kitchen table, a back bedroom, or even “on the road” as your travel you can greatly reduce the downside risk and expense.
Almost anyone can do this business. Plus, the weak economy makes this business even more viable.

Editor's note: Remember you only have one more day to get Marc’s program with a $100 discount. Try it out. This might be just the right opportunity for you. Sign up to receive it now. URL

Friday, November 21, 2014

Solotab Business Plan by Marc Charles

7:38 AM


I've enclosed a business plan I wrote for a young entrepeneur in CA.

He sells low cost tablets online.

It's pretty cool.



Business Plan
Andrew Francis – Founder
Solotab Inc.
316 Olive Ave Unit 535
Huntington Beach CA 92648
Executive Summary
Solotab Inc. (the Company) is a tablet PC sales company that provides consumers and businesses a low priced alternative for Android based tablets

Products and Service
Solotab Inc. offers high speed dual core and quad core processors, dual cameras, and the latest Android OS, at a price range of $50-100

The tablet PC market is one of the fastest growing sectors in the computer market. The value of the market is expected to exceed $2 billion annually by 2015 according Forrester Research, a leading market research firm

The tablet PC market is a hot rising trend, and therefore attracts vibrant competition. The Company is positioned to leverage the market opportunity. Solotab Inc. has identified four primary competitors:

Solotab Inc. enjoys several competitive advantages. The Company’s primary competitive edge is their online sales expertise with regards to low priced Android tablets

[MCS5] Andrew Francis – Founder

The Company leverages social media, e-mail marketing, and direct mail to qualified prospects and buyers. The Company also utilizes search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) techniques in order to appear prominently in the primary Internet search engines, and this drive targeted traffic to the Company’s website

Solotab Inc. seeks a $100,000 investment, loan or business grant, at market rates, with a four-year note. The Company shall provide security and collateral as required

 [MCS1]You can insert your name, title, company, address, phone, URL and email here

 [MCS2]You can insert your market stats here. I found these on Google. But I was unable to find facts or stats with regards to your particular model. You will need to research your market to find the appropriate figures
 [MCS3]You will need to determine why your company is unique, special or better than the competition.  I do not have this information or insight. But I wrote an example

 [MCS4]You can insert financial information here. It doesn’t need to be extensive, and especially for a startup. But it is usually good to list assets, liabilities and operating expenses.
 [MCS5]You can insert your name and a short bio here. If you have other people helping you or managers you can insert his or her names here as well. The bios should be short and emphasize expertise as it relates to THIS venture.
 [MCS6]You can insert your marketing strategy here. Most entrepreneurs wait until the last minute to address marketing issues and strategies. I think it’s the FIRST thing that needs to be addressed. You can work on your marketing strategy. But I wrote an example.
 [MCS7]If you are seeking investors, financing or business grants you can insert your requirements here. It is best to round off amounts, and show investors or banks how and when notes will be repaid. I wrote an example.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Micro Gig Economy by Marc Charles

7:22 AM

Hi Gang:

I've developed a new money making program called MicroGig Riches.

It's published and supported by Great Escape Publishing and Agora.

The reviews and testimonials are humbling :)

Check it out.



A new, fun (and some say crazy)
way to cover your household bills
AND fund your travel account …
in 10 minutes a day or less …

Fast Company … U.S. News … all agree. This is an innovative way to make spare cash.

MicroGig Riches 2015

Read More!

MIcroGig Riches 2015

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Clickbank Product Reviews by Marc Charles


Hi Gang:

Check out my new reviews of Clickbank products.....

These were selected out of more than 500 products.

Have fun!



NEW Clickbank Product Reviews

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Importing Fortunes 2015 LIVE -- by Marc Charles

9:02 AM

Hi Guys:

A quick note about my new program Importing Fortunes 2015.

I review hundreds of programs, businesses and ventures every year.

But when I develop a program for making money you know it'll be good.

If you want to make money "on the side", part time or even as a full time business, check out my new program......



Alarm clocks … footie pajamas …
maternity lingerie …

You Can Import a Fortune
from Right there at Home …

And Fund a Live-Anywhere,
Travel-Anytime Life

If you have an internet connection – you can use
the same simple formula as the world’s largest retailer
to create your own money-making business …
and do it from anywhere on the planet …

Importing Fortunes 2015

Friday, November 14, 2014

Why Are Artists Starving by Marc Charles

8:22 PM

Hi Gang:

I've launched, bought, sold, and managed many businesses in 30 years. I've slowed down on the buying and selling businesses in recent years, I'm 55 years old.

But still love launching and advising startups, and writing about them.

I've helped a good friend launch an art gallery. I advised against it, with facts, proof, insight, wisdom and actual numbers. But it was Mr Artist's dream.

He had two things going for him -- he owned the building outright and volunteers (like me which he knows is a big deal).

But still....the first six months have been weak. In fact, I'm the top sales person ...mainly from direct mail, Internet, parties and contacts.

The bottom line is this: artists create from their love, pain, passion or whatever.

Artists typically don;t care what the market wants. And this is why they're starving.

But if artists want to increase sales they need to feed into the current, not future, market demand.

So.....that's my take on galleries and selling art.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Copywriting is Talking with People the Right Way by Marc Charles


Copywriting is really very simple.

Oh sure there are millions of products, books, courses, seminars, gurus, and con artists that promise to teach HOW to be a copywriter.

Some of the products are okay, most of them stink.

Copywriting is talking with people the right way. Its focusing on what's important to them not you.

I wrote this letter in about 15 minutes, and with edits about an hour.

Marc Charles


Hi Gang:

I've enclosed a sales letter for a client in Asia. This simple three page letter remains the "control" for this product.

It only took a couple of hours to write it.


Marc Charles

As seen on Reuters, AP and MSNBC….

Do Not Hire a Private Tutor Until Your Read This Letter

How to retain a private tutor for a fraction of the cost!

Dear Friend:

The private tutor industry has run wild!

So-called “tutor franchise” companies are charging clients and students up to $200 an hour for private lessons.

But you don’t always get what you pay for when you hire a tutor.

We’ve developed a FREE Report to show you how to get find the BEST tutor, and how this industry works in the real world.

You can retain a private tutor for almost any skill. But the most popular reasons include personalized instruction in English, communications, language skills or to overcome learning disabilities.  Our Special Report will show you how to retain a professional tutor for fraction of the cost.

The Special Report is entitled:

Private Tutor Reveals Seven High-Performance Keys to Noteworthy Advancement

FREE Download Here

Our Special Report will show you:

·       The advantages of hiring a private tutor over a tutor franchise
·       How to advance your career
·       How to improve your English skills
·       How to overcome learning disabilities (like ADHD)
·       How to be an effective communicator
·       How to improve pronunciation quickly and easily
·       How to improve your writing skills
·       How to improve organization skills
·       And more!

You’ll also discover the benefits of having a PERSONAL, private tutor versus a classroom setting. You can ask anyone who has retained a private tutor and they will tell you which way is best!

Retaining a Private Tutor for a Fraction of the Cost!

One of the best ways to retain a private tutor and save money is by going to direct to them.

In other words, the best and most sought after private tutors often work for themselves, out of his or her home office.

The tutor franchise companies don’t want you to know this, but it’s a fact.

If you want personal, customized, professional tutoring in dozens of areas, we can help you.

Our new Special Report will show you HOW to retain your own tutor at a fraction of the cost.

Download Our Special Report Now

If you want to advance your career, improve specific skills, or learn English as a second language…..a private tutor is the way to go.

It’s important to know and understand a tutor’s credentials too.

One of the best ways to check a private tutor’s credentials is by asking their students!

If a private tutor will not produce client names or testimonials then walk away! It’s that simple. You can’t afford a private tutor who can’t teach!

You can receive personal, customized tutoring, in the comfort of your home, from a top-flight professional.

We’ll show you how when you download our Special Report.

If you think that’s great, then you’ll love this.

Having a personalize tutor to help you with English skills, communication, career advancement, writing or email communication, will change your life.

Testimonial #1
“Wow! I don’t know why I didn’t use a personal tutor ten years ago. This is fantastic. I’ve been able to breeze through appraisals at work and advance my career.”
                                                                                                           Tom Gentry

Testimonial #2

Testimonial #3[MCS2] 

Don’t miss this opportunity to retain a personal tutor at a fraction of the cost!

Download our Special Report today!
Click here

There’s no cost, obligation or risk.

Do Not Hire a Private Tutor Until You Get All the Facts
Learn how to retain a private tutor for a fraction of the cost!

 [MCS1]Link to special report or download

 [MCS2]You can insert testimonials here. I provided one as an example (you can use it).