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Friday, May 16, 2014

The Truth About Writing for Money

 9:00 AM

Here's a question from TR.......

Question: I was recently “downsized” (fired) from a national newspaper chain. I’ve known the newspaper industry has been doomed for years, but I was comfortable in my job. Now I’ve got to hustle to find another job or start a business. Do you think a former newspaper writer has any chance of making a living “online”?
T.R. Orlando FL

Answer Marc Charles: 
Yes I do.  Will it be easy? It depends on how quickly and easily you adapt to change. And that’s not a trick answer!

In most cases, the transition from a job writing for a large newspaper chain and starting a freelance writing will not easy.

What’s more, most online “news” sites today are actually “news aggregators” sites. In other words, these sites “collect and aggregate” the news So in most cases news aggregator sites do not require a fulltime staff of writers.

That being said, I think you’re headed in the right direction. I’m a big fan of hustling to put things together quickly. I’ve done it more than once.

You can apply your talents, expertise and insight to generating income immediately – whether that’s with a job, sub-contracting opportunity or freelance work.

Once you’ve got income coming in you can start building a freelance writing business “on the side”. The objective should be to replace income from the job.

However, writing “news” is not where the money is today.

My advice is would be to focus on one of four areas if you want to build a writing business. The four areas I would focus on are:

1)    Direct marketing (copywriting, editing, sales letters, Internet landing pages)
2)    Niche publishing (like financial markets, corporate real estate, agricultural futures, etc.)
3)    3) Targeted Information (special reports, ebooks, newsletters, unique premiums, directories, and “How to Guides”)
4)    4) a combination of all these areas!

 Great Escape Publishing in Delray Beach FL offers outstanding products, services and courses to help people transition into this “new kind” of writing…..and build a viable “online” business.I hope that helps!

Marc Charles

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