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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Most Schools Are Lame by Marc Charles

6:22 AM

Hi Gang:

One of the reasons government schools do not work is because they are so lame.

Kids are bored stiff.

The programs are lame, and so are most teachers, principles and coaches. may have LOVED your public school. But I did not. I was thrown out of school more than two dozen times.

Yes......I was a trouble maker. But mainly I was bored stiff. And believe it or not girls love troublemakers.

I've been toying with the idea (with a dozen other entrepreneurs and business owners) of building a program for kids to REALLY CHALLENGE them.

It won't be lame.

A few of the challenges we came up with last month include:

Hitchhiking across the country with only $50 (no credit cards or secret funds)
Drive from the US to South America
Ride on a river boat "city" for the entire length of the Amazon River (thanks to Jim Rogers)
Sail from England to the US
Live in caves in the Grand Canyon for 10 days
Space travel (with a Kickstarter drive)

And by the way.....if we taught kids to read 300 books over eight years (middle school, high school, two years college) they wouldn't need college or advanced degrees.

Reading with retention and the ability to teach what you've learned is the key.

Just sayin...........

Marc Charles

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