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Friday, October 17, 2014

Taking Shots at Maine Business by Marc Charles

1:15 PM


I've talked about doing business in Maine, and Maine startup ventures many times.

I'm not being negative or being all "doom and gloom".

The reality is.....Maine is a terrible place to do business. I could have never stayed here or raised a family here if I was dependent on the local economy for business.

The biggest problem in my mind is young families and entrepeneurs are NOT moving here. That's a BIG PROBLEM.

It means Maine has the oldest population in the country. But it's not even close to being a retirement "haven" like Florida, Texas, North Carolina or Arizona. And those areas have plenty of problems too! I lived in all of those states.

There was ONE venture capital deal in Maine last quarter....and it was for peanuts.

And you forget about voting for the  next great politicians. Politicians are not entrepreneurs. They feed on people's ignorance and taxes.

Angus King said Maine is like Switzerland. Really? How so? Banking privacy?

Anyway, you'll NEVER see this happening with a complete and total breakdown of government depedance.

But you could turn Maine into something close to Switzerland by doing five things:

Secede from US
Eliminate all income and retail (as well as hundreds of other taxes)
Offer World Class Tax incentives for companies and entrepreneurs (not crumbs)
Slash new state government expenses, payroll and welfare by 70%
Make Maine the greatest learning center in the world

Just a thought......

Marc Charles

Tilson Technology Management Inc., a Portland-based provider of telecommunications services, was the only Maine company to raise venture capital in the third quarter, pulling in $250,000 in a later stage deal, according to a report released Friday.
By comparison, in the second quarter, Maine's venture capital deals more than doubled in value and deal numbers over the same quarter last year, though the funding amounts and deal numbers still are small compared to total U.S. figures.

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