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Friday, August 9, 2013

One Page Sales Letter

Hi Gang:

I've written more than 500 sales letters and landing pages over the past 10 years or so.

This month I'll post a few of them that did really well in terms of sales and badly. But I'm not going to tell you which is which.


You'll have to figure it out.


How to Become Black Ops 2 EXPERT in Three Hours or Less

The New “Underground” Strategy and Cheat Sheet Guide Revealed

Dear Friend: 

You can Google BlackOps strategies for months and you’ll NEVER find the information packed into our new guide.

Seriously – this is it!

Ultimate Black Ops 2 Revealed Strategy Guide 

Our 60-page+ guide will lift you to EXPERT status in just a few hours. We reveal little-known gems and packets. 

You also receive:
·       #1 Rated Black Ops 2 Strategy Guide
·       136 NEW cheats, tips, strategies
·       Exclusive Cheat Codes
·       Dozens of Easter eggs and hidden gems
·       Professional Tips
·       Advanced Strategies
·       NEW Unlock Codes
·       Regular FREE Updates
·       Step-by-Step Instructions
·       World-class Support!

Listen to our customers:

“I’ve used many of the hint cheat guides over the years, but I just had to tell you that I think yours is really the best. Many of the guides didn’t do a very good job of guiding me through step by step. This is what really made the game exciting for me. I love it! I hope you keep publishing this guide for all the new Black Ops games as well!”
                                                                    Charlie Kalmen, Rhode Island

“Your Black Ops 2 strategy guide is killer. I tried using the regular game manual and it helped a little, but your guide showed me how to actually play it, thanks to the exclusive tips. Thanks for the killer guide.”
                                                                       Branden Willis, New York

“I just have to tell you that I really love your Black Ops 2 strategy guide. For me the best part is the cheat codes and exclusive hints and tips. Those really open the door for me to play the game.”

                                                                        Kayla Williams, Florida

If you want jump to Black Ops 2 EXPERT LEVEL, our e-book is a perfect fit!

You’ll receive:

·       Black Ops 2 60+ Page Strategy Guide
·       New Cheat Codes
·       Exclusive Tips
·       Award Winning Support
·       Free Updates and News

“Thanks for the cheat codes! I’ve never used them before but now I see that I have really been missing out on the older Black Ops games. I showed the guide to a friend of mine and he was amazed because he has other hint guides and he said that yours has stuff in it that he hasn’t seen anywhere else. Keep up the good work!”
                                                                          Brian Klot, Texas

Download BlackOps 2 REVEALED Here!

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