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Saturday, November 16, 2013

CEOs Never Call Into the Company by Marc Charles

8:02 AM

Hi Gang:

I wonder if founder's or CEO's ever call into his or her own company to see how customer service is handled.

My guess its below them. Probably less than 2% is my estimate.

The same holds true for placing an order for something online. How often does senior management or even the President of a one-person company actually place an honest to goodness order online? Again....2% is pretty accurate.

For some reason this has been my main focus with three companies with whom I well as my own ISP on the coast of Maine.

I'll stick with Maine so I don't offend my clients (who secretly read my FB posts and blog).

Speaking of my it is: You should subscribe:                    

It's free, except for a $250 surcharge (just kidding). It's packed with hundreds of fun, relevant, and timely articles from THE MAN.

The customer service with my ISP has been shockingly poor.

When you're placed on hold the music is so loud is almost blows your ears off. But the static is even worse.

Then....I'm handed off from one idiot to the next.......or excuse me "Customer Contact Professional". What makes them professional is my question?

Then.....when someone finally responds to my stupid call they ask the same questions over and over and over. Can you say database? PUT YOUR CUSTOMER INFORMATION, CALLS and CONVERSATIONS INTO A STUPID DATABASE. I thought you were a "tech company". It's more like an analog telephone company from 1984.

Anyway.....the problem is still not resolved.

Oh BUT the "Technical Contact Professional" will be calling me shortly. That was 6 hours ago.

Marc Charles

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