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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Getting a Job

Hi Gang:

I'm working with my daughter (18) to get a job.

She doesn't want to work in dad's businesses, and she barely wants my help or advice.

I said, "Applications don't work".

She said, "What do you mean? How will people learn anything about me?"

"Well"....the Old Sage replied, "You're only a name on a generic piece of paper. In order to get a phone call, text or email you need stand out, and get a reaction from the person reading it. Applications don't usually do this".

"Oh....its too complicated" she grumbled.

"No, it's actually easier, and you won't have waste your time filling out hundreds of applications. You might need a couple, but not hundreds".

"Okay....she replied with a light hearted grin....tell me".

"On a Word document put your name, address, phone, email, SMS and blog address at the top. Skip a few lines, and write an opening paragraph about your life, why you're so special, fun, smart, and hard working".

"Interesting".....she said.

"Then......skip a few lines and list your schools, and the fact you homeschooled for 12 years. Skip a few lines, and add stuff you really love: like fashion, the Internet, movies, music and swimming in the ocean".

"You could add stuff about your family too, and the last three places you've worked, including my businesses.

"Lastly list your skills, MS Office, Photoshop, math, computers, writing, etc."

Keep everything BRIEF, and remove stupid words.

Then....close the deal. Mention how the person reading this will regret not meeting you and seeing you face to face.

Copy this on really nice paper. When you go into a business hand this to the "qualified prospect".....the OWNER or person doing the hiring. DO NOT give it to an employee, your friend or assistant manager.

My daughter loved the idea of this, and she's doing this as we speak.

This is fun....not drudgery. Doing what everyone else does is drudgery.

Marc Charles 

Thursday, July 25, 2013



I've completed my third book on Tesla. A very interesting fella.

It's amazing how Edison and JP Morgan tried to crush Tesla on two (probably more) occasions.

People become oddly vicious when they think someone is going to jeopardize his or her "meal ticket".

When JP Morgan realized Tesla discovered the secret to "free energy for everyone all the time"....and that JP Morgan was unable to "put a meter on it"....he set to destroy, crush, eliminate and whatever him.

This practice is very much alive today.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Con Job by Marc Charles

You've Got a Sale!

That's the message in my box this morning.

It was identical to PayPal's notification.

But low and behold another dumb ass sales pitch, and con super spam.

However, I am the dumb ass dear Lord....for opening the stupid thing. got me thinking about how many ploys, tricks, cons, double talk, triple talk, half speak, NLP speak, and hundreds of other things people do to sell junk.....or to GET people to do something.

The biggest problem is numbers. Most people write sales letters with plans of reaching millions of people. Most people do not write a sales letter to a real person. They write letters as if they are talking to an entire market.

The second problem is trying to sell something nobody wants. And this is where all the gimmicks, tricks and fine print come into play. People need to trick people to make a purchase, because they know the average logical thinking person would never shell out $177 for a product (or whatever the price is) they play the con game.

How hard is it to sell someone, (a good friend, family member or business partner) a free dinner, drinks and conversation? Not hard. Most people would love a free dinner, drinks and lively, friendly conversation. There's no con involved.

This is how we should approach sales letters. Give things away. Take people to dinner....figuratively speaking. There are NO strings.

At dinner you could find out what really excites your friend, family or business partner. Then you could craft a product, and a sales letter around what they really want.

One of the things I've prided myself on over the years, even more than closing the lack of returns. This includes online and offline ventures.

Its' because I build a product or proposal around what the client or prospect wants or needs, or is dreaming about. I allow people plenty of time to back out, change his or her mind, or revise the agreement.

Then...when the deal is signed or the product is purchased, it RARELY comes undone.

Returns for info products on Amazon, Nook, App Store and Clickbank is a big deal.

I craft products and deals for a zero refund rate. There's no double speak, tricky copywriter ploys, or toying with people.

We need to make a sale -- and reduce refunds to zero.
Marc Charles

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Traffic Scam

The Traffic Scam

This will be the working title for another Kindle short I'm writing.

I haven't seen it all.....but I've seen a lot since 1994....with regards to Internet traffic.

So....I'll cover what I know.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mobile Apps

Hi Guys:

This is very cool......

I've used it to make a half dozen mobile apps.

Conduit Mobile.

Make your own mobile business app in minutes. I made one for "" in about 8 minutes. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

My First Comic Book

Hi Gang:

I published my first comic book boys and girls.

Save the's my first attempt.

I'll send you a copy free of charge (PDF) if you ask.

It's on Amazon and soon BN and elsewhere.

Pen name of course:  Charles Schulte. Get it?

Camden Maine in July by Marc Charles

Hi Gang:
 There are few places like Camden Maine in mid-July.

There are not many places you can stand in one spot to see the ocean, a river, pond and fresh water lake....not to mention farm land, hills and cliffs.

I arrived here the first time in 1988, and it captivated me.

But yes......winters suck, the business climate is weak and its expensive on the coast.

However, as I drove through the back roads and neighborhoods in Camden today, I realized why its such a nice place to live. It's clean, safe, vibrant and interesting. The weather in July and August is about as good as you'll find anywhere in North America.

This is the true exurbs. Two hours from Portland and Bangor. But with daily flights to Boston from the Midcoast.

Where's your ideal spot?
Marc Charles 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Public Schools

Whenever you bring up public schools in a conversation, the first response is usually, "Yeah....but we can't afford a private school".

As if these are the only choices.

And that's the problem. People have been trained and indoctrinated into believing there are only two choices.

In many ways public schools have become a professional babysitting service. Most parents would rather die than be home with their kids.

It's painful to face, but usually true.

I'm sure I'll get some more un-friend or "hide" requests with this little rant. I'm not concerned. I was thrown out of public schools 7 times. I finally graduated high school by convincing the warden (principle) I was a good kid.

Marc Charles

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Business Plan Reviews

I reviewed a business plan and executive summary over the weekend.

Most entrepreneurs follow a "business plan template" when developing his or her own.

The problem is it's almost impossible to forecast sales, profit/loss, margins, etc when you haven't made the FIRST SALE.

Seasoned investors, banks, lenders and VCs RARELY read business plans --- they assign this task to lower level management.

Seasoned investors are looking for the BIG idea, actual market demand (with proof) and how a venture plans to reach an audience.

The next thing they want to know is WHEN they'll get paid, and what is the downside risk.

So....I try to put all these things in the first paragraph.

The King