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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Restaurant App Sales Letter by Marc Charles

Hey Guys....

I've been writing and developing powerful sales letters "on the side" for more than 24 years.

I say "on the side" because it's never been my primary income source or business.

But I'm thinking now maybe it should be :)

My sales letters have produced more than $100 million in sales worldwide, in dozens of markets.

I've enclosed a sales letter I developed for an entrepreneur with a restaurant app. The sales letter has motivated more than 10,000 people to download the app.


Marc Charles
The Launch King :)

Restaurant Owner Discovers the Secret to Mobile Marketing Causing the Phone to Ring Off-the-Hook!


Restaurant owners are desperately trying to find a way to attract more customers for less money, and keep them loyal.

David W. a restaurateur in Denver discovered the secret for attracting a younger, spend thrift clientèle. It’s called mobile marketing. He said this approach caused the phone to ring off the hook.

What’s more, mobile marketing dwarfs print, Internet and even search engine advertising and marketing, for a fraction of the cost.

Mobile Marketing FAILS!

The reason mobile marketing fails for most restaurateurs is because they are being sold a bunch of junk and empty promises.

If you’re open to mobile marketing we would like to help. We’re offering a FREE one-on-one webinar…you can sign up here.[MCS2] 

We’ll show you 5 CRUCIAL aspects of mobile marketing. If you incorporate these steps you WILL be successful:

A COMPLETE mobile marketing strategy includes:

1.    Mobile website application (super easy and CHEAP)
2.    Custom QR Codes for YOUR restaurant (again easy and cheap)
3.    Text Chat (have you noticed no one talks any more – it’s all TEXT and CHAT)
4.    Text Message Marketing (if you want to reach a younger, spendthrift clientele you MUST implement text message marketing)
5.    Purging! This is a simple process of eliminating useless cell numbers and people who don’t care about your restaurant. It’s easy and powerful to do!


The ONLY thing that matters in marketing is results. Most companies provide endless reports, analytics, opinions and double-talk, but NO RESULTS!

We provide mobile marketing results – plain and simple.

Here’s what our customers are saying:

“The service has worked wonderfully”
Alfred McAllister

“Easy to use and worked out great”
Gordon Wong

James Tower

(There’s no obligation, cost or risk. We won’t pester you when the webinar is complete!)

Call Bob Bentz for details or if you have any questions:

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Hey Gang:
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gentle Ninja Business Plan by Marc Charles


I've enclosed a business plan I developed for Gentle Ninja.


Marc Charles

Executive Summary
Gentle Ninja
2nd Floor, Padmavathy Apartments
[MCS2] 54 Vellalar Street
Adambakkam, Chennai - 600 088
Executive Summary
Gentle Ninja (the Company) is a web-based venture and deals website to facilitate buying and selling of programming scripts, utilities, plugins, and other applications at a discount. The Company is a sales hub and platform for software products developed by various vendors

Products and Services
The Company provides a platform enabling vendors to showcase programming scripts, utilities, plugins, and other software applications and offer them at a discount (deal) to web designers, programmers, webmasters, entrepreneurs, software developers, and others

The applications market is valued at more than $7 billion annually.  IDC Research has estimated worldwide app revenue should exceed $30 billion by 2015.  The application “deals” market is estimated to be about $2 billion as of 2011. This market should experience tremendous growth over the next ten years due to the exponential usage of mobile phones, gaming, cloud storage and new software innovations[MCS3] 

The accelerated growth of the applications market has attracted tremendous competition among websites offering deals, discounts and special offers. This is precisely why Gentle Ninja is well positioned to take advantage of the rising trend

The Company focuses on a greater variety of application categories and digital products. The Company also identifies the most relevant products for programmers, designers, webmasters, entrepreneurs and IT professionals at significant discounts. Gentle Ninja features more compelling combination offers and deals

The Company has three primary strengths. Our web-based e-commerce platform was developed with meticulous detail and back testing. The Company provides an abundance of applications offers and discounts. The Company is debt free, and leverages world-class management

Weaknesses / Limitations
The Company’s physical location in Chennai India can be detrimental with regards to accessing top-level IT professionals and resources. The Company is undercapitalized making it difficult to compete with larger, better capitalized companies

The applications market, including programming scripts and plugins is valued at more than $7 billion annually.  Worldwide app revenue is expected to surpass $30 billion by 2015. Almost the entire market of buying and selling is conducted online. Gentle Ninja is capitalizing on this hot rising trend and opportunity by showcasing scripts, utilities, plugins, and other applications in web-based environment, The Company is a primary resource for discounts, offers and deals


Marketing Strategy
The Company’s Internet marketing strategy is world-class. The Company leverages several areas of online marketing very effectively. This includes (but is not limited to) Search Engine Optimization (Organic traffic) Paid Keyword Advertising on the most relevant search engines (search ads, social, banner, text, advertorials and contextual ads). We also employ powerful forum posting strategies, paid posts in technology forums and press releases.

Secondarily, the Company also leverages permission (opt-in) email marketing, affiliate marketing and viable joint venture partnerships.

Capital[MCS7]  Requirements
Gentle Ninja seeks an investment or loan for $200,000, at market rates, with a balloon payment in four years. The Company shall provide all necessary collateral and risk controls. The capitol will be used for platform enhancement, marketing, retaining additional IT professionals and operating expenses.

 [MCS1]You can insert your name, founder or senior management name here
 [MCS2]I do not like the sound of apartments in an executive summary. I would use a different address or a post office box
 [MCS3]This are generic figures. You can insert specific figures and research for here. I performed a quick Google search to find this information
 [MCS4]This is only an example of how this section could be written. I do not know enough about your business to describe YOUR competitive edge. You can insert comments on your competitive edge here
 [MCS5]You can insert your financial information here. This does not need to be sophisticated or extensive. But if you are seeking investors, top-level partners, financing or financial grants you should list your assets, liabilities and operating expenses. If you are planning to go public or sell stock this will need to be presented in a professional manner
 [MCS6]You can insert your name as founder, and a short bio here. If you have other people helping you or management you can feature them here as well. The bios should be short and concise, and emphasize expertise as it relates to THIS venture
 [MCS7]If you are seeking investment capital, financing, grants or a combination of all three, you can insert your requirements here. It’s better to round of monetary figures, and be very specific with regards to the amount, terms and collateral (if there is any). I wrote an example

Saturday, August 24, 2013

FanKloud Business Review by Marc Charles

Hi Gang....

Here's a business plan I developed for FanKloud.



Business Plan
Kedar Frederic - Founder/CEO
20 Linden Street Allston MA

Executive Summary
FanKloud (the Company) provides exclusive content for fans to download at specific geographic locations such as retail stores, venues, restaurants and shops, etc. FanKloud provides an exclusive content platform that is location specific.

Products and Service
Exclusive, location specific content easily downloaded to any device

Regional geo-tagged content is one of the fastest growing sectors in the mobile market. The value of the tennis market is expected to exceed $1 billion by 2016 according to the Forrester Research, a leading market research firm

Geo-tagged and location specific content market is a rising trend. The Company is positioned to leverage the market opportunity. The Company has identified three primary competitors:

[MCS4] Kedar Frederic - Founder/CEO

The Company leverages the Internet, search engines, social media and direct marketing to acquire new subscribers and retail partners. The Company also utilizes search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) techniques in order to appear prominently in the top search engines

FanKloud seeks a $250,000 investment, loan or business grant, at market rates, with a four year note. The Company shall provide security and collateral as required

 [MCS1]You can insert your market stats here. I found these on Google. But I was unable to find facts or stats with regards to your particular model. You will need to research your market to find the appropriate figures
 [MCS2]You will need to determine why your company is unique, special or better than the competition.  I do not have this information or insight

 [MCS3]You can insert financial information here. It doesn’t need to be extensive, and especially for a startup. But it is often a good to list assets, liabilities and operating expenses.
 [MCS4]You can insert your name and a short bio here. If you have other people helping you or managers you can insert his or her names here as well. The bios should be short and emphasize expertise as it relates to THIS venture.
 [MCS5]You can insert your marketing strategy here. Most entrepreneurs wait until the last minute to address marketing issues and strategies. I think it’s the FIRST thing that needs to be addressed. You can work on your marketing strategy. But I wrote an example.
 [MCS6]If you are seeking investors, financing or business grants you can insert your requirements here. It is best to round off amounts, and show investors or banks how and when notes will be repaid. I wrote an example.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Big Money Arrives in Maine by Marc Charles

The "big" money comes to Maine after the 4th of July.

April-June -- Newer Lexus, BMW and SUVs
June-July - Brand New Lexus, Mercedes, Volvo, Luxury SUVs, Cadillac
July 5th - Bentley, Rolls, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and top of line Mercedes
Mid July - Mid August - Lear, Challenger, Gulfstream Jets
Mid-August - Sept 1st - Mega Yachts and luxury helicopters

Big money = $5 billion+

On my walk on Beauchamp (Bo Sham) point this morning I saw a nice 2013 Bentley and a brand new top of the line Mercedes. 

Both drivers waved and smiled at me.......mercy me.


Marc Charles Facebook

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Land, Homes, Farms and Businesses in Maine

Hi Gang:

If you are looking for property, a house, farm or business to buy in Maine, maybe I can help.

NOT as a broker or a friend and fellow entrepeneur.

At the very least I can help you avoid some major blunders.

But...there's a lot for sale in Maine. Most of it under the radar. Maybe its the Stoic Yankee philosophy

Drop me a note or DM on Facebook.

Marc Charles