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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Crazy by Marc Charles

7:12 AM

"Are you freaking crazy?" ....... a friend asked me.

"No. It'll be fun"....I replied.

I hitchhiked across the country from New York to Los Angeles with $50 in my pocket. No phone, credit cards, prepaid cards...nothin.

It was a great adventure! I was 19 years old.

We need to inspire kids again. Public schools and college typicality do not inspire anyone.

I know....I need a good education BS.

But'll NEVER learn if you're not inspired, including going to college.

And if you or your kids are really concerned about getting a blessed degree from the "right" school...then go.

But the greatest, life changing adventures are not found in public schools or universities.

And don't wife has advanced degrees from the purest Ivy League schools, and even she agrees with me.

The one thing kids could do right now if they want to learn is receive, retain and release. In other words READ, comprehend what you've READ by testing yourself, and then teach others without any notes.

My daughter ask if I would would like her to hitchhike across the country alone.

No I wouldn't.

But I would help her drive across the country with a friend because it would be an inspiring adventure. I would also teach her how to use a handgun and mace.

Marc Charles

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