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Friday, October 18, 2013

Free is Free by Marc Charles


Free is free.

I helped a young women with a landing page for her Clickbank product last week...and this morning.

She's the daughter of a long time client.

Even when I do things free of charge I ask for a couple of things:

1) A brief outline of product, service or business idea

The outline should clearly state the what, why (proof of demand), when, where and HOW you plan to market it

2) Clearly state how I can help

My client's daughter is kinda young so she thought I was kidding about needing these two things

After I scolded her.....she sent them.

The landing page was live but it was never proofread. It's been proofread and corrected and live again. But it shouldn't be live.

Reason? A sales letter should be interesting. There should be something at the beginning that motivates the reader to want more....

Putting your price at the top of a page, and 12 times throughout the page, is not interesting.

I can't rewrite her sales letter for her. But I gave her the names of six good and affordable copywriters for a project like this.

Just giving you a heads-up 

Owls Head Harbor Maine

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