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Saturday, May 10, 2014

2:38 PM


No one is moving to Maine. Okay...that's an exaggeration but the number is small.

Granted....older retirees, usually higher net worth individuals are moving a trickle.

But young, aspiring, irreverent entrepreneurs are NOT moving or relocating to Maine.

The number one reason is the cost. It's a pain doing bricks and mortar business in Maine.

The second reason is the weather. The third it's rural, not urban....and therefore no large networks of like minded people.

There are few places as clean, beautiful, inspiring, safe and interesting. 

But a massive inflow of passionate entrepreneurs is not happening.

Governor LaPage has recommended dumping the Maine income tax. You'll never see it happen. But yes.....that's a start.

But really....the entire state needs an overhaul from top to bottom with regards to BUSINESS. 

Billionaires move here because it's untouched and they can build wildlife easements, parks, and trusts to protect themselves. Which is fine. But Billionaires are only here for about 6 weeks. You will rarely find one here in February.

Just my thoughts this morning......

Marc Charles

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