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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Big Money Arrives in Maine by Marc Charles

The "big" money comes to Maine after the 4th of July.

April-June -- Newer Lexus, BMW and SUVs
June-July - Brand New Lexus, Mercedes, Volvo, Luxury SUVs, Cadillac
July 5th - Bentley, Rolls, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and top of line Mercedes
Mid July - Mid August - Lear, Challenger, Gulfstream Jets
Mid-August - Sept 1st - Mega Yachts and luxury helicopters

Big money = $5 billion+

On my walk on Beauchamp (Bo Sham) point this morning I saw a nice 2013 Bentley and a brand new top of the line Mercedes. 

Both drivers waved and smiled at me.......mercy me.


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