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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Truth About Passive Internet Income

The Truth About Passive Internet Income
by Marc Charles

Hi Gang:

“Wow, it can’t be that easy to make money on the Internet,” my son exclaimed. 

This is what my son, and entrepreneur in development said after I revealed the Internet “arbitrage” to him. 

When it finally dawned on him he was grinning from ear to ear. 

Here’s the deal…..

The Internet makes “arbitrage” super easy.

But there’s a way to do it without a boatload of cash either. 

That’s the one thing so-called “gurus” fail to mention…at least in their promos.

You WILL need some money. If you’re bankrupt, without a dime to your name, with bill collectors pounding on your windows…this may not be the best business to support yourself and your family.

But this is an exceptional side business.

There are thousands of markets you can leverage with this Internet arbitrage strategy.

In fact, I know entrepreneurs who are making money using this tactic in natural pet care, stock picking, car rentals, hotel reviews, farming, home schooling, and health and wellness.

Internet Arbitrage

Arbitrage is buying in one market while simultaneously selling in another in order to make a profit (minus transaction costs).

I performed arbitrage all the time when I traded commodities professionally.

Internet arbitrage is buying clicks in one area of the Internet and reselling it in another area.
This might sound complicated, but it’s not! 

By the time I’m done with this week’s communiqué you’ll see everything clearly.

I’ll show you how to purchase traffic in one area at a low fee. Then I’ll show you how to you resell this traffic for a high fee. 

An “arbitrage” is the difference between what you paid for traffic and what you can sell it for.

And get this…

Once you’ve set this business up…in some cases with a simple website… the business can practically run itself… on auto pilot!

Here’s an example of arbitrage in action…….

You could purchase a keyword advertisement on a pay-per-click network like ABCSearch, Bidvertiser, 7Search, or AdBrite for 5 cents per click (or less). 

On pay per click (PPC) networks like those mentioned above…when a user clicks on your keyword ad your account would be charged whatever the going rate is, let’s say 5 cents. 

When a user clicks on a keyword ad they would then be redirected to a web page.

The web page can be about almost anything. But this strategy works much better if the keyword ad and website landing page are related.

Let’s say the keyword ad and website landing page are about “vacation deals.”

The website landing page should be packed with useful information about “vacation travel deals.” 

The website landing page might include resort reviews, testimonials, photos, breaking news, videos, and travel news. 

Please don’t become overwhelmed with details or building stupid websites!

There’s no need to become overwhelmed with details and technical mumbo jumbo.

Believe me……

When it comes to making money and business I look for ways to reduce risk and the learning curve.

So…although there are some technical issues…you can get the help you need or retain freelance experts for less than you think.

Plus you can copy success.

Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs are making money and leveraging this arbitrage tactic…so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

Heck… can buy an Internet arbitrage business if you don’t want to do this stuff yourself from the ground up.

Two of my favorite places for Internet arbitrage businesses for sale are SitePoint Marketplace and GoDaddy Marketplace.

Let’s move on…

Your “vacation travel deals” website landing page is up and running.

Now…you can display advertising anywhere the site. 

You can determine where advertising will be displayed, and how large the ads will be.

When it comes to Internet arbitrage, the best place to display advertising is in the middle of the top half of the page. 

What’s more…and this is a BIGGIE…

It’s been proven people respond more favorably to ads which “look like” content. 

This is one of the reasons savvy entrepreneurs build website landing pages which look like a search engine. 

In fact, I developed a site which looks a lot like Google! It’s a successful Internet arbitrage website landing page.

Check it out here.

Anyway, whenever a user clicks an advertisement on your website landing page you get paid…..IF your site is displays Google AdSense ads or ads from a competing service like Yahoo! or Bing.

Here’s the deal…….

You can purchase clicks at lower prices resell this traffic on your website at a higher price.
Google AdSense is a program web publishers can run on their websites. 

Google AdSense determines which ads to display on your website based on the content. 

Each time a user clicks on a Google AdSense ad on your website, Google splits part of the ad revenue with you! 

How easy is that?

You’re probably wondering, “Great….but where’s does “arbitrage” come into play?”

It plays out like this…..

You purchase clicks for a few cents at one location. You redirect this traffic to a website landing page which displays Google AdSense advertising. 

When a user clicks a Google AdSense advertisement on your site, you get paid.
The “arbitrage” comes into play when you sell clicks on your website for five, ten, twenty, or even a hundred times what you paid for them! 

Can you see why Internet entrepreneurs love this strategy?

Let’s say you purchased a vacation-related keyword on ABCSearch or 7Search for five cents each. 

Users would be redirected to your vacation travel website.

Because your site is related to vacation travel, Google may display advertising on your site for a five-star hotel, Bahamas resort, or a special cruise package. 

When a user clicks the Google AdSense ad on your website, you could receive 25, 50, or 90 cents per click… or more.

Granted…..50 cents per click won’t be enough to retire on if you only get one click!
Like I said….this is a great side business.

But once you get going you’ll see the power and benefit of arbitrage. 

Let’s look at “arbitrage” from different angle:
  • You buy 1,000 clicks at 5 cents per click = $50
  • You sell 1,000 clicks on your website at 75 cents per click = $250
  • Your Profit: $200 (for doing almost nothing)
Alright…. let’s kick it up a notch:
  • You buy 50,000 clicks at 5 cents per click = $2,500
  • You sell 50,000 clicks on your website at 75 cents per click = $12,500
  • Your Profit: $10,000
I know three entrepreneurs who produce this much revenue every week!

One of the best ways to “test” this arbitrage strategy is to do it

Some entrepreneurs spend too much time “thinking about” an idea or business opportunity rather than just taking action.


You could “test” this strategy for less $50 to see if it’s bogus or not.

The Internet Arbitrage Miracle Works!
How to Get an Arbitrage Website Up and Running Quickly When You Have NO Technical Skills and Even Less Money!

Here’s the one question I’m asked more than any other when it comes to an arbitrage websites is:

“How can I get a website up quickly and cheaply when I have no website building skills?”
These days it’s nice to have instant access to freelance web designers and programmers.
 It’s almost important as skilled, honest auto mechanic!

Here are three sites for finding competent freelancers quickly:

CraigsList (look under resumes and computer services)
Webmaster World (commercial exchange and other areas)

There’s no way to completely avoid idiots and rip-offs on the Internet, and especially when it comes to retaining freelance help. 

But it’s easy to check someone’s background. You can also read testimonials like on the sites above. is a great place to find freelancers and read testimonials.

All you’ll need to test this strategy is a simple one or two-page website landing page. It shouldn’t cost more than $100-$200.

You can set up a blog in few seconds and run Google AdSense on it for FREE too!

You can also retain web design students. I’m not kidding! I’ve used students dozens of times.
Here are six sites for locating and retaining Web design students:

That’s it.

You can make money with Internet arbitrage. It’s that simple.

You can buy cheap traffic from one location and resell this traffic at another location at markups of 50%, 100%, 200% or more!

You’ll need to run Google’s AdSense on your website landing page in order to get paid.
Have fun!


Marc Charles
***** Action Plan *****
One of the fastest ways to get moving in this business is to copy successful Internet arbitragers.
Two e-books I recommend on arbitrage are The Rich Jerk and Google Payload

The AdSense Code by Joel Comm is good and so it The Best Damn Google AdSense Book by Harry Misner.

The best play of attack is to avoid getting overwhelmed with details and technical mumbo jumbo.

Objective: Get a website landing page or blog up and running in 7 days running Google AdSense.

Then purchase deep discount clicks and traffic on second or third tier PPC networks like ABCSearch or

You can also bring yourself up to speed on the essence of arbitrage on WebmasterWorld and The Warrior Forum.

Valuable Resources:
PPC Networks
Publisher Revenue Programs (like Google’s AdSense)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Friday, February 7, 2014

Is Living “Off the Grid” a Fantasy? by Marc Charles

Is Living “Off the Grid” a Fantasy?

What About Doing Business and Making Money?

5:27 AM

Question: Marc, I know you’ve talked about living “off the grid” with great passion. But is this lifestyle a fantasy? What about doing business and making money”?
G.L. Calgary Alberta CA

Dear Entrepreneur:

The short answer is yes! Living “off the grid” is feasible. There are boatloads of options when it comes to business, working and making money.

I talk about living “off the grid” because of my interest but also because of the number comments and posts I receive.

Today I’ll give you my insight on the topic with some updates, and show you what it means for you.

First, I’ll give you my definition of living “off the grid”. 

For me “off the grid” means living away off the conventional “grid” meaning electricity, telephone, water, government sewage systems, Internet and cable TV networks.

It’s harder to live this way than you might think.

I’ve lived “off the grid” five times in the past 30 years in New Mexico, Arizona, Minnesota, Maine, and Mexico. 

I’ve also lived on a luxury house boat on the St Croix River is Wisconsin.  This wasn’t actually “off the grid” but it was close.  Everything on the boat was powered with a diesel generator. We grabbed TV signals out of the air and used a radio telephone.

Living “off the grid” can be an adventure but there are other benefits too.

For me, two of the greatest benefits were the satisfaction of being self-sufficient, and gaining an appreciation of real things like clean water, air, fresh food and friendships.

One of the best movies along these lines is “Into the Wild” by Sean Penn. Believe me when I tell you it’s a classic.  My oldest son said it was his all-time favorite movie.

A Modern Day Cave Man

There’s a man in Idaho by the name of Richard Zimmerman. He’s known as the "Salmon River Caveman". Robert has lived an “off the grid” for years. He’s lived almost entirely off the land, with a home in a cave on the Salmon River in Idaho.

And get this….

Richard’s caves were more than 60 feet deep!

Richard earned extra money by renting out adjacent caves for $2 a night. I’m dead serious! Most of his quests only spend a night or two; but others chose the $25 monthly rate and have stayed for months at a time. He has two tenants which have lived in the caves for more than two years.

I’ve lived and explored caves in New Mexico. Some of the caves 40 feet high and 100 feet wide! On one occasion in the middle of July the temperature in the cave was a pleasant 67 degrees.

Granted, living in a cave, in a tree house or on an iceberg may not be your idea of “the high life”.

But it can be an exciting adventure. It might give you a new perspective to life, business and making money.

I’ve enclosed some great resources for living “off the grid” in this week’s issue.

What Do You Need to Live “Off the Grid”?

Here’s a revised list I used when I lived off the grid in New Mexico:

1)    Access to clean water
2)    Access to a legitimate food source or be able to easily transport food to your location (hunting and fishing are not always
3)    Shelter. Building a shelter while getting established is not realistic so I rented a hunting cabin
4)    High-quality laminated topographic maps. Understand how to use a map and a compass before you go.
5)    Firearms. Forget about bows and arrows, snags and traps. Bring a gun.
6)    Most animals are not your friends. Living off the grid is not a cartoon. I was stalked for several days by a mountain lion until an old timer showed me a secret: always try to appear larger than you are if confronted by one! Animals do not want problems.
7)    Let someone know your exact location. Today with Google Maps and Geo-tags it’s easy.
8)    Make friends in the surrounding area. You’ll need them. I made friends with an old man, who was a 35-year Navy veteran (designed ships).

9)    Invest in a state of the art first aid and survival kit (even if you’re Rambo) One of the best is QuakeKare.

10)   CASH. Cash always works wonders when you’re in the middle of nowhere. Store cash in zip lock bags outside of your shelter, like under a large rock.

What About Making Money!?

The focus of Weekend Business Blueprint is legitimate business and money making opportunities, with an emphasis on low startup costs, easy entry and no red tape or employees (unless you want them).

You don’t need a boatload of cash to retire on a deserted island, live in a cave, or live in a remote paradise. The key to your income and lifestyle is expenses.

I know several millionaires who are broke…seriously. 

I had lunch with R.M. (a “broke” millionaire) recently and he said, “I don’t feel rich. I feel like a slave. I have debt, bills and expenses. I wish I could sell everything and live “off the grid”.
But I’ve heard similar complaints from other “broke” millionaires too.

There’s great wisdom in reducing the amount of “stuff” we own, slashing expenses, being debt free and simplifying life. 

Even if you live in a tree house, cave or under water fort most people involved in money making ventures will need access to a bank or PayPal, a postal address, the Internet or communications of some kind. 

Often people living “off the grid” have access to these things at a secondary location (like the Salmon River Caveman who comes into town every couple weeks).

So, with access to these things here are a few viable money making ideas (online and off). And remember…..we’re entrepreneurs! Opportunities present themselves all day long….you need to notice them and act.

Internet sales (you can sell almost anything online these days)

Information products (mostly digital, but print book kiosks work too)

IT consulting (you can manage almost anything over the Internet these days)

Security consultant (my friend in South Africa manages networks from his luxury tent)
Advertising sales (seriously)

Repair things (guns, computers, laptops, cell phones, cars, etc.)
Arts and craft sales (roadside stands or kiosks)
Farm stand (roadside or wherever)
Direct marketing (almost everything can be outsourced and automated these days)
Guided tours (surrounding where you live)
Windjammer cruises
Forex and other forms of trading

It’s NOT for Everyone!

 I know living “off the grid” won’t be a great fit for everyone. 

Sometimes just living “off the grid” on a part time or seasonal basis is all you need. It can rejuvenate your life!

It can also be as simple as walking into the wilderness with a backpack, shotgun and food for the weekend.

If you like it you could try it for a week or a month at a time. 

Living in a tree house in a tropical forest can be a lot of fun too.

Kids are NOT always the problem

Granted, raising a family and having kids is a full time commitment.  But they shouldn’t run the show. Our kids should follow us.

We homeschooled our kids and one of the reasons we did is the freedom it affords.
We’ve been able to travel, work from different locations, go on adventures, explore and even learn things you won’t learn in a government supported school.

A good friend of mine H.R. and his wife packed up the kids and moved to a remote island in the Bahamas. They lived in a modern, self-contained (hurricane proof) modular (concrete) home for 16 months.

So…it can be done and kids are NOT always the problem or obstacle.

Another “off the grid” option is sailing. 

I know three entrepreneurs who use sailing as a motivation to build successful businesses and money making empires. 

Sailing may be the ultimate “off the grid” lifestyle.

Living “Off the Grid” Part Time

I enjoy Internet access, cell phones, access to social events and spending time with family. So hiding in a cave or living in a tropical jungle in loin cloth shorts is not always the best fit for my lifestyle. But I enjoy adventures, exploring and living this way from time to time.

I guess you could call this partial “off the grid”.

I also like to monitor my businesses and money making ventures.

Living partially “off the grid” is feasible and you can make it a reality.
There are several ways to approach this lifestyle.

You could build a self-sustained camp or cottage “off the grid” in hundreds of locations.
My preferences are places with reasonable climate. 

But some locations are great for “seasonal off grid living” such as Maine (especially northern and the islands), Montana, New Mexico, Central Mexico and some parts of South America.
I also like the Pacific Islands but these can be tricky (finding remote locations or islands with access to food and water).

It’s fun to think about living “off the grid”.

In today’s world it might become a necessity.

Maybe we can launch a League of Power “Off the Grid” newsletter or bulletin!
I hope that helps.

Please write to me with your thoughts and ideas for “living off the grid”.


Marc Charles
“The King of Business Opportunities”

(Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as "The King of Business Opportunities" ....and for good reason. He should be known as "The King of Legitimate Business Opportunities"...because he's launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities. He understands legitimate opportunities. Marc has agreed supply League of Power members with crucial updates regarding legitimate business and money making opportunities.)

*** Action Strategy ***

Living “off the grid” can change your life. It’s that simple.

You don’t have to sell everything, or your wife and kids, to make it happen!

You can do it part time or on seasonal basis.

Or you can plan to live “off the grid” on a longer term basis. 

The choice is yours.

Today review this issue and check out the valuable resources. Then….make a decision and take a short trip.

*** Valuable Resources ***

Your Online Survival Kit

Monday, February 3, 2014

Freelance Writing Scam by Marc Charles

5:33 AM

Hi Gang:

I received this question last week.

Question: Forget the endless hype and "over the top" promo crap. Can a person REALLY make money as a freelance writer (in the real world)?
C.P. Loveland CO

My answer......

 Yes. Anyone with a basic understanding of communication and language can make money as freelance writer.

And forget about typing and grammar ....that'll come in time.

Here's an article I wrote for Early to Rise and Profit Center Dispatch on the topic:


Dear Entrepreneur:

I’m going to show you how to make money as a freelance writer, without the smoke and mirrors.

You’ve probably heard this line a thousand times!

Here’s the difference:

I have the inside track on one of the most lucrative writing markets in the world. I’ve revealed all of the details below!

On top of that, I'll show you how to start landing projects by the end of the week.

Granted, if you’ve never written a word in your life, then it might take a couple of weeks to land your first deal.

But believe me, you CAN make money as a freelance writer without journalism training or an English degree. And you won’t have to beg on your hands and knees for a job.

Still not convinced that you don’t need the “right” degree to make big money as a writer?

Well, contrary to popular opinion, best-selling authors do not always make big bucks. And the most educated writers don’t fare any better.

In fact, I had coffee recently with a best-selling children's book author who lives on the coast of Maine. He told me “large advances are a thing of the past and royalties are shrinking, too.” This author didn’t reveal whether he was struggling or not, but he wasn’t thrilled with his publisher!

Anyway, when I talk about making money as a freelance writer, I'm not talking about writing novels.

There are hundreds of other ways to make money as a writer - and most of them are more lucrative than writing books for the top New York publishers.

If you can write a simple letter like this one, you're in!

I stumbled into the writing business. But I’ve always treated it like a business. And if you want to make real money as a writer you should do the same. If you approach the writing business like most writers do, you'll go broke.

I'm not kidding! Here’s what I mean…

Most of the writers I’ve met had almost no marketing or business savvy whatsoever.

Most writers talk about the “big break” and a deal from the top New York book publishers. But in most cases the “big break” rarely comes true for these writers for three reasons:

1) They’re in the wrong market (newspapers, magazines, poetry, novels, and technical writing to name a few).

2) They’re clueless about the principles of direct marketing and persuasive copy (not only in their actual writing but also when it comes to selling their work).

3) They approach writing as a job rather than a freelance business.

My foray into freelance writing went like this…

In 1994, I read an article in The Wall Street Journal about three college kids who were getting paid to write website reviews. There was this frenzy at the time over a thing called the World Wide Web!

The article talked about publishers paying college kids to write website reviews. There was a growing interest in the Web, and people wanted to know more about websites.

I had a profitable business at the time but I thought it would be fun to write website reviews "on the side." As you know, I'm always looking for new profit centers, so these reviews (which I could do quickly and easily) seemed like a nice fit.

I contacted more than 30 publishers who specialized in Internet and Web-related content.

All of the publishers turned me down (or ignored my letter)… except one.

This publisher asked for some samples of my website reviews. But get this… I had NEVER written a website review in my life!

So, I scoured the publisher’s website and read dozens of website reviews. These reviews served as my “template.” Then I copied “the formula” or structure of the featured reviews, added my personality, and sent them to the publisher.

Three weeks later, I received a FedEx letter from the publisher with a two-year freelance writing agreement enclosed!

Don't get me wrong. This project was NOT big bucks. I was only paid ten cents a word! Can you imagine? Most so-called professional writers would be laughing hysterically at an agreement like this but not me!

This was my first paid writing assignment. And it convinced me there was a market (and business opportunity) for freelance writers.

My assignment was on the low end of the freelance pay scale. But the experience opened the door to a boatload of very lucrative writing assignments and projects, including Yahoo! Unplugged.

I still receive e-mail from people about my Yahoo! Unplugged column almost 15 years later!

But I’m not living in the past. Let’s fast forward to this week!

I just completed a freelance writing project that consisted of writing a few comments and critiquing a sales letter for a software product. It took about an hour and half. I’ll receive $500.

I realize $500 is not going to break the bank. But you only need a couple of projects a month, and a steady stream of qualified clients to make a really good living at this.

If you have dreams of writing a New York Times best-seller, go for it! Although rare, it's not unheard of for people with no experience or uniqueness to secure lucrative book deals from the “Big Boys.” But don’t put all your money and time into making this dream come true. You won’t make a living chasing a dream.

But by approaching freelance writing in the way I’m telling you about today there’s a good chance you’ll have the time and the money to make a very good living on while you write a best selling book “on the side.”

Anyway, the type of freelance writing I'm talking about promotional writing is different than what you’re probably used to. But you’ve seen this type of writing every day of your life, probably without realizing it.

And there are many, many opportunities for freelance writers of this type in hundreds of industries. For example, the multi-billion-dollar travel market.

If this market and type of freelance writing appeals to you, you can find out more by clicking here.

And get this: there is a market that dwarfs the travel market! It's called direct-marketing copywriting.

If you want “Navy Seal-type” exposure to the world of PROFITABLE direct-marketing copywriting, I only have one recommendation. And my recommendation has not changed in almost five years!

The program I’m talking about offers the best and fastest way to make money as a freelance direct-marketing writer – end of story!

You can search Google until you're blue in the face or burn through books from Amazon until your fingers bleed. But you’ll never find anything close to this program and course:

AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting

I’m serious. This program will change your life. It changed mine!

If you apply 20 percent of what you learn in the first 72 hours, you'll be making money in no time flat. I ordered the program five years ago, and I made $50,000 in the first 12 months with small "side projects."

The travel and direct-marketing industries are not the only places to make money as a freelance writer. They just happen to be the most lucrative! Now, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of this baby.

Great Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

Check out Writer's Market, a book which retails for about $20 (I found a used copy on this morning for two dollars).

Writer’s Market features more than 4,200 listings of publishers, magazines, editors, newspapers, websites, and literary agents. You can also find used copies on AbeBooks for about $10.

If you've never written a word in your life (which is hard to believe), and you'd like to make money as a freelance writer, you'll need three things:

* A basic understanding of how to communicate an idea or concept in writing. I'm not talking about spelling and grammar. I'm talking about communicating a simple idea with words.

* A pool of qualified prospects willing to pay you for articles, reports, sales letters, promotions, special reports, etc. Not every publisher is a "qualified prospect." You really need to understand this otherwise you'll be waiting for publishers to respond to your submissions when you are 100 years old!

* A strong commitment to deliver projects on time, preferably BEFORE the deadline. You should deliver more than you promised, too. I haven’t missed a deadline in 15 years! And I’m busier than most people. And I still have kids at home.

A Wake-Up Call!!!

Writing projects are not going to drop out of the sky. They're out there - tens of thousands of them - but you need to go after them.

This is what I mentioned earlier. Most writers wait for the phone to ring or for publishers to pound down the door. But you’ll never get a gig that way.

And don’t think you need to know everything about the subject before you get started. If you don't feel qualified to do a particular project, act like you are!

I was paid a hefty sum recently to write a 20-page special report on Russian oil companies. I’ve never been to Russia, and I don’t know anything about Russian oil companies (other than that the principles have a lot of money). But you can bet that after getting the job I learned as much as necessary to get the job done.

Imagine having to close a writing project deal in order to eat or feed your family. How would you proceed?

Most of us are spoiled and lazy, which is fine if you don’t want that much out of life. But sometimes we need a “pit bull” attitude.

A friend of mine auditioned for a Broadway musical. The only problem was she couldn't dance very well (and her singing was marginal).

When the producers asked if she could sing and dance, she confidently replied with a huge grin, "Of course, this is a musical." She was hired, and the show ran for more than two years.

Broadway producers do not always hire the best dancers, singers, or actors. They hire the people who can get the job done. Publishers do not always retain the “best” writers either! They’re not looking for someone to write the next great American novel. They need people whose writing can sell.

Here are some of the markets and projects which desperately need freelance writers (I found these this morning):

* Travel

* Direct marketing

* Website copywriting

* Search engine copywriting

* Financial products and services (this market is HUGE!)

* Ad agencies

* Newspapers (I’m always giving newspapers a bad rap… and they are in serious trouble. But they can’t survive without writers, especially when it comes to those that can increase ad sales and subscribers!)

* Magazines (same thing as newspapers)

* News portals

* Market commentary and advice (stocks, bonds, futures, precious metals, currencies, and commodities)

* Restaurant reviews

* Sports writing

* Educational publishing and tutorials

* Screenwriting (I know. This is another hard market to crack, but Paul Lawrence will show you how to do it!)

* Nutritional product marketing (Can you say $10 billion market?)

* Book reviews

* Travel blogs (travel publishers are launching these in droves. Check out the WrittenRoad for a quick snapshot into this market)

* Grant writing (non profit companies and foundations pay grant writers big bucks IF they can close a deal)

* Career advice

And the list goes on!

The opportunities for freelance writers have never been better.

The best markets are the ones you’re excited about (or could GET excited about). If you're not excited about a topic, market, product, or service it'll be hard to write about it with passion and enthusiasm. And believe me, people won’t read it enthusiastically either!

For example, I was not doing back flips about Russian oil companies when I first accepted the “special report” project mentioned earlier.

But I was excited about how entrepreneurs exploited business opportunities. It became easy for me to write with passion and enthusiasm about this sector because business opportunities are right up my alley!

Now, go and do thou likewise!

***** Fast-Start Tip *****

If you want to jumpstart your freelance writing business, then enroll in AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting today.

This is the only copywriting program I have ever recommended.

Order a copy of Writer's Market. Then familiarize yourself with some of the available projects and ventures.

Go to (under the Jobs or Gigs category). This place is a wellspring of legitimate projects, ventures, and opportunities.

You can also find hundreds of freelance writing projects at (I counted more than 30 freelance writing opportunities this morning.) You can also post your availability on MediaBistro (you can do this on CraigsList under the Resume section).

Enter the words "freelance writer needed" in Google. Now you'll start to see the tip of this iceberg.

There are thousands of freelance writing opportunities and projects available (more like tens of thousands). Make the decision to pursue them.

You'll find an endless flow of publishers, website owners, and portals willing to “accept” free content. Don’t waste your time on projects like this. You’ll have plenty of time to “leverage” your content down the road.

I provide an article or two each month under one of my pen names to a publisher for free. My articles reach more than 15,000 hardcore financial traders in every issue. More importantly, I usually attract new subscribers for a trading service I manage.

But your main objective is to secure paying gigs as soon as possible. Set a two-week goal.

And don't forget about writing opportunities with royalties. I'm talking about writing eBooks, sales letters, promotions, and other projects.

In many cases you can receive a small retainer or upfront fee in addition to a percentage of sales.


Marc Charles
Your Resourceful Editor
Profit Center Dispatch

P.S. As always, if you have any questions about today’s issue, or comments on Profit Center Dispatch, I’d love to hear from you!

Just drop me a line at Marc@ETRFeedback.Com.

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