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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Restaurant App Sales Letter by Marc Charles

Hey Guys....

I've been writing and developing powerful sales letters "on the side" for more than 24 years.

I say "on the side" because it's never been my primary income source or business.

But I'm thinking now maybe it should be :)

My sales letters have produced more than $100 million in sales worldwide, in dozens of markets.

I've enclosed a sales letter I developed for an entrepreneur with a restaurant app. The sales letter has motivated more than 10,000 people to download the app.


Marc Charles
The Launch King :)

Restaurant Owner Discovers the Secret to Mobile Marketing Causing the Phone to Ring Off-the-Hook!


Restaurant owners are desperately trying to find a way to attract more customers for less money, and keep them loyal.

David W. a restaurateur in Denver discovered the secret for attracting a younger, spend thrift clientèle. It’s called mobile marketing. He said this approach caused the phone to ring off the hook.

What’s more, mobile marketing dwarfs print, Internet and even search engine advertising and marketing, for a fraction of the cost.

Mobile Marketing FAILS!

The reason mobile marketing fails for most restaurateurs is because they are being sold a bunch of junk and empty promises.

If you’re open to mobile marketing we would like to help. We’re offering a FREE one-on-one webinar…you can sign up here.[MCS2] 

We’ll show you 5 CRUCIAL aspects of mobile marketing. If you incorporate these steps you WILL be successful:

A COMPLETE mobile marketing strategy includes:

1.    Mobile website application (super easy and CHEAP)
2.    Custom QR Codes for YOUR restaurant (again easy and cheap)
3.    Text Chat (have you noticed no one talks any more – it’s all TEXT and CHAT)
4.    Text Message Marketing (if you want to reach a younger, spendthrift clientele you MUST implement text message marketing)
5.    Purging! This is a simple process of eliminating useless cell numbers and people who don’t care about your restaurant. It’s easy and powerful to do!


The ONLY thing that matters in marketing is results. Most companies provide endless reports, analytics, opinions and double-talk, but NO RESULTS!

We provide mobile marketing results – plain and simple.

Here’s what our customers are saying:

“The service has worked wonderfully”
Alfred McAllister

“Easy to use and worked out great”
Gordon Wong

James Tower

(There’s no obligation, cost or risk. We won’t pester you when the webinar is complete!)

Call Bob Bentz for details or if you have any questions:

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