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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Movie Theatres 2014


I complained to the theater manager last year when we went to a movie in July, and the air conditioning was turned off. Not down mind you.....OFF.

The Company is Flagship Cinemas

My daughter went the other night and the air conditioning was turned off -- again.

Sometimes I have a burning passion to start a business to make money, but also to put losers out of business.

But this can be a very expensive strategy, and somewhat established companies have a slight edge.

However, the movie business is a joke. We're in a depression and ticket prices continue to go up (because they're losing their asses).

And now the "3D Sham" is here. Charge dumb ass customers and extra $3 to see the stupid movie in "pseudo" 3D.

Forget about popcorn and the rest of the crap.....including terrible movies. Facebook lurkers.....I would launch smaller, all digital theaters, with an Movies Unplugged. I would allow people sneak in all the candy and snacks they want.

Movies would return to $1......or if that doesn't work maybe $5....but not a dime more.

You could make money by selling "unlimited" gift cards or memberships.

Anyway....just a back to playing Whiffleball :)

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