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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gentle Ninja Business Plan by Marc Charles


I've enclosed a business plan I developed for Gentle Ninja.


Marc Charles

Executive Summary
Gentle Ninja
2nd Floor, Padmavathy Apartments
[MCS2] 54 Vellalar Street
Adambakkam, Chennai - 600 088
Executive Summary
Gentle Ninja (the Company) is a web-based venture and deals website to facilitate buying and selling of programming scripts, utilities, plugins, and other applications at a discount. The Company is a sales hub and platform for software products developed by various vendors

Products and Services
The Company provides a platform enabling vendors to showcase programming scripts, utilities, plugins, and other software applications and offer them at a discount (deal) to web designers, programmers, webmasters, entrepreneurs, software developers, and others

The applications market is valued at more than $7 billion annually.  IDC Research has estimated worldwide app revenue should exceed $30 billion by 2015.  The application “deals” market is estimated to be about $2 billion as of 2011. This market should experience tremendous growth over the next ten years due to the exponential usage of mobile phones, gaming, cloud storage and new software innovations[MCS3] 

The accelerated growth of the applications market has attracted tremendous competition among websites offering deals, discounts and special offers. This is precisely why Gentle Ninja is well positioned to take advantage of the rising trend

The Company focuses on a greater variety of application categories and digital products. The Company also identifies the most relevant products for programmers, designers, webmasters, entrepreneurs and IT professionals at significant discounts. Gentle Ninja features more compelling combination offers and deals

The Company has three primary strengths. Our web-based e-commerce platform was developed with meticulous detail and back testing. The Company provides an abundance of applications offers and discounts. The Company is debt free, and leverages world-class management

Weaknesses / Limitations
The Company’s physical location in Chennai India can be detrimental with regards to accessing top-level IT professionals and resources. The Company is undercapitalized making it difficult to compete with larger, better capitalized companies

The applications market, including programming scripts and plugins is valued at more than $7 billion annually.  Worldwide app revenue is expected to surpass $30 billion by 2015. Almost the entire market of buying and selling is conducted online. Gentle Ninja is capitalizing on this hot rising trend and opportunity by showcasing scripts, utilities, plugins, and other applications in web-based environment, The Company is a primary resource for discounts, offers and deals


Marketing Strategy
The Company’s Internet marketing strategy is world-class. The Company leverages several areas of online marketing very effectively. This includes (but is not limited to) Search Engine Optimization (Organic traffic) Paid Keyword Advertising on the most relevant search engines (search ads, social, banner, text, advertorials and contextual ads). We also employ powerful forum posting strategies, paid posts in technology forums and press releases.

Secondarily, the Company also leverages permission (opt-in) email marketing, affiliate marketing and viable joint venture partnerships.

Capital[MCS7]  Requirements
Gentle Ninja seeks an investment or loan for $200,000, at market rates, with a balloon payment in four years. The Company shall provide all necessary collateral and risk controls. The capitol will be used for platform enhancement, marketing, retaining additional IT professionals and operating expenses.

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