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Monday, September 30, 2013

A Gift from the Financial Markets by Marc Charles

A Gift from the Financial Markets

7:07 AM
Owls Head Maine

Hey gang:

Lawrence M. made a fortune with this opportunity.
I’ve done incredibly well too.

But Lawrence has an “edge”…and I’ll show you what it is.

But first, a little tip (which took me years to understand).

In financial markets, the greatest principle wealthy traders will always proclaim is to manage downside risk.

Making and keeping money is fairly simple.

The real skill is managing or even eliminating the downside risk.

I found a “tool” which enables anyone to manage downside risk better than anything else I know. One reason this “tool” reduces or even eliminates risk is because any losses are limited to your initial investment. This makes them similar to commodity options.

This “tool” is perfect fit for beginning traders and speculators.

This Simple “Tool” Can Change Your Financial Destiny

The “tool” is an exchange-traded fund or ETF.

I love ETFs.  Mostly because they:
·       Limits Risk Big Time
·       Make it easy to enter and exit trades (and take profits)
·       Super leverage (they can’t compare to futures markets, but pretty close)

There is a new breed of ETFs available today which enable you to leverage profit opportunities in a big way.

The Powerful Money Making Leverage of Modern ETFs

First….allow me to explain these babies…..

An ETF holds assets like stocks, bonds, currencies, or commodities.

ETFs trade close to asset value of its underlying assets.

The most of the popular ETFs track an index, like the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ or S&P 500.

ETFs are attractive because of the relatively low costs, risk factor, tax efficiency, and stock-like features (which means they are easy to understand).

ETFs are like a mutual fund in that they can be purchased or redeemed for its net asset value (or NAV).

Believe it or not…..ETFs have been available in the US since 1993.

In 2008 the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission authorized the creation of actively-managed ETFs.

A New Way to Make Money - Actively-Managed ETF

An actively managed ETF will have a benchmark index (like the S&P 500), but managers can change sector allocations, market-time trades and/or deviate from the index as they see fit.

This produces investment returns which often mirror the underlying index.
Passive ETFs typically follow indexes, which allow investors to track the fund pretty easily.

Oil Can Go Up or Down and You Can Still Make Money

The price of oil has climbed to historic highs.

However, not everyone believes oil will remain at historically high levels for eternity.

In fact, contrary to what believe, oil can plummet in price too! You can make just as money when oil drops in price as you can when it skyrockets.

You can make a fortune with ETFs when you go against the crowd at the right time. 

Make Money No Matter What Happens to the Price of Gold

Gold continues to hit historic highs.

But get this…….

You can make a fortune when gold plummets in price too!

This is one of best kept secrets in the financial markets today.

In other words, most people do NOT believe gold will fall in price over the next 12 to18 months.

The so-called gold experts try to convince people gold will surge in price for eternity.

But this is not always the case.

Granted, in times of panic, stock market crashes, war, and currency wars the price of gold “tends” to rise quickly.

But the price of gold can plummet during crises, too – as witnessed in the gold market recently when the stock market dropped 1000 points in one day!

For example, the price of gold surged from $400 an ounce in 2004 to more than $1000 an ounce in 2009.

However, at the beginning of the real estate and mortgage crisis in the first half of 2008 gold actually fell in price.

Whatever your view happens to be there’s likely a Gold ETF you can trade.

New “Ultra” ETFs Provide Phenomenal Leverage

If, as an investor or trader, you believe the price of something will go up, you are considered bullish, or a “bull.” If you believe the price of something will go down you would be considered bearish, or a “bear.”

Well, as an investor or a trader you might even be “ultra” bullish or bearish, meaning you think the price of something is going to go up or down in a BIG way.

That is the beauty of a new breed of ETFs called “ultras.”

Ultra Exchange-Traded Funds enable an investor or trader to leverage an investment in a much bigger way than just an ordinary ETF.

For example, here are a few “ultra” ETFs you can track on any financial website.

I’ve noted the corresponding or underlying stock, bond, currency, or commodity:

SMN UltraShort (Basic Materials)
SZK UltraShort (Consumer Goods)
SCC UltraShort (Consumer Services)
DXD UltraShort (Dow30)
FXP UltraShort (FTSE/Xinhua China 25)
SKF UltraShort (Financials)
RXD UltraShort (Health Care)
SIJ UltraShort (Industrials)
EFU UltraShort (MSCI EAFE)
EEV UltraShort MSCI (Emerging Markets)
EWV UltraShort MSCI (Japan)
MZZ UltraShort (MidCap400)
DUG UltraShort (Oil & Gas)
QID UltraShort  (QQQ) Twice inverse of NASDAQ-100
SRS UltraShort (Real Estate)
SDK UltraShort (Russell MidCap Growth)

How to Make Money with ETFs

Each investor has his or her view regarding financial markets, stocks, world affairs and the economy. This is why the markets move so dramatically – up, down, and sideways.

In order to make money with ETFs your view of the future needs to be fairly accurate, but not exact.

On top of that, your timing needs to be fairly accurate as well.

For example, in 1999 to 2000 my view was the dot-com hysteria was a joke. The market boom was not a joke it was very real.

But I felt novice investors and traders were swept up in the fantasy, and therefore I took the other side of the trade.

Granted, novice investors and speculators were making money on stocks of dot-com and tech stocks…..on paper.

My view was most of these traders were not going to leave the table with any winnings.

A funny thing happened…..

Almost no one removed profits from the dot-com fiasco by the time everything collapsed.

In this case my world view of the market was correct.

However, my timing was off by almost a year. So I incurred paper loses until the plunge occurred…..and it did occur.

Common sense told me the market would plummet at some point.

Your view of a market needs to be accurate in terms of “timing.”
So, in order to make money with ETFs you’ll need to carefully examine the market you’ll be investing…..and calculate a “reasonable” time frame.

For example, everyone knows the housing and real estate market has been in serious trouble for some time.

But some people believed the housing market would bounce back in a big way in 2009. Other people believe the worst is yet to come.

The reality is probably somewhere in the middle.

So if you believed the housing market will stay the same or get slightly worse there are two ETFs you could purchase to take advantage of your view:

Ultra Short Financials Proshares (Symbol SKF)
This ETF benefits when and if financial services suffer. This would include real estate lenders, international banks; property and casualty insurance companies; companies invested directly or indirectly in real estate; diversified financial companies, such as Federal National Mortgage Association, credit card issuers and investment advisers; securities brokers and dealers, and investment banks,

ProShares Short Real Estate (Symbol REK)
This ETF seeks daily investment results which correspond to the inverse (opposite) of the daily performance of the Dow Jones U.S. Real Estate IndexSM.
The beauty of ETFs and specifically “ultra” and “double short” ETFs is they enable a trader to leverage markets (up or down) in a big way.  ETFs also enable you to reduce or contain risk, unlike most futures or Forex markets.

There you have it!

Everything you wanted to know about ETFs but were afraid to ask!

Plan your trading strategy.

Novice traders and investors don’t bother to plan a trading strategy.  This is why most of them lose money in the market.

The old trading adage “The Trend is Your Friend” is true….to a point. But you have to look at the real….underlying trend.

For example, the trend of the US Long Government Bond Yield since 1980 is clearly down. This may be the real, underlying trend too:

But when you plan a trading strategy it’s important to identify the real, underlying trend.

You Can Make Money If a Market Goes Up, Down or Sideways

The ETF market provides a great opportunity to profit when a market goes UP, DOWN, or SIDEWAYS!

The only thing most novice investors understand is buy and hold.

But I think the buy and hold strategy perpetrated by Wall Street money managers is the WORST thing you can do over the next five years.

For example, if you think the real estate market will continue to deteriorate you could buy the ProShares ETF symbol REK. This ETF seeks daily investment results which correspond to the inverse (opposite) of the daily performance of the Dow Jones U.S. Real Estate Index

 In other words, if  the real estate market goes south you make money.

Here’s another example……

If you think the real underlying trend for stocks is down you could buy ProShares ETF symbol QQQ. This ETF seeks daily investment results which correspond to the inverse (opposite) of the daily performance of the NASDAQ-100 Index®.
In other words, if the stock market tanks you make money.

And, here’s another example……

If you think the oil and gas market will plummet….then you could buy ProShares ETF symbol DUG. This ETF seeks daily investment results which correspond to twice (200%) the inverse (opposite) of the daily performance of the Dow Jones U.S. Oil & Gas Index.

In other words, if you think oil and gas is overpriced and falls, and you own this ETF you will make money.

It’s that simple.

Paper Trading ETFs!

Here’s one of the great things about ETFs.

You can practice for FREE without risking a dime!

That’s right.

Simply plan your trading strategy based on a real underlying trend and choose an ETF which fits. Find the ETF and write down the symbol and current price.

There are hundreds of sites to find and research ETFs…I like Google Finance, ProShares and Bloomberg.

After you’ve selected an ETF, pretend you bought it and then watch it on financial websites to see if it goes up or down in value.

Develop an exit strategy.

In other words, think like a trader and entrepreneur. You can determine a reasonable profit and then place and automatic price to sell it.

ETFs are one of the greatest money making “tools” since commodity futures

Your humble host,

Marc Charles

I have a new book on Amazon called the ETF Miracle -- check it out!

(Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as "The King of Business Opportunities" ....and for good reason. He should be known as "The King of Legitimate Business Opportunities"...because he's launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities.)

Action Strategy

ETFs are a free gift from financial markets brought to you on a silver platter. Start paper trading the ETF of your choice today.

Ultra and inverse ETFs enable you to leverage the market without undue risk, and make a bundle of money.

One contrary trade which could prove very profitable is shorting precious metals. Everyone and his brother is long (expecting prices to skyrocket for eternity). This is a prime “short” opportunity.

Valuable Resources:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

So Many Scams -- So Little Time! by Marc Charles

So Many Scams -- So Little Time!

12:04 PM
Owls Head Maine
Question from a subscriber: 
I'm frustrated.  I've spent a small fortune on every conceivable home business opportunity and online money making deal. 90% of them are a joke! Most Internet marketers are nothing more than shills and hucksters. I value your opinion and insight...and every time you've recommended something its been valuable. Is anything legitimate these days?

Dear Friend:

Wow.....I enjoyed your email! If you apply this attitude to business you'll make a fortune!

But first I need to defend my fellow hucksters and business opportunity salesmen.

I'm serious.

Yes......there are cons, shills, crooks and everything in between in the world today. I could devote a dozen books to all of the crooks I've met in my life and in business.

Ironically, it was one such con artist where I had the most fun in business. I was young entrepreneur but I couldn't believe how resourceful this guy was. In one business venture this guy started offering handguns as premiums! And it worked! The stupid phone rang off the hook for two weeks straight.

Anyway, the problem is not finding legitimate business opportunities or money making ventures.

You could STOP ordering books, courses, tapes, DVDs, special reports, newsletters, conferences, eBooks, webinars and everything in between today, and you would have all of the information you need to run a profitable business and make money.

I'm not kidding.

You need to stop looking for "the secret" formula. The "secret" formula does not exist. There is NOTHING new under the sun.

What you need to acquire is wisdom and understanding.

95% of what you buy from someone else will not impart wisdom and understanding. This is a BIG lesson to learn.

I encourage people to look for the "essence" of a business opportunity or money making venture.

The "essence" is what you really need to make a business go.

And ironically...."essence" is the one thing which is not available when you buy or start a business.

Now...this doesn't mean people can't or won't help you.

This blog is a good example. I'm not charging a nickel for this wisdom. I'm also willing to help almost anyone who has PROVEN they have a passion to learn.

But when you order information products, books, courses and the rest......look for the "essence".

When you understand the "essence" of a business or money making formula, and YOU APPLY this will gain wisdom.

It's a big deal.....and this is 100% true and accurate.

I hope that helps!!

I look forward to hearing from you.


Marc Charles
Fellow Huckster

Saturday, September 21, 2013

"I Can't Get No Satisfaction"

A friend of mine manages several estates in Port Clyde, Tenants Harbor and Martinsville Beach Maine.

Last weekend a couple from New York City closed on the purchase of a million dollar home and property. It's sits on the ocean. The property adjoins one of the estates my friend manages.

The couple closed on the house on Friday, and Saturday morning at 6:45 AM four giant excavators were on the property.

The house was leveled in less than 4 hours. All of the debris was hauled off in giant dumpsters.

The couple did not remove anything from the house. EVERYTHING was crushed and trashed. This included brand new counter tops, wood floors, decks, lighting....everything.

This property is apparently the 4th "cottage" the couple has built in Maine.

I'm speechless.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How to Make Money in the Internet Underground

11:44 AM
Owls Head Maine

Hey Gang:

There's a battle raging beneath the Internet. 

I’ll show you how to produce a nice income for yourself…in a great side business. 

Or you can choose to leverage this market in a bigger way.

Here’s the deal…..

Like I said….there’s a war taking place in the Internet’s “underbelly”. It’s like the movie The Matrix, but this is real not a fantasy.

And actually, it’s not limited to the Internet. This warfare is taking place on corporate intranets, extranets, wireless networks and everywhere in between.
About the only place you won’t find a battle is on “dead drops”. Which are “off Internet” style P2P file sharing zones such as

The problems are being caused by pesky little things called "bug variants."
A "bug variant" is a conscious software programming error which can have many different negative side effects. 

For example, bug variants in Web browsers cause security breaches, deceptive downloads, automatic redirects and malicious viruses.

"Variants" are new strains of viruses which borrow code from other known viruses. 

A letter or letters following the virus family name usually identifies the variants.
For example, AgentBKY, SmallDAM, VBS.LoveLetter.B., VBS.LoveLetter.C., and WareZOV are all “bug variants”.

Bug variants are easy to understand for people who know the basics of programming, viruses, and software architecture. 

But get this.

There are incredible money making opportunities surrounding “bug variants” and the programming warfare taking place as we speak.

Heck….network security is the fastest growing sector in information technology!

One opportunity is professional hacking

Granted, you might not be tech savvy or even have an interest in this area. But you might know someone who is. Give them this information today!

What’s more, you can also invest in entrepreneurs and companies who are successful in network security, encryption, virus detection, IT forensics and professional hacking.

Believe me…this is a HOT rising trend.

Who would have guessed you could make money by eradicating bug variants on the Internet? 

But it's true! 

Programming, professional hacking and network security is a legitimate business opportunity and the demand is growing like wildfire.

Robert Graham, founder and CEO of Errata Security, said, "We’re seeing kids playing and pretending to be masterminds, but recently, we saw the rise of the professional hacker. Many hackers are graduating into the professional ranks too. This development carries serious implications for corporate security."
And this is the opportunity for professional hackers.

How to Make Money as a Professional Hacker

One of the best ways to get started as a professional hacker is to start hacking. 

I’m serious.

There are thousands of books and online tutorials available to help bring you up to speed. 

But my 18-year-old son assures me the best “hacking” information and tutorials are posted online, in hacking forums, gaming chat rooms, and on encrypted websites. 

Hackers get a "kick" out of divulging their escapades!

As Graham points out, ordinary programmers in a “job” write code to pay the bills.

But professional freelance hackers think of this as something to do for fun.
Most hackers are delighted to find someone willing to pay them to do it. But for many hackers, money is secondary or even relevant. 

Don't get me wrong. 

I'm not suggesting your break into professional hacker to screw things up, steal, or cause malicious problems for people and businesses.

I'm confident if more people learn how to hack and become "tech savvy" with regards to bug variants, viruses, and other network security issues, there will be fewer opportunities for wayward geeks to get their thrills.

The big money is in providing this service for large corporations, governments, military, education, health care, and e-commerce. 

My preference would be to approach this market as a freelancer rather than an in-house hacker or in a “job”. 

Granted, you may have to work with a company on a part-time or intern basis to get your feet wet.

There’s a new job title in networking and security circles, it’s called a "Chief Hacking Officer." 

I’m not kidding.

There were hundreds of freelance programmer and hacker opportunities posted online on sites like CodeWalkers,, and DICE

If you review these postings you’ll become familiar with what companies are looking for when it comes to professional hackers. 

Many times professional hackers will also be referred to as “code specialists” and security programmers. But either way you’ll begin to see a tremendous need for professional hackers.

On top of that, the windows of opportunity have opened in three new sectors too: Google hacking, mobile phone (and iPhone) hacking, and Linux hacking. You can also join in the fun with online games.

This market is growing in leaps and bounds.  Google “hacking” and you’ll see what I mean.

On top of that, the money making potential in this sector is serious business.

Your humble host,

Marc Charles

(Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as "The King of Business Opportunities" ....and for good reason. He should be known as "The King of Legitimate Business Opportunities"...because he's launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities. He understands legitimate opportunities)

Action Strategy 
If you're new to hacking, and you have an interest in it, it’s fairly simple to bring yourself up to speed. 

One of the best ways to learn hacking is on hacking websites, forums, discussion lists, and IT Security websites which are devoted to the area.

There are a certification courses in "ethical hacking" too.

The Security Certified Network Architect (SCNA) offers one of the most respected courses. 

If you're already proficient at programming and hacking and you want to start making money, the fastest way to get started is by posting your availability on the most popular security boards.  I’ve included a ton of links to them in the Valuable Resources section.

Simply post your qualifications and expertise or interest on the top hacking sites and forums. 

I realize there’s a huge demand for a “high-level” security experts and hackers is with larger companies, corporations, governments, military, etc.

But there are plenty of opportunities in the small and medium sized business market too.

Direct marketing should be a part of any fast start strategy.

Most freelance programmers and hackers think marketing is a “sin” (and I know because I’ve hired, trained and worked with dozens of them).

But a simple, persuasive sales letter sent via FedEx to "A Prospects" (companies who hire professional hackers and security experts on a regular basis) could be very effective at securing projects.

Another approach is entering hacking tournaments.

If you place in the top percentile of these high-profile competitions, you'll have more work and offers than you could ever handle. 

DEFCON hosts one of the largest hacking events in the world. 

You can also post a website or blog and “lace” it with security, virus and hacking terms with SEO and SEM in mind.

I helped a freelance programmer recently post his bio and expertise with a simple website and domain for under $100. He told me he receives quality traffic, inquires and leads every week. He hosts his bio/website free of charge on

Now we’re talking!

Look….it’s simple. 

The security, hacking and virus sector of programming is a HOT rising trend. If you can hack and you know how to market and close contracts you’ll have more work and projects then you can handle.
Have fun!

Please send me your feedback and thoughts

Valuable Resources

Top Freelance Hacking Job and Projects
IT Jobs Post (UK)
Security Focus Jobs
Craigs List

Premier Hacking Competitions
LinuxSecurity (announcements)
Ghetto Hackers
Hack in the Box (announcements)

Additional Hacking Resources (Hacking school, competitions, tools, forums, etc.)
The Network Administrator
Astalavista (fast crack engine)
Hacker Threads
How to Become a Hacker
Hackers World Portal
Phrack (digital hacker's magazine)
2600 - The Hacker Quarterly
CIO Magazine

Monday, September 16, 2013

A Neat Venture -- Get More Clients

7:07 PM

Hi Gang:

My friend's site and service is live.

It's pretty neat.

The Launch King :)

The BIG Idea Part 2 by Marc Charles

The Big Idea Formula

7:01 AM

Hi Gang:

I’ve been a “scrappy” entrepreneur for about 30 years.

I’ve learned some incredible lessons along the way.

I’m trying to pass some of these lessons on to my kids, associates, partners, subscribers and even people I “bump” into.

There have been several people who have impacted my life in a big, big way.
A few of the people include Philip Sterling, Nick Guarino, V.P. Wierwille, Gary Halbert, and “Piggy” from South Minneapolis.

But also near the top of the list is Bill Bonner and Michael Masterson. 

I’ve worked with Michael directly, Bonner indirectly. Although I have worked with Bill’s son Will.

Anyway, these guys have impacted my life. The single greatest lesson is with a little thing called “The Big Idea”.  The concept is still impacting my marketing, writing, relationships and business ventures.

So you know what I’m talking about I’ve enclosed a breakdown of “The Big Idea” in today’s post.
I hope it helps you as much as it has me.

Have fun and play nice!

Your humble host……..

Marc Charles
“The King of Business Opportunities”

 PS Be sure to sign up for Early to Rise too. I'm serious. It is the best email newsletter on the Internet for building wealth and health.  I was a faithful read long before I became an Early to Rise "Expert" and regular contributor.

The Big Idea

I have learned many valuable lessons from my 15-year consulting relationship with Agora's legendary CEO, marketing genius Bill Bonner. None is more important than the "big idea."
The concept was originated by David Ogilvy, perhaps the most successful commercial advertising man who ever lived.

Nowadays, Bill is recognized as the man who brought the big idea to information publishing. And by doing so, he has sold more than a billion dollars' worth of publications. I know. I saw him do it.

I want to share Bill's secret with you today. It may be the best direct-marketing technique of them all.

When I started consulting with Agora in the early 1990s, I came equipped with half a dozen theories about direct marketing that I had used to start a bunch of successful businesses.

We applied some of these theories to Agora's marketing, and did very well. But when I worked directly with Bill, I discovered an entirely new way to create blockbuster promotions.

I had never heard of the big idea at that point. But when Bill told me about it, I went directly to Ogilvy's book, Ogilvy on Advertising, and studied it from cover to cover. I remember being particularly struck by the following:

"You will never win fame and fortune unless you invent big ideas. It takes a big idea to attract the attention of consumers and get them to buy your product. Unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.
"Big ideas come from the unconscious. This is true in art, in science, and in advertising. But your unconscious has to be well informed, or your idea will be irrelevant. Stuff your conscious mind with information, then unhook your rational thought process."

How do you recognize a big idea? Just ask yourself these five questions, said Ogilvy:

1. Did it make me gasp when I first saw it?
2. Do I wish I had thought of it myself?
3. Is it unique?
4. Does it fit the strategy to perfection?
5. Could it be used for 30 years?

The first package that came over my desk my first week with Agora was a prime example of a big idea promotion. It was written by Lee Euler for a newsletter called Strategic Investing. The copy was formatted as a "bookalog" (a direct-mail format, new at the time, that looks like a paperback book) and titled "Plague of the Black Debt." It was a huge success.

If memory serves, Agora mailed more than 14 million of those bookalogs and generated more than $7 million in revenues. The novelty of the format was an important part of the promotion's success. Just as important was the copy itself.

It opened with this:

"You don't have to be a conservative, a liberal, or anything at all to understand that America is about to be flattened by a tidal wave...

"That's right, folks. Now that Clinton's budget bill has passed -- and if his economic projections are on target -- we're going to add $1 trillion to the federal debt in the next four years. That's more than George Bush added in his four years. And it's almost as much as Reagan added in eight years.

"It doesn't matter whether you prefer my figures or Bill Clinton's. We're merely talking about different shades of disaster. When you're dead, you're dead. There aren't some people who are 'more dead' than others."

This wasn't the first big idea package Agora had mailed. The very first promotion Bill wrote for the International Living newsletter was based on a big idea. It was the "control package" for almost 20 years. All told, 30 million pieces must have mailed. (If Bill had gotten two cents per piece -- standard for copywriters -- he would have made $600,000 in royalties!)

The big idea of the International Living package was presented this way:

"You look out your window, past your gardener, who is busily pruning the lemon, cherry, and fig trees... amidst the splendor of gardenias, hibiscus, and hollyhocks.

"The sky is clear blue. The sea is a deeper blue, sparkling with sunlight.

"A gentle breeze comes drifting in from the ocean, clean and refreshing, as your maid brings you breakfast in bed.

"For a moment, you think you have died and gone to heaven.

"But this paradise is real. And affordable. In fact, it costs only half as much to live this dream lifestyle... as it would to stay in your own home!"

I was eager to learn how to write big idea promotions myself. But it wasn't easy. My first few attempts fell flat. I asked Bill about it and he gave me a Yoda-like answer that I didn't really understand.

Bill's protege at the time was John Forde, a bright young man with a classical education. John had developed an intuitive way of decoding Bill's cryptic way of answering questions. He was very helpful in getting me closer to mastering the big idea.

Writing about the big idea some years later in his Copywriter's Roundtable e-newsletter, John had this to say about it:

"Think about it.
"When you have a 'great' conversation... read a 'great' book... or see a 'great' documentary... what grabs you? Is it the litany of small details? Or the golden thread that unites them?
"More often, for most of us, it's the latter.
"And the more you 'get' the core idea behind a story, a speech, a revelation... the more memorable that one core message becomes.
"This is just as true in sales copy.
"One message, well developed, just has more impact than ads -- short or long -- that are overloaded with competing ideas."

When I finally figured out how to apply the big idea to direct marketing, I was able to teach it to some of Agora's young marketing bucks. One of them, Porter Stansberry, soon wrote one of the biggest big idea packages in Agora's history.

His big idea, in a nutshell, was that the Internet was going to have as big an impact on the 21st century as the railroad had had on the 20th century. Here's how he expressed it in his lead:

"Imagine yourself wearing a top hat and tails, on the balcony of a private rail car, the wind whistling past as you sip the finest French champagne...
"It's 1850; the railroad is growing like a vine towards the west. And, although you don't know it yet, the same rail that you are riding on today will soon more than triple your wealth, making you and your family into one of the great American dynasties...

"America's economic history is illuminated by such stories of quick fortunes made by daring entrepreneurs with new technologies -- railroads, motorcars, and more recently, computers. I've spent nearly my entire professional life studying exactly how great entrepreneurs made their fortunes -- both in the past and today. What I've learned contradicts what most people believe about wealth building -- and explains why 95% of mutual fund managers can't beat the market's average return.

"I'm writing to you today to show you what I've found. This year, four out of the six stocks I've picked for a well-known investment club have more than doubled the S&P 500's return for all of last year. Meanwhile the other stocks are poised to earn more than my first recommendations combined by the end of this year. I'll show you exactly how I did it. But for now, flash back again -- it's 1908...

"You're an urban banker in Detroit, living a life of country clubs and summer ballroom parties..."

Throughout its history, Agora has published hundreds of big idea packages. And they have been a big part of the company's growth -- from an $8 million business when I started working with them to one with revenues in excess of $300 million today.

The big idea is now widely known and talked about. But most direct-response marketers who use this technique fail because they don't' really understand how to do it.

Recently, Bill and I met with the copywriters for one of Agora's financial advisory divisions. They presented us with a number of leads that they thought contained big ideas. In almost every case, they were wrong. One of those leads predicted that China and the U.S. were going to be battling it out over the dollar, and that this was going to have a major effect on investing in the next 10 or 15 years.

"Well, that's not really a big idea," Bill said.

They all looked at us, wide-eyed. "How could that not be a big idea?" the writer of the lead said. "Our two economies combined dwarf most of the rest of the world. If we get into a major fight with one another, it will affect every investment everywhere."
"That's a big concept," I chimed in. "But it's not a big idea."
"Isn't that just semantics?" someone else asked. "Big idea, big concept. Don't they both mean the same thing?"

The answer was no. A big and definite no. But, though we tried, we were not able to get them to understand exactly what we meant by a big idea. ("It's ironic," I remember thinking. "I've become a Yoda too!")

These young copywriters were producing the promotions Agora was relying on. So I set to work to write down for them, in the clearest terms, just what the big idea is and what it isn't.
Here's what I came up with...

Let's start with a definition that borrows from Ogilvy: A big idea is an idea that is instantly comprehended as important, exciting, and beneficial. It also leads to an inevitable conclusion, a conclusion that makes it easy to sell your product. Furthermore, it is an idea that will continue to be important and exciting for a long time.
That's a mouthful. 

So let's break it down.

A big idea is important.
By important, I mean important to the customer -- not the copywriter -- and relevant to the product being sold. The devaluation of the dollar may be important to American investors, in general. But it won't be important to a customer who is being asked to buy a newsletter about a type of investment that won't be affected by the dollar's decline. The swine flu may be important to this same customer -- but it cannot possibly be relevant in a sales letter that is selling investment advice.

A big idea is exciting.
You are not going to excite your customer by repeating the predictions or promises that the rest of the media is publishing. They have already been exposed to those ideas. To provoke real excitement, you need to go beyond the conventional. You need to find some new angle that makes your customer sit up and pay attention.

A big idea is beneficial.
The excitement created must benefit the customer. Put differently, it should make the customer want to buy the product being sold. Let's say you're selling grass-fed beef. You can get your customer excited by telling him about how quickly people in this country are becoming poor. But that kind of excitement will make him less -- not more -- likely to buy the expensive type of meat you're selling.

A big idea leads to an inevitable conclusion.
The big idea must contain some internal logic that is fundamentally simple. It must be easy to grasp and easy to see how the product you are selling solves a particular problem or delivers on a stated promise. The best big ideas tie into something that makes the product unique. As soon as the customer hears the idea, he begins to feel the need for the product, even before it is mentioned in the copy.

The best big ideas do all of that work with very few words. The sale is half-made in the headline or by the end of the first paragraph.
Let me give you three examples.

In this first example, the big idea is aimed at readers concerned about health-related issues:

How the French Live Longer Than Everyone Else...
Even though they eat like kings and smoke like chimneys!

This headline offers to solve a riddle that has puzzled the reader for many years: Why do the French -- who eat cheese, meat, and rich sauces -- stay so thin? And another riddle that the reader just discovered by reading the headline: Why do the French -- who smoke like chimneys -- outlive everyone else?!

Implicit, here, is a promise that will appeal to almost anyone: You can eat like the French eat... and lose weight... and live longer.

This next example is a big idea that would interest avid golfers:

Want to slash strokes from your game almost overnight?
Amazing Secret Discovered by
One-Legged Golfer Adds 50 Yards
to Your Drives, Eliminates Hooks and Slices...
and Can Slash Up To 10 Strokes From Your Game
Almost Overnight!

The idea that there's a secret discovered by a one-legged golfer is exciting. It implies that if the reader has two legs, he'll have an even greater advantage. Plus, the promise that this secret could add 50 yards to his drives and slash up to 10 strokes from his game is both VERY important and beneficial.

The reader can't help but come to the conclusion that he needs this secret.
Finally, here's an example geared toward savvy investors:

Outlawed for 41 years, now legal again,
this investment launched the largest
family fortune the world has ever seen...
and could return 665% in the next 12 months.

The big idea is that this secret investment was once illegal. It's exciting, because it's the same investment that launched the largest family fortune in history. What's more, once the reader learns what this investment is, he could stand to make a 665 percent return on his money in a year or less. That makes it important and beneficial.

The inevitable conclusion: "I've got to read this and find out what this investment is."

If you want to become a master of the big idea, keep reading Early to Rise. We'll be writing about the concept in the future. And you can see it in action by reading the newsletter each day.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Most Surprising Market

A Legitimate Way of Making Money in it

8:02 AM

Dear Friends:

I was shocked to learn how much money Karin made each month in this market. 

But what really surprised me was how little she worked!

I was introduced to Karin M. at an after-hours meet-up with Internet entrepreneurs in Boston recently.

I’ll show you how Karin makes money online.

I’m fairly savvy when it comes to legitimate web-based business opportunities. 

But sometimes I get blindsided by a new product, service, or market. 

That's what happened this time! 

But don’t worry, we haven’t missed the boat. This market is still taking baby steps, so there’s plenty of opportunity.

What’s more, there are four or five ways to make money in this market, so there a plenty of options for you. 

I’ll show you how Karin is doing it.

I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes

I walked into a room full of woman, music playing, and gourmet food on a table with everyone drinking wine. They were laughing and having a blast.

They were scrapbooking.
I’m not kidding!

The woman were laughing and talking, pasting pictures, cutting stuff out, arranging mementos and putting stuff into beautiful albums. 

This is one of the hottest trends in the country right now.

A trend within the market is called "mini-albums." 

Mini-albums are popular because they're so easy to put together. 

A full family scrapbook can take weeks, months, or even years to complete. One woman told me some books are never completed, just revised, updated and changed.
Mini-albums can be completed in one evening.

My friend Karin noticed this trend and figured out a way to make money from it, without going to an office, sacrificing time with her husband and kids, and it took almost nothing in startup cash.

Scrapbookers spend a lot of money on blank scrapbooks, mini-albums, and supplies. These supplies are typically purchased at craft or fabric stores. You can even buy supplies at your local supermarket now. This should tell you the “masses” are into this trend big time.

Anyway, the one thing scrapbookers have in common is shopping for supplies and they know where to get a deal.

Offering scrapbooking products online is a great way to tap into this $5 billion trend.
That’s what Karin does. She sells scrapbooking supplies online. But Karin has never carried one cent of inventory, she’s an affiliate.
An affiliate drives traffic and buyers to a website where they can make purchases. When purchases are made the affiliate earns a percentage or a commission on each sale.
There’s typically no cost to join an affiliate program.
Karin told me her key to success as a scrapbook affiliate is two-fold:
1.    She only partners with a company which is already successful in the market and moving product, such as, Jo Anne Fabric, and Oriental Trading.
2.    Getting paid accurately and on time is a big deal. Karin said the companies that mess around with affiliates typically don’t last.
As a scrapbook supplies affiliate your main focus will be on marketing.
When you join an affiliate program you'll receive a unique URL "link" or image (with the link embedded).
When someone "clicks" on this link or image, they’ll be redirected to a scrapbooking supplies retailer.
When a person makes a purchase by using the link you provided ... you earn a commission.
It’s really simple.
You're probably thinking it'll take you forever to make any money.
Not true!
Karin M. started making money her second full week as an affiliate. At first she used hundreds of cheap “text links” provided by
When she started making a couple of hundred dollars a week she added Google AdWords and Yahoo! ad word advertising. Karin said this is when her scrapbooking affiliate strategy kicked into high gear.
If you think that’s neat, you’ll love this….
Karin is an affiliate with several companies, including!
When you can partner with a company and brand like – it’s a very good thing.
Karin started selling actual scrapbooking supplies online this year. She sells on eBay, and
Karin buys scrapbooking supplies from national wholesale companies at deep discounts.
But when I told Karin about my new book and course called China Wholesale Trader she almost kissed me.
China Wholesale Trader shows how to import products easily, quickly and safely from reputable Chinese manufactures and exporters.
In many cases you can import scrapbooking supplies for pennies or dimes on the dollar.
Two sites I recommend in my book are and
Two Search Engine Marketing Tips
If you become an affiliate, or if you sell on a website or on eBay, here’s an insider tip.
The top search engines (like Google) rank the relevancy of the content on each web page.
So, don’t just list hundreds of scrapbooking products on a website. Add a simple description, review or comments from scrapbookers by each listing.
Think of They don’t just list products with a picture and a price. Amazon provides comments, reviews, feedback and more.
Granted, it takes time to write reviews and comments. But you’ll only have to do it once for each product.
You can do this on any website which is selling products too!
A site with comments and reviews will ALWAYS rank higher in the search results.
If your site appears in the first or second page of the Google search results you'll have more traffic and business than you can handle!
What's more, don't forget about selling scrapbook supplies on eBay,,, Yahoo! Marketplace, and AOL Marketplace.
These are monster traffic sites.
Tip #2 – Thrust Relevant Websites near the Top of Google Search Results
An SEO tactic I learned three or four years ago is still paying off today. It’s super simple and won’t cost you a dime.
You can post websites and blogs on the Internet for next to nothing today. You can host them for free at places like
But having a website or blog no one sees is worthless. So….here’s a trick I use to get websites and blog at or near the top of Google search results (and it’ll work in the other engines too).
Put your domain name in the “title page” meta tag. Put your “title page” name in the meta tag keywords FIRST, and put your “title page” name in your “site description” meta tag.
If you don’t know what any of this means, just give the instructions to you webmaster. Don’t ask for your webmaster’s opinion or advice, just tell him or her to follow directions.
Like this:
Domain name:
Title Page Name: – Scrapbook Supplies
Keywords:, scrapbook supplies, etc.
Description: offers the best scrapbook supplies at the best price – period.
When this is done submit your URL into the Google database here
Make sure you have relevant scrapbook content, articles, links to relevant sites and product reviews.
In two to three weeks you’ll notice your site at or near the top of the Google search results….and you should start seeing some nice traffic.
Scrapbooking and craft supplies are a multi-billion-dollar market. You can easily profit from this rising trend!

Marc Charles
“The King of Business Opportunities”

(Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as "The King of Business Opportunities" ....and for good reason. He should be known as "The King of Legitimate Business Opportunities"...because he's launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities. He understands legitimate opportunities. Marc has agreed supply League of Power members with crucial updates regarding legitimate business and money making opportunities.)
Action Plan
Join a scrapbooking affiliate program.
Start marketing products with your unique URL link.
You can do this fairly inexpensively on sites like, TextlinkAds, and Linking Service.
Like Karin, when you start making a hundred dollars a week in commissions then you could consider Google, Yahoo! and Bing keyword ads.
Another approach to this market would be to import crafting supplies from Chinese manufacturers and exporters.
My two best recommendations would be and
Whether you choose to sell products yourself online or to become an affiliate ... the objective is to drive qualified traffic to a website or marketplace or use your affiliate link.
Valuable Resources: (cheap imported crafting supplies)

Scrapbook Expo USA (the largest scrapbook trade show on the planet)