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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire by Marc Charles

 Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire by Marc Charles

8:22 AM


I'm probably jaded after 30-plus years in business.

But I do not believe anything the federal government or politicians tell me, because the exact opposite is usually true.

My political and religious comments on FB, online or anywhere are few and far between....Google Me :)

But now I'm thinking of my kids as entrepreneurs (22, 18 and 12). This is not the same country as it was for me.

My oldest son asked me, "Am I better off running a legitimate business and playing by the rules, or focus on the black market"?

What am I supposed to do.....lie?

Hey......I'm not complaining, being negative or living in a dream world. I'm just saying business is different today. can go back to work now :)

Marc Charles

Friday, October 25, 2013

Robert Randolph and the Family Band


I rarely watch late night TV or talk shows. I mean rarely.

But a few years a go I saw Robert Randolph on David Letterman.

I said to myself, "Oh my gawd".

Gospel, funk, hard rock and jazz...

Marc Charles

Owls Head Harbor Maine

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Dark Side by Marc Charles

Hi Gang;

I've been living on the Dark Side since 1993. A dozen entrepreneurs banded together in Camden / Rockport and started a private ISP. It was still dialup then. 

But man...what a difference in price. It was costing me about $300 a month to dial into a service in Boston called Delphi. After we started our ISP the cost was about $12 month.

But some of the members took our private ISP too seriously, tried to incorporate our little group (behind the founder's back), and then regulators got involved. We disbanded.

I started another one.

This post is not about getting screwed in business.

I mention the Dark Side because I miss seeing, collaborating and hanging out with people face-to-face. I'm a "people person" as they say....and so the Internet is not that great for someone like me on social level.

But I've already sold my soul to the Dark there's no turning back.

I'm available for face-to-face collaboration, consultation and meetups through the end of the year. Let me know if you need help with your products, startup venture or business.

Marc Charles


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

eCigarettes Smoking by Marc Charles

11:32 AM

Hi Gang:

I've talked about the rising trend in electronic cigarettes in previous posts.

My good friend T.R. imports and resells them on the Internet with 200-300% profit margins.

Another fellow entrepreneur asked me if I could mention his new eCig venture on my blog.

No problem.......

Here's his promo and landing page:

Better than the real thing

Marc Charles 


Monday, October 21, 2013

New Venture

Morning Gang:

A young entrepeneur asked if I would mention his new venture in my blog.


The Best Way to Start Making Money Online

Marc Charles

Friday, October 18, 2013

Free is Free by Marc Charles


Free is free.

I helped a young women with a landing page for her Clickbank product last week...and this morning.

She's the daughter of a long time client.

Even when I do things free of charge I ask for a couple of things:

1) A brief outline of product, service or business idea

The outline should clearly state the what, why (proof of demand), when, where and HOW you plan to market it

2) Clearly state how I can help

My client's daughter is kinda young so she thought I was kidding about needing these two things

After I scolded her.....she sent them.

The landing page was live but it was never proofread. It's been proofread and corrected and live again. But it shouldn't be live.

Reason? A sales letter should be interesting. There should be something at the beginning that motivates the reader to want more....

Putting your price at the top of a page, and 12 times throughout the page, is not interesting.

I can't rewrite her sales letter for her. But I gave her the names of six good and affordable copywriters for a project like this.

Just giving you a heads-up 

Owls Head Harbor Maine

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Small Bookstores by Marc Charles


All of the small bookstores in our area are either bankrupt or going out of business.

My buddy's bookstore in Camden Maine was broke when he died three years ago. The new owners finished it off.

A brand new Super-Walmart will open in about three weeks on US Route 1 in Thomaston. So it's only a matter of time for the two other small book stores to close.

Although Hello Hello Books will probably make's almost a it's safe. Do me a favor and consider buying a book there just for the fun of it.

I wish I could buy banned, forbidden, dangerous, and forced out of print books locally like those offered n Loompanics, Tools for and Paladin Press.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Owls Head Harbor and Charles Estate

Hi Gang

 A cool pic from yesterday......

Owls Head Harbor....near the Charles Estate:)

Marc Charles


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Love or Hate Him by Marc Charles

Love or hate him.......the guy can sell.......and especially books.

And listen......if you ever cross the powers that be you too will be crucified.

Off limits include pharmaceuticals, the banking cartel, and military spending.



Friday, October 4, 2013

The Secret of Qualified Prospects by Marc Charles

The "A" Prospect Advantage
by Marc Charles

No matter what you’re selling, your job will be a lot easier of you target your marketing efforts to “A” prospects.

By that I mean pre-qualified buyers – people who have already purchased what you’re selling. Ideally, they’ve done it recently (and often).

“B” prospects are people who have shown an interest in what you’re selling – maybe by calling a toll-free number, sending an e-mail, or writing a letter to ask for more information. They’re interested, and they’ve acted on that interest. That’s great.

But they’re not nearly as valuable to you as “A” prospects.

Where do you find these primo prospects?

First, go to your own list of buyers. Always target them when you create a new product similar to one they’ve bought from you before. Then go directly to a company that has successfully sold products like yours. Rent their mailing lists. Their buyers should respond well to your offer.

This principle has enabled me to close more than $50 million in sales.

Marc Charles

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Getting the Money You Need for Business by Marc Charles

How to Get the Money You Need for Personal, Business or Investments

One secret to help you get the money you need FAST

8:22 AM

Goof morning.

“Money follows big ideas”, Phillip said.

Phillip was a good friend and my closet mentor. 

We discussed and acted on several ventures together when I was still wet behind the ears. Phillip carried me on his shoulders for years, the kicked me out of the nest.

Phillip was a multi-millionaire when we met at a coffee shop his girlfriend owned in Wisconsin.

But Phillip taught me a secret which has paid dividends for more than 30 years. 

The secret is……money follows big ideas.

Phillip taught me in every industry, market, venture or business there are millions of ideas. 

Most entrepreneurs just copy ideas, and there’s nothing wrong with doing it. There’s NOTHING new under the sun.

But some entrepreneurs have a vision and a BIG idea. The real money in this world follows or is attracted to BIG ideas.

This doesn’t mean you need to invent an Apple Killer, a new search engine, or another Facebook. That’s usually a waste of time.

A BIG idea can be applied to carpet cleaning, information publishing, junk mail and even mobile home real estate.

It’s simply presenting your BIG idea in the right way to the right people….and timing plays a part too.

Phillip taught me HOW to present a BIG idea to people with boatloads of money.

I know this probably sounds like a lesson from business school 101, that’s not my intention…business schools are often wrong.

Phillip taught me the power of an executive summary. Google it.

The most powerful and effective executive summaries are so simple a 8th grader will “get it”.

I’m serious.

Now don’t get me wrong…..

Just because an executive summary is simple and concise, does not mean it’s easy, or something you can throw together in 15 minutes.

However, a basic outline could be drawn up in just a few minutes.

On top of that, if you need money for a car, boat, RV or house….a loan application usually takes the place of an executive summary, but not always.

Its true executive summaries are typically used in business ventures, investments or for charitable groups.

But drawing up a powerful executive summary to attract personal financing, loans or investments, is not a bad idea. It will help you think like an investor, bank, wealthy individual or a trustee for a foundation.

In a second I’ll show you how and where to get your hands on some great money and funding sources. It includes contacts at active banks, investment firms, credit unions, wealthy individuals and even angel investors…so keep reading!

The best executive summary should have five basic parts. The summary should covers the what, why, when, how and where of obtaining money or an investment.

Marc’s  Successful Executive Summary
(Names, locations, titles changed)
What: US Housing Trust
US Housing Trust acquires, develops and manages affordable residential properties primarily in the Eastern United States.  The Trust focuses on strategically located properties which have easy access to public transportation, highways, discount shopping and healthcare facilities.


Acquire, develop and manage comfortable, affordable real estate properties with a view to moderate income residents (and seniors).  Focus on strategic areas which have easy access to public transportation, medical facilities and discount shopping

Why: There is a significant shortage of comfortable, affordable housing in most rural areas, towns and communities throughout the US.

When: Now. There is a rising trend in demand for comfortable and affordable living housing in most communities due in part to the economic downturn.
There is also a rising trend for smaller homes and apartments. Foreclosures of large, expensive homes are at historical highs. The US Housing Trust should be strong performer in hard economic times. The company should excel in stable economic environments.
Where: In communities impacted by rising costs, home foreclosures, job loss, and a lack of affordable rental property.  US Housing Trust focuses primarily on properties which have easy access to public transportation, highways, medical facilities and discount shopping.
How: By acquiring foreclosed, bank owned, and undervalued properties at deep discounts without overleveraging.  The Trust focuses on renovating select qualified properties, and retrofitting existing structures.
Advisory Board
Competitive Advantage
US Housing Trust has eight competitive advantages over similar real estate ventures, holding companies and/or trusts.
Value Proposition for Investors and Lenders (Important stuff, what’s in it for them – specifically)
Monetary Requirement - $30 million
If granted, the funds would be used for three specific purposes:

The best executive summaries show a CLEAR competitive advantage. This is often the “tipping point” for getting funds. 

For example, there are millions of companies, trusts and entrepreneurs involved with real estate. 

Lenders, investors and trusts have taken a beating the past 5 years because everyone was overleveraged and thought they were smarter than they were.

Thinking we have a competitive advantage doesn’t make it so.

You have to really think this through.

When you have an executive summary which is easy to read, with specific points on how and what the money will be used for, with a CLEAR competitive advantage it naturally attracts banks, investors, foundations and wealthy individuals.

The “How” of getting the money you need is an executive summary. 

The secret is money follows BIG ideas.

Believe it or not, a $100 loan from a pawn shop or payday service is more apt to default then a $100 million investment.

It took me many years to learn this simple business lesson.

Okay…on to the money sources…
I wrote an incredible book (don’t take my word for it read the reviews) called How to Beat the System without Going to Jail

In my book there’s more than 200 legitimate, viable and updated MONEY SOURCES.

Check out this little gem here.

Philanthropists are Still Handing Over Millions for Great Causes

There’s a misconception about most ultra-wealthy individuals.

It’s generally assumed super wealthy people hoard money like misers or Scrooge and never give it to people or organizations in need.

The truth is….wealthy individuals are still handing over millions of dollars every year. They usually do this through foundations for GREAT causes (BIG ideas).

The “right cause” is the key to receiving money for your cause or venture.

Granted, the chance of getting money from a foundation to pay bills, buy a new car, or acquire a new boat is pretty slim.

But thousands of people, groups, organizations and ventures receive money from foundations and wealthy individuals simply by asking for it, and by promising to commit the funds to the “right cause” (executive summary).

The late Percy Ross in Edina Minnesota was the founder of the “Thanks a Million” newspaper column. His column reached millions of people every week. I devoured it as a teenager! I grew up by Percy Ross’s house.

Individuals could write to Percy with their requests, and many of the requests were honored with an award.

So if you write to a foundation, wealthy individual or investment group be sure to include a simple, powerful executive summary.

Here are a few wealthy individuals and foundation granting cash awards on a regular basis (you’ll learn about many more in my book):
Dorothy Ames Trust
PO Box 1054
Augusta ME 04330
Aid to hearing-impaired children

Thomas C. Burke Foundation
804 Cherry Street
Suite B
Macon GA
Medical assistance to cancer patients in Georgia

Josiah H. Danforth Memorial Fund
8 Fremont Street
Gloversville NY 12078
Medical assistance to residents of Fulton County NY

Alfred I. DuPont Foundation
1650 Prudential Drive
Suite 400
Jacksonville FL 32207
Financial assistance to residents of Southeastern US

Addison H. Gibson Foundation
One PPG Place
Suite 2230
Pittsburgh PA 15222
Hospital and medical assistance for residents of Western Pennsylvania

Final tip and million dollar advice……..

Ty Hicks at International Wealth Success taught me this principle. Ty’s written more than 50 books and programs on money, business and real estate. He’s a master when it comes to getting the money you need!

Ty told me, “Make sure you submit your loan application, executive summary or request for money to the right people”.

In other words, when you’re looking for money, investment or a loan it’s crucial to go to the right lender or organization.

There are banks which specialize in business loans. There are investment firms which specialize in start-up funding. There are lenders which specialize in real estate deals. And there are banks which specialize in personal loans.  This information is simple to find. In most cases all you have to do is ask!

If you submit an executive summary and request for money to the right people, at the right time, there’s a good chance you’ll get the money!

Have fun…..and play nice.

Drop me a note or post comments on the site if you need any help.


Marc Charles
“The King of Business Opportunities”

 (Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as "The King of Business Opportunities" ....and for good reason. He should be known as "The King of Legitimate Business Opportunities"...because he's launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities. He understands legitimate opportunities. Marc has written dozens of books on business, financial markets and unique opportunities)

Action Plan 
Do you need money for a car, business venture, investment idea or home?
Write an executive summary. Yes…even for a personal loan. This gives a potential lender, investor, foundation or philanthropist the EXACT purpose and amount for any loan or gift.
You can use my example in this issue, or Google “executive summary” for more samples.
The BEST executive summaries are not based on emotion or feelings, but rather on logic and business sense.
When you get the money you need please drop me a note, or post feedback on the forum. Let everyone benefit!
Valuable Resources:
The Chronicle of Philanthropy is a publication which tracks financial giving from wealthy individuals and foundations to non-profit organizations.

The Foundation Center in New York City provides an abundance of information and insight with regards to securing gifts and money from philanthropists or foundations, as well as tutorials for writing successful letters.

Personal Loan Sources

Sterling Associates
(800) 286-8073

Essex Credit Corp.
(800) 431-5626

Offshore Financial
(800) 89907766

KeyBank USA
(800) KEY-3123

American National Bank
(940) 397-2300

(800) 465-CIBC

New Hot Money Sources on the Web





FreddieMac (They’re still in business and making loans!)

Griffon Bank

Fast Cash Sources

Snap Payday

Small Business Money Sources

Regions Bank                                 
(256) 259-1516

Bank of America Community Development Bank
(626) 453-8400

Lee County Bank & Trust Co.
(319) 372-2243

Wells Fargo
 (515) 245-3262                   

Trust Bank
(618) 395-4311

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Money for the Holidays.......

Hi Gang:

My friend launched a new program last week.

Take a peak here......

It's kinda neat.

Here's her ad:

Give Yourself the GIFT of Financial Freedom!
100% FREE Online Marketing System!
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