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Friday, July 12, 2013

Camden Maine in July by Marc Charles

Hi Gang:
 There are few places like Camden Maine in mid-July.

There are not many places you can stand in one spot to see the ocean, a river, pond and fresh water lake....not to mention farm land, hills and cliffs.

I arrived here the first time in 1988, and it captivated me.

But yes......winters suck, the business climate is weak and its expensive on the coast.

However, as I drove through the back roads and neighborhoods in Camden today, I realized why its such a nice place to live. It's clean, safe, vibrant and interesting. The weather in July and August is about as good as you'll find anywhere in North America.

This is the true exurbs. Two hours from Portland and Bangor. But with daily flights to Boston from the Midcoast.

Where's your ideal spot?
Marc Charles 

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