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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Getting a Job

Hi Gang:

I'm working with my daughter (18) to get a job.

She doesn't want to work in dad's businesses, and she barely wants my help or advice.

I said, "Applications don't work".

She said, "What do you mean? How will people learn anything about me?"

"Well"....the Old Sage replied, "You're only a name on a generic piece of paper. In order to get a phone call, text or email you need stand out, and get a reaction from the person reading it. Applications don't usually do this".

"Oh....its too complicated" she grumbled.

"No, it's actually easier, and you won't have waste your time filling out hundreds of applications. You might need a couple, but not hundreds".

"Okay....she replied with a light hearted grin....tell me".

"On a Word document put your name, address, phone, email, SMS and blog address at the top. Skip a few lines, and write an opening paragraph about your life, why you're so special, fun, smart, and hard working".

"Interesting".....she said.

"Then......skip a few lines and list your schools, and the fact you homeschooled for 12 years. Skip a few lines, and add stuff you really love: like fashion, the Internet, movies, music and swimming in the ocean".

"You could add stuff about your family too, and the last three places you've worked, including my businesses.

"Lastly list your skills, MS Office, Photoshop, math, computers, writing, etc."

Keep everything BRIEF, and remove stupid words.

Then....close the deal. Mention how the person reading this will regret not meeting you and seeing you face to face.

Copy this on really nice paper. When you go into a business hand this to the "qualified prospect".....the OWNER or person doing the hiring. DO NOT give it to an employee, your friend or assistant manager.

My daughter loved the idea of this, and she's doing this as we speak.

This is fun....not drudgery. Doing what everyone else does is drudgery.

Marc Charles 

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