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Friday, May 10, 2013

EverPay Business Plan Review

 EverPay Business Plan Review

 Dear Friend:

In this post I've enclosed an actual business plan I developed for a startup called EverPay.

I hope you enjoy it.

Marc Charles

Name: Richard Rowe
Title: CEO & Founder
Company Name: Everpay, LLC.
Address: 8345 N.W. 66 Sttreet, Suite: A53898,
Miami, Florida. 33166
Phone; (877) 357 6616
my main email is:
I don't have a clear Idea of , what, when, how or even where of my business, i all i know is that I build an app and people are using it to process, send and payments.
1. Paypal -
2. Square -
3. Stripe -
4. Braintree -
I plan to market the business by outside sales agents, direct media, but mostly online via FB, Twitter, Linkedin and the various social networking sites. Through targeted business list, referrals and affiliate/partnership programs
I beg to differ even paypal started out as a start up. If you think that 1 page is enough then I take your word for it..
To answer all your questions.
1.The business is payment processing/ billing services.
2. the products and services are " international credit card processing, check processing, P2P money transfer services, cloud based payment gateway software, mobile payments, direct bank debit processing, and few other merchant services.

My competitive edge is " An easy online approval process, where my Commerce app can verify a users identity in a 2 step process, 1. by Customers swiping their their ID card or passport pass their webcam or cell phone . then by using miicard ( this is done in real-time, thus removing the need for offline checks and paper processing.
Customer can pay by credit card by using webcam or cell phone camera, ( same thing with US based checks.
My payment app is lightweight, fast, very secure and is capable of processing international credit cards types and other payment services. It runs in the cloud,so there is no overhead or investment needed to buy hardware.

Business Plan
Richard Rowe - Founder / CEO
Everpay, LLC
8345 N.W. 66 Street, Suite A53898
Miami Florida 33166
(877) 357 6616

Executive Summary
Everpay LLC (the Company) provides web and mobile payment processing and billing services application for consumers.

Products and Service
The Company offers international credit card processing, check processing, P2P money transfer services, cloud based payment gateway software, mobile payments, direct bank debit processing, and other e-commerce merchant services

The web and mobile payment processing market is expected to surpass $670 billion annually by 2015. It is estimated more than 50% of all cell phones will incorporate technology to function as payment processing equipment. Everpay, LLC is positioned to leverage the opportunity

The online and mobile payment processing market is a hot rising trend. The Company is positioned to leverage the market opportunity. The Company has identified four primary competitors:

Everypay LLC enjoys several competitive advantages. The Company’s primary competitive edge is an easy online approval process using a webcam or cell phone  

[MCS4] Richard Rowe - Founder / CEO

The Company leverages the Internet, search engines, social media and direct marketing to acquire new customers. The Company also utilizes outside sales agents, direct media and Linkedin as well as a robust referral network

Everypay LLC seeks a $100,000 investment, loan or business grant, at market rates, with a four year note. The Company shall provide security and collateral as required

 [MCS1]You can insert your market stats here. I found these on Google. But I was unable to find facts or stats with regards to your particular model. You will need to research your market to find the appropriate figures
 [MCS2]You will need to determine why your company is unique, special or better than the competition.  I do not have this information or insight

 [MCS3]You can insert financial information here. It doesn’t need to be extensive, and especially for a startup. But it is usually good to list assets, liabilities and operating expenses.
 [MCS4]You can insert your name and a short bio here. If you have other people helping you or managers you can insert his or her names here as well. The bios should be short and emphasize expertise as it relates to THIS venture.
 [MCS5]You can insert your marketing strategy here. Most entrepreneurs wait until the last minute to address marketing issues and strategies. I think it’s the FIRST thing that needs to be addressed. You can work on your marketing strategy. But I wrote an example.
 [MCS6]If you are seeking investors, financing or business grants you can insert your requirements here. It is best to round off amounts, and show investors or banks how and when notes will be repaid. I wrote an example.

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