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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Get Your Act Together BEFORE You Entertain People by Marc Charles

Get Your Act Together BEFORE You Entertain People

7:02 AM


One of the downsides of living on the beautiful coast of Maine is music......or the lack thereof.

Granted, you'll find music in bars, coffeehouses and smaller venues, but not typically professional quality.

I went to a show recently and was disgusted by the musician. First of all he wasn't very good, but he was billed as someone special.

Second, he talked about all of the problems in his life. I love to help people. But I don't go out to hear someone tell me all their problems. I'm there to take my mind off of problems for a few minutes!

Third.....learn how to sing in key! My gawd. I'm not a judge on The Voice. But I know when someone sings every song off key.

If you're a musician take this to heart. Play your next show as if your life literally depends on blessing your audience.

And would it hurt to wear something nice? You don't need a coat and tie, but wash your stupid clothes, buy some new sneakers and brush your hair.


Marc Charles

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