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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This Event Could Make You Very Rich

This Event Could Make You Very Rich

5:47 AM

Dear Entrepreneur:

I confess….I’m impressed.

And this doesn’t happen often.

Heck….in 2011 I reviewed more than 174 business proposals, executive summaries, plans and marketing ideas.

On top of that, I reviewed about a dozen plans free of charge to help young entrepreneurs. 

But when I tested the opportunities around a new publishing platform, and made sales on it….I started to get very excited….and I couldn’t wait to tell you about it.

What’s more, I saw some problems first hand, addressed them, and I worked out some bugs.
Here’s what I’m talking about….

Amazon Direct Publishing is the most impressive publishing platform I’ve seen in my business career.

The platform is designed to publishing e-books quickly and easily for Amazon’s product the Kindle and Kindle Fire.

The publishing platform has a bunch of new features, neat apps and a super easy interface.
But it has thing over all of the competition….

It has an audience of active, instant buyers!
It’s not Clickbank. 

Clickbank is an entirely different animal, platform and strategy.

Amazon Direct Publishing is like Walmart. 

Clickbank is like Bloomingdales.

I don’t mean in terms of quality….or to downgrade Walmart. simply reaches a HUGE mainstream audience. 

Bloomingdale’s on the other hand reaches a targeted audience of higher net worth individuals (generally speaking).

Granted, buyers are looking for deals (just like at Walmart) five star customer service and super easy refunds. 

But buyers spend money quickly when they see what they want.

In addition…..there are millions of “niche” book and content buyers on Amazon.
Granted, the profit margins on Clickbank are huge when compared to

But you can publish books and content to Amazon and modify, change and edit it instantly.
On Amazon you don’t have to worry about landing pages, complicated apps, ecommerce, customer service, affiliates or even programming.

On top of that, you can cut corners with products on Clickbank. You can’t do this as much on Amazon, whatever you publish needs to “look” professional. This is especially true when it comes to editing, grammar and e-book cover art. If your product looks unprofessional it won’t sell.

Three of the most important things about selling e-books on
1.    In-demand content (well written)
2.    E-book cover art (look professional without the cost)
3.    Category selection (help buyers find it quick)

I’ll get into specifics in a second. But I wanted to get right into the meat of this opportunity.
You can make money with Amazon Direct Publishing IF you follow a few simple guidelines.

Marc’s KDP Cheat Sheet

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a self-publishing platform.

You can self-publish your books and put them into the Amazon Kindle Store.
The best part is it's fast, free and super easy. 

The books self-published on the KDP platform can participate in the 70% royalty program. This means you as the author or publisher receive 70% of gross sales. That’s an incredibly high percentage.

If you publish a book through the old world print method authors often receive less than 10%!
Of course, that’s IF you’re lucky enough to get a publishing deal. 

What’s more, old world book publishing is like a dinosaur. It takes up to 9 months to get a book from the initial draft to the bookshelves!

But even when a book is lucky enough to get on a bookshelf it will be discounted almost immediately. 

The Most Powerful Publishing Event in 200 Years!

The most powerful publishing event is the “cloud”.

It means when you publish something it is available on multiple devices and locations simultaneously.

In other words, the “cloud” follows users and readers wherever they go!

And so, when you publish books on Amazon’s KDP platform it is available for purchase on Kindle devices, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac, Blackberry, Android devices and even Kindle Apps for iPad!

On top of that, you can self-publish books in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian with ONE CLICK of the mouse.

And that’s not all….

You can sell your books in US Dollars, Pounds Sterling, and Euros. 

But as I said….one of the most powerful aspects of this opportunity is gaining access to an eager, loyal buying audience. has the most loyal followers and readers than any website, company or platform in the world.
This is going to change book publishing in a BIG way.

In addition, if you don’t have a book, or you’re not an author, don’t sweat it!

You can obtain millions of books in the public domain, sell them as is, or reformat and rewrite them….and sell them!


Marc Charles

PS Do you want to write and sell e-books on and Barnes & Noble? Join our pre-launch email list and we’ll keep you posted on a new product we’re developing! Join the pre-launch list here – and put KINDLE in the subject line

 (Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as "The King of Business Opportunities" ....and for good reason. He's launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities. He understands legitimate opportunities. Marc provides timely updates regarding legitimate business and money making opportunities.)

Action Plan
Visit Amazon Direct Publishing and sign up for an account. It’s fast, easy and free.
Lock yourself in a secluded room without distractions and devour the FAQs.
Then, go to the Kindle Store to see what’s selling right now.
The biggest mistake a self-published author usually makes is writing a book no one wants (but is dear to his or her heart). There’s nothing wrong with writing about things which are near and dear to your heart. But if you want books to SELL you need to write “into the demand”.

Valuable Resources:
You can publish your e-book on these platforms too:
PubIt (Barnes and Noble’s direct publishing platform)

Project Gutenberg (free ebooks)
Google eBookstore

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Secrets of Freelance Work From Someone in the Know

Freelance Heaven!

6:10 AM

Dear Friend:

I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars freelancing, so I know it works.

More important, I’ve helped thousands of people cash in on the freelance craze.

So believe me… CAN generate cash as freelancer….and its easier than you think. Got a full time job or another business? No problem, you can do this on the side.

I’ll give you the truth about freelancing so you can start making money in the next few hours or days.

The Truth About the Economy…..

The economy is in shambles, unemployment is still at historic highs.

The so-called “greatest companies of the new millennium” are laying off people in droves!

Companies like Yahoo!, AOL, Facebook, Google, and Cisco have quietly turned on the “layoff spigot” too.

But this is GREAT NEWS for freelance workers. I’m dead serious.

The world hasn’t ended just because a preacher said it would.

No sir.

We both know it’s pretty dismal… businesses are slashing debt, expenses and wasteful spending (i.e. lazy employees) like crazy.

But the world hasn’t ended and some businesses are growing like wildfire!

And many businesses, let’s say hundreds of thousands, have discovered the power of using freelance and contract workers.

We may discover this time will be referred to as the “Freelance Decade”.

This Is NOT a Good Time to Be Fired!

Last week S.E. invited me to lunch at a swanky seaside bistro.

He told me his job as a high-level graphic designer was coming to a close. Apparently his employer is bankrupt, and was closing up shop because no one would buy it.

“You warned me this would happen…..three years ago”, S.E. exclaimed.

He went on…. “This is NOT a good time to be fired. Geez, my wife’s at home with our baby all day…she can’t work outside the home”!

I said, “Hey, it’s not a big deal. I know you’re upset. But if you start thinking like a freelance expert rather than an employee you’ll be ahead of the game”.

“What’s more, your wife could grab a small freelance gig too if she has the time”, I added.

S.E. mumbled…. “I know you’ve mentioned freelancing before. But I don’t have time for little “side projects”. I need good paying projects NOW!”

“Okay”, I said. “Give me $500 and I’ll have three freelance projects for you by Monday (it was Thursday afternoon)”.

S.E. shot back, “$500? Is that your fee or what”?

“I want to see if you’re serious. Write me a check for $500. When you land the right freelance project I’ll give your money back”, I said smiling.

S.E. landed a freelance project the following Tuesday. It only took four days.

Here’s the Secret to Freelance Gigs…

If you type “freelance projects” into Google your head will be swimming in search results.

There are thousands of so-called freelance websites on the Internet. Most of them are designed to get YOUR money in the form of “membership fees” and other services.

Granted, there are a handful of freelance sites worth the money you spend on membership fees…I’ll show you the ones I like.

But you don’t have to succumb to the majority of BS freelance sites on the Internet.

When you’re done reading this week’s issue you’ll be able to can start landing “legitimate” freelance projects in record time.

I know what I’m talking about when it comes to freelancing. I’ve been doing it on one level or another for more than 30 years.

And get this….

I was approached by a senior TV executive to produce a “Freelance Channel”! Can you imagine? It might work…but I would focus on YouTube rather than TV.

I’m the “Go To Guy” when it comes to freelance work!

Welcome to “Freelance Heaven”…..

Take This Job and Shove It! 

E.J  worked for the largest insurance company in South Africa as a network “gopher”. 

He would “go for” things and perform mundane tasks for three senior managers.

One day, without warning, E.J. was fired….by email. He was devastated and humiliated. He was escorted from his desk, cardboard box in hand, out of the building and asked to leave company property.

The funny thing is….E.J. was a devoted employee. He didn’t break any laws, polices, procedures or screw anything up.

However….E.J. said he made a terrible mistake…and it was political.

E.J. started mocking senior management’s political affiliations and poked fun at them at a local company watering hole.

He violated the corporate cardinal sin: politics is everything.

Anyway, E.J. was referred to me by a goodfriend when he relocated to the US.

When I saw the depth of E.J’s expertise….and more than three pages of testimonials and referrals…..I suggested he start working as a freelance network administrator or security consultant. 

E.J. was not thrilled. He thought I was going to offer him a job.

On top of that, E.J. never worked for himself. He worked at the same company for ten years. So he was afraid to go out on his own (without a safety net or benefits).

I told him, “I know you’re nervous about going out on your own and working as a freelance contractor. But you can get a job and freelance on the side until the money convinces you”.
E.J was all ears now.

I showed him how and where to find clients immediately…as in hours or days not months or years.

In less than three months E.J was in business working fulltime as a freelance network administrator, and he quit so “secure” job.  Today E.J is turning clients away and focusing on the highest paying ones (his words not mine).

E.J. told me he’s making eight times as much as a freelancer than as an employee.

That’s what I’m talking about!

And get this……

E.J. was recently approached by insurance company in South Africa that fired him! He never responded to their call or email.

I've been freelancing in one capacity or another for more than 29 years. 

The opportunities are greater today than they ever were in 1982!

It’s no surprise…..the economy sucks. Most companies are firing NOT hiring people!

But, in all the desperation, uncertainty and calamity is opportunity. I’m not kidding!

Most companies and businesses may be firing people in droves but they still need certain tasks done…and they’re willing to pay for them.

Here some of the freelance opportunities in DEMAND right now:

Business development
All things Google (SEO, SEM, advertising, back-linking, etc)
Graphic design
Social Media Managers
Accounting and Finance
Network Administration and Security

Keep in mind….these are only the web-based freelance opportunities!

There are boatloads of “offline” freelance opportunities too; such as:
Medical and dental
Real estate
Hotels and resorts
Analysts & Accounting

There are just too many opportunities to list!

In this week’s issue I’ve included more than twenty resources to help you land a great freelance gig.

If you need more recommendations or “one-on-one” assistance, drop me a note. I’d love to hear from you!

Have fun and play nice.

This is the “Freelance Decade”!

Your humble host,

Marc Charles

(Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as "The King of Business Opportunities" ....and for good reason. He should be known as "The King of Legitimate Business Opportunities"...because he's launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities)
*** Action Strategy ***
Start researching freelance opportunities!
Don’t put it off.
The truth is…….
Hundreds of thousands of people (probably millions) would love some freelance gigs…just like my friend in today’s article.
But something holds them back….or they’re too busy with other things.
At first, freelance projects won’t be handed to you on a silver platter.
Actually…..I take that back!
I’ve had freelance projects handed to me on a silver platter, without any effort. But that’s because I laid a foundation of contacts and I was ready to “receive” projects without hesitation.
Anyway….if freelance interests you then get crackin!
Set an objective to secure a freelance project in 7 days or less (then send me a note about your success)

**********Valuable Resources*************
FlexJobs (Excellent) (250+ cities, hundreds of freelance opportunities under Gigs category)
Monster Freelance
Post your freelance availability with these great tools:
Google AdWords (link keyword ads to your bio page or blog)
Yahoo! Small Business (keyword advertising)
ExactSeek (prepaid keyword advertising)
Monster (Advanced freelance search)
CareerBuilder (Advanced freelance search)
SmartHunt (Freelance & Contract section)
PaidContent (Freelance search)
Recommended Reading:
Get Clients Now by C.J. Hayden
Selling Your Services by Robert Bly

Saturday, April 20, 2013

How to Live “Off the Grid”

Is Living “Off the Grid” a Fantasy?

What About Doing Business and Making Money?

5:27 AM

Question: Marc, I know you’ve talked about living “off the grid” with great passion. But is this lifestyle a fantasy? What about doing business and making money”?
G.L. Calgary Alberta CA

Dear Entrepreneur:

The short answer is yes! Living “off the grid” is feasible. There are boatloads of options when it comes to business, working and making money.

I talk about living “off the grid” because of my interest but also because of the number comments and posts I receive.

Today I’ll give you my insight on the topic with some updates, and show you what it means for you.

First, I’ll give you my definition of living “off the grid”. 

For me “off the grid” means living away off the conventional “grid” meaning electricity, telephone, water, government sewage systems, Internet and cable TV networks.

It’s harder to live this way than you might think.

I’ve lived “off the grid” five times in the past 30 years in New Mexico, Arizona, Minnesota, Maine, and Mexico. 

I’ve also lived on a luxury house boat on the St Croix River is Wisconsin.  This wasn’t actually “off the grid” but it was close.  Everything on the boat was powered with a diesel generator. We grabbed TV signals out of the air and used a radio telephone.

Living “off the grid” can be an adventure but there are other benefits too.

For me, two of the greatest benefits were the satisfaction of being self-sufficient, and gaining an appreciation of real things like clean water, air, fresh food and friendships.

One of the best movies along these lines is “Into the Wild” by Sean Penn. Believe me when I tell you it’s a classic.  My oldest son said it was his all-time favorite movie.

A Modern Day Cave Man

There’s a man in Idaho by the name of Richard Zimmerman. He’s known as the "Salmon River Caveman". Robert has lived an “off the grid” for years. He’s lived almost entirely off the land, with a home in a cave on the Salmon River in Idaho.

And get this….

Richard’s caves were more than 60 feet deep!

Richard earned extra money by renting out adjacent caves for $2 a night. I’m dead serious! Most of his quests only spend a night or two; but others chose the $25 monthly rate and have stayed for months at a time. He has two tenants which have lived in the caves for more than two years.

I’ve lived and explored caves in New Mexico. Some of the caves 40 feet high and 100 feet wide! On one occasion in the middle of July the temperature in the cave was a pleasant 67 degrees.

Granted, living in a cave, in a tree house or on an iceberg may not be your idea of “the high life”.

But it can be an exciting adventure. It might give you a new perspective to life, business and making money.

I’ve enclosed some great resources for living “off the grid” in this week’s issue.

What Do You Need to Live “Off the Grid”?

Here’s a revised list I used when I lived off the grid in New Mexico:

1)    Access to clean water
2)    Access to a legitimate food source or be able to easily transport food to your location (hunting and fishing are not always
3)    Shelter. Building a shelter while getting established is not realistic so I rented a hunting cabin
4)    High-quality laminated topographic maps. Understand how to use a map and a compass before you go.
5)    Firearms. Forget about bows and arrows, snags and traps. Bring a gun.
6)    Most animals are not your friends. Living off the grid is not a cartoon. I was stalked for several days by a mountain lion until an old timer showed me a secret: always try to appear larger than you are if confronted by one! Animals do not want problems.
7)    Let someone know your exact location. Today with Google Maps and Geo-tags it’s easy.
8)    Make friends in the surrounding area. You’ll need them. I made friends with an old man, who was a 35-year Navy veteran (designed ships).

9)    Invest in a state of the art first aid and survival kit (even if you’re Rambo) One of the best is QuakeKare.

10)   CASH. Cash always works wonders when you’re in the middle of nowhere. Store cash in zip lock bags outside of your shelter, like under a large rock.

What About Making Money!?

The focus of Weekend Business Blueprint is legitimate business and money making opportunities, with an emphasis on low startup costs, easy entry and no red tape or employees (unless you want them).

You don’t need a boatload of cash to retire on a deserted island, live in a cave, or live in a remote paradise. The key to your income and lifestyle is expenses.

I know several millionaires who are broke…seriously. 

I had lunch with R.M. (a “broke” millionaire) recently and he said, “I don’t feel rich. I feel like a slave. I have debt, bills and expenses. I wish I could sell everything and live “off the grid”.
But I’ve heard similar complaints from other “broke” millionaires too.

There’s great wisdom in reducing the amount of “stuff” we own, slashing expenses, being debt free and simplifying life. 

Even if you live in a tree house, cave or under water fort most people involved in money making ventures will need access to a bank or PayPal, a postal address, the Internet or communications of some kind. 

Often people living “off the grid” have access to these things at a secondary location (like the Salmon River Caveman who comes into town every couple weeks).

So, with access to these things here are a few viable money making ideas (online and off). And remember…..we’re entrepreneurs! Opportunities present themselves all day long….you need to notice them and act.

Internet sales (you can sell almost anything online these days)

Information products (mostly digital, but print book kiosks work too)

IT consulting (you can manage almost anything over the Internet these days)

Security consultant (my friend in South Africa manages networks from his luxury tent)
Advertising sales (seriously)

Repair things (guns, computers, laptops, cell phones, cars, etc.)
Arts and craft sales (roadside stands or kiosks)
Farm stand (roadside or wherever)
Direct marketing (almost everything can be outsourced and automated these days)
Guided tours (surrounding where you live)
Windjammer cruises
Forex and other forms of trading

It’s NOT for Everyone!

 I know living “off the grid” won’t be a great fit for everyone. 

Sometimes just living “off the grid” on a part time or seasonal basis is all you need. It can rejuvenate your life!

It can also be as simple as walking into the wilderness with a backpack, shotgun and food for the weekend.

If you like it you could try it for a week or a month at a time. 

Living in a tree house in a tropical forest can be a lot of fun too.

Kids are NOT always the problem

Granted, raising a family and having kids is a full time commitment.  But they shouldn’t run the show. Our kids should follow us.

We homeschooled our kids and one of the reasons we did is the freedom it affords.
We’ve been able to travel, work from different locations, go on adventures, explore and even learn things you won’t learn in a government supported school.

A good friend of mine H.R. and his wife packed up the kids and moved to a remote island in the Bahamas. They lived in a modern, self-contained (hurricane proof) modular (concrete) home for 16 months.

So…it can be done and kids are NOT always the problem or obstacle.

Another “off the grid” option is sailing. 

I know three entrepreneurs who use sailing as a motivation to build successful businesses and money making empires. 

Sailing may be the ultimate “off the grid” lifestyle.

Living “Off the Grid” Part Time

I enjoy Internet access, cell phones, access to social events and spending time with family. So hiding in a cave or living in a tropical jungle in loin cloth shorts is not always the best fit for my lifestyle. But I enjoy adventures, exploring and living this way from time to time.

I guess you could call this partial “off the grid”.

I also like to monitor my businesses and money making ventures.

Living partially “off the grid” is feasible and you can make it a reality.
There are several ways to approach this lifestyle.

You could build a self-sustained camp or cottage “off the grid” in hundreds of locations.
My preferences are places with reasonable climate. 

But some locations are great for “seasonal off grid living” such as Maine (especially northern and the islands), Montana, New Mexico, Central Mexico and some parts of South America.
I also like the Pacific Islands but these can be tricky (finding remote locations or islands with access to food and water).

It’s fun to think about living “off the grid”.

In today’s world it might become a necessity.

Maybe we can launch a League of Power “Off the Grid” newsletter or bulletin!
I hope that helps.

Please write to me with your thoughts and ideas for “living off the grid”.


Marc Charles

(Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as "The King of Business Opportunities" ....and for good reason. He should be known as "The King of Legitimate Business Opportunities"...because he's launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities)

*** Action Strategy ***

Living “off the grid” can change your life. It’s that simple.

You don’t have to sell everything, or your wife and kids, to make it happen!

You can do it part time or on seasonal basis.

Or you can plan to live “off the grid” on a longer term basis. 

The choice is yours.

Today review this issue and check out the valuable resources. Then….make a decision and take a short trip.

*** Valuable Resources ***

Your Online Survival Kit

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ideas are Cheap by Marc Charles

Ideas are cheap.

There's nothing new under the sun.

I think this pissed off another entrepreneur yesterday.

I've reviewed close to a thousand business plans, ideas, strategies, executive summaries and marketing campaigns over the past 25 years or so.

And I can tell "new" ideas seldom make money, and are rarely "new" at all.

I could write three books on the topic - but only one this year :)

The point is I encourage myself, and others to look at ideas, businesses or markets that are already making money.

In other words, trying to invent an "Apple Killer", a new "CraigsList" or a new "Google" is a waste of time, money and resources for MOST startup entrepreneurs.

Does that mean you don't invent, innovate or improvise? Well...sort of.

I would say there's more money to be made, sooner, by improvising a product or service that is ALREADY successful or that has a proven market demand.

The entrepreneur that approached me wants to develop a "new" approach to FOREX trading, an info product, webinar, coaching and trading advisory.

I simply asked, "What Forex products are wildly successful in the market right now, today?"

The entrepreneur was not concerned with what other people are doing. His product is "new", better and will sell much better.

Perhaps. But I doubt it.

As an entrepreneurs we need to know what is working or selling RIGHT NOW, today in whatever market we are in IF we want to develop a super-successful product.

The difference between the "perceived" and "actual" demand for something is light years apart.

What's more, ideas are cheap. But how to apply an idea successful is much more valuable.

That's my take today.......hey......and its free advice.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to Make Big Money with Cash Flow Notes

How the Little Guy Can Make Big Money with Cash Flow Notes

Question: Dear Marc, I heard your interview on Internet radio recently, (which was great by the way!). I missed the segment where you talked about how the little guy can make big money with cash flow notes. Can you explain it?
                                                      Anna Marie Island, FL


Dear DP:

Thanks for your question.

I’ll explain the little-known secret in a second.

I know three “little guys” making money with cash flow notes. So this is NOT a pie-in-the-sky theory.

One of the “little guys” is 6 foot 3, 219 pounds!

Here’s some background on this opportunity so everyone can benefit.

The competition for “cash flow notes” is fierce. That’s a good thing.

In my experience, any time you have heavy competitive the money is often lucrative.

Think about iPhone apps, SEO, security software, carpet cleaning, window washing, car rentals, and handyman repairs. These can be very lucrative even in a sluggish economy.

But there’s a right way and a “hard way” to do things.

The note market much larger today than it was five or six years.

This is partly due to the economy and the collapse of the real estate market. Cash flow notes thrive in this environment because people are forced to get money fast.

Cash Flow Notes in All Its Glory

Most of the time, people on the inside track always land the best notes.

These insiders are usually: 1. seasoned note investors 2. Bankers 3. Real estate lawyers (and judges)

I'll show you a short cut and how to find the best cash flow notes.

You’ll also need to find qualified buyers or sellers.

There are only a couple of things you need to know to be successful in this market.

What is a cash flow note?

Cash flow notes are IOUs.  They are an agreement to pay someone a specific amount of money, with interest, over a specific period of time.

The most popular cash flow notes are commercial and residential “paper” (also known as a mortgage).

There are cash flow notes available in almost every conceivable real estate investment. Most (but not all) cash flow notes are secured with a title deed.

But the neat thing is you can find cash flow notes for everything from accounts payable, structured settlements, royalties, leases, pre-construction deals, and more.

I’ll focus on real estate cash flow notes in this week’s issue.

Here’s an example of a simple cash flow note…

The Johnsons sell their $250,000 home with owner financing.

The Johnsons ask for $25,000 down and finance the balance of $225,000 at 10 percent interest. The Johnsons receive monthly payments on this “note” until it’s paid off.

That’s where the “cash flow” part comes in.

An entrepreneur calls the Johnsons and offers them $220,000 for the note on their home. The Johnsons agree. The entrepreneur buys the note and resells it to another buyer who is willing to pay $225,000 for it.

The first entrepreneur keeps the $5,000 difference and the Johnsons get $220,000.

This process is contingent upon locating note sellers and brokering a deal for each note to willing buyers.

In the real world…which is how I look at business opportunities…. it takes a lot of time, energy, and money to build a network of qualified cash flow note sellers and buyers.

But entrepreneurs are making money in this business.

What’s more, there’s an established network of entrepreneurs already doing these deals… they’re called bankers, lawyers, judges and real estate investors!
Little-Known Cash Flow Secret

One secret to “winning” in the cash flow business is target marketing.

Who would’ve guessed direct marketing is a key?

But it’s logical. You need to find and reach qualified cash note sellers.

Cash note sellers are typically home owners, business owners, and other real estate investors who have provided financing to buyers.

One of the best ways to reach a large targeted audience quickly (if you don’t have an established in-house list of contacts) is with TV.

That’s right - television.

Stay with me now… it’s not as expensive as you might think.

You see…the guys selling cash flow note business opportunities on late night TV are selling kits and packages. But the smart entrepreneurs are building online networks of buyers and sellers and taking a percentage of every deal.

This business is NOT dependent on TV advertising, or a huge advertising budget.

And you don’t have to build a huge network of buyers and sellers to make money.

I just wanted to show you how some smart entrepreneurs are making money in this business.

And believe it or not you can advertise on TV in a small geographic area for very little investment, and reach a nice audience.

Cable and satellite TV advertising is down big time. Therefore, cable and satellite TV channels are willing to make incredible deals on advertising.

For example, you can target more than 1 million late night viewers in New York City with a “spot ad” for under $2,000. This was unheard of five or six years ago.

Check out National Cable Communications – they specialize in “spot” commercials.

You can even setup spot TV commercials with Google TV Ads.

And don’t worry….you don’t have to pay actors or film crews to get your commercial done. There are companies offering pre-made spot TV commercial packages, such as Spot Runner, Inc.

I heard Spot Runner was having some trouble financially, so proper due diligence is in order. But you’ll others in this space...just Google “cable TV spot ads”.

Spot Runner offers TV advertising (and remnant packages) in hundreds of markets across the U.S. and Canada.

The benefit of pre-made commercials is cost savings. You can select from dozens of pre-made commercials and simply add your message, website, 800 number and bingo - instant exposure!

The most expensive part of any commercial is the production - that’s money you have to spend before you’ve made anything. SpotRunner enables you to eliminate a large portion of this expense.

But some marketers prefer making their own commercials.

It’s your choice.

The objective of any marketing is to attract qualified note buyers and sellers.

When you run TV spot ads commercials the objective is to attract note buyers, sellers or both.

You’ll need a list of qualified note sellers… and a list of qualified note buyers.

Then all you have to do is match them up!

Yes…. there is some legwork involved in this business.

What’s more, it’s not entirely free of red tape….(which always makes me nervous).

But the business is fairly simple when you have qualified buyers and sellers.

Your compensation is based on the difference between the seller’s price and the buyer’s price.

If running commercials or larger direct marketing campaigns is too much for you at this point, you can start out small by running promotions in your local paper or on popular local websites too.

Most local newspapers and web portals are desperate for cash and advertising too.

Negotiation is king!

Jerry L., a colleague, generated $45,000 to $65,000 per year the last three years on real estate notes and pre-foreclosure deals by simply running cheap classified ads in small regional newspapers and websites. Cheap meaning $20 to $50 per month!

Newspapers are great source of leads in this business too.

And if you haven’t noticed, newspapers are dropping like flies!

Like I said, newspapers desperately need your business in order to survive… and most of them will offer huge discounts on pricing. But you have to negotiate with decision makers.

Jerry uses a simple website which attracts note buyers or sellers.

If you Google the phrase “cash flow notes” and you’ll find hundreds of simple websites in this market.

Jerry preference is to have one website designed to attract note buyers and one website designed to attract not sellers. He keeps them separate because camps are very different.

Here’s what I’m talking about….

Note sellers need cash now!

Note buyers on other hand are a bit more patient and often have a longer-term objective.

Granted, note buyers usually want to unload notes as quickly as possible for a profit.

But generally speaking note sellers are desperate and need cash now.

When you’re marketing to note sellers you’ll be addressing their fear, uncertainty, desperation, and other survival instincts.

But when you’re marketing to note buyers you’ll be addressing different emotions, such as the excitement of seizing an opportunity.

Whatever marketing approach you use, you’ll want to capture your prospect’s information, such as an e-mail, address and phone number.

There are tons of ways to market this business and capture qualified leads.

But the objective remains the same:

Find viable, qualified sellers and MATCH THEM with qualified buyers.

There are also websites which enable you to find qualified cash flow note buyers and sellers too.

Here are two good cash flow note websites:

I also recommend Tyler “Ty” Hicks International Wealth Success too.

Ty publishes an e-Letter called International Wealth Success.

Believe me, Ty has the knowledge and contacts when it comes to making money with real estate notes and lending deals.

Tyler has written more than 30 books on real estate, business, funding ideas and more. I highly recommend his products.

Tyler Hicks understands the real estate notes better than anyone I know.

A couple of other sources for locating cash flow note buyers and sellers is CraigList, The Note Network and Yahoo! Real Estate.

A New Cash Flow Niche: Making Good Money from BAD Paper

Don’t kid yourself… most real estate businesses require at least some money… or quick access to it.

If you can get your hands on some money or quick access to it, I found a “niche” business opportunity which might provide a nice side business for you.

A good friend exposed this business to me over coffee… and I was amazed what I heard.

Here’s the lowdown …

Have you heard the term “bad paper” before?

It’s simple.

Bad paper is a broken promise to pay by another party.

The agreement or “paper” is usually secured by real estate (or some other asset).

The payor is in default when they fail to pay in accordance with the agreement – and that’s why it’s “bad”.

It’s obvious there’s no shortage of “bad paper” or “toxic assets” in the market today!

There’s another term which you’re probably familiar - it’s called a “mechanic lien”
or “contractor’s lien”.

A lien is filed at the local recorder’s office, the courthouse (or at a town office) whenever a contractor does work on a home and doesn’t get paid.

A lien of $3,000 (this is the average lien amount) on a $200,000 or $300,000 property is very bad.

As real estate values continue dropping to new lows, there’s a boatload of BAD paper.

Here’s how my friend makes money from bad paper…..

1. Grab a list of mechanics’ liens the local recorder’s office. Don’t worry - its public information. Recorder’s offices often make this information available online so you might not have to get up from your chair!

2. Make a list of contractors who have liens on properties. Make another list of the homeowners’ or business owners’ addresses. Let’s say you find a roofing contractor who has lien on a homeowner’s property for $1,500 (because of a failure to pay the balance for work performed)…write his name and the homeowner’s name down.

3. Now send the contractor an unsigned check for HALF of the amount of the lien. My friend uses a window envelope. Using my example in #2 the check would be for $750. You could a note with the words “I’ll send you this check today” or something to that effect. My friend said 90% of the contractors accept the offer! After all, half of the money right now is better than none of it ever!

4. Now, contact the homeowner and inform them of the seriousness of the lien. You could mention you are entitled by law to all of the collection costs. In most states, you are entitled to include “collection costs” of up to $1,500 to satisfy a mechanic’s lien.

In this example, you could charge $750 for collection costs. So, in this example the total amount owed by the homeowner is $2,250 (the $1,500 lien plus a $750 collection fee).

5. Finally, you present an offer to the homeowner to settle the lien for HALF of the amount due.  In this example it would be $1,125. Your letter should be useful and accommodating – there’s no need to threaten a lawsuit.

My friend helps the homeowner or business owner understand a lawsuit will be filed if the lien is not satisfied. You can remind the homeowner or business owner most mechanics’ liens are satisfied in favor of the contractor or supplier.

In most cases, the homeowner will agree and write you a check for $1,125.

6. Lastly you write a check to the contractor for $750. You get to keep the difference of $375. ($1125 - $750) This is your profit.

Granted, this is a simplified example. Most contractors’ liens are considerably larger than $1,500.

Making Good Money on “Bad” Paper

If a contractor has not been paid for services rendered he or she can file a lien against a homeowner or business.

When someone has a lien on their property they are unable to sell it or make changes to it. The lien can also show up in credit reports and other publicly accessible documents.

A contractor simply wants to get paid. A homeowner or business owner wants the lien and problem (contractor) removed.

An entrepreneur like you can “fix” the problem by offering the contractor half of the value of the existing lien, and the homeowner or business owner with a way out at a reduced cost (and avoiding court action).

When the contractor accepts your offer for half the amount (paid immediately), he or she willingly removes the lien from the homeowner and business owner’s property.

For an entrepreneur in this business, there are only two forms / sales letters which need to be mailed, and maybe a phone call or two.

What's more, in larger cities and towns hundreds of liens are filed each and every month - and this is where the opportunity exists.

Obviously, there’s room to work your deals up or down.

Making money on bad paper is a unique side business - especially if you’re already doing real estate deals.

The downside is if the homeowner or business owner has a problem with the work that was done - or with the supplies that were delivered. But you can determine this before risking any time on the deal.

It is fairly simple to determine if a homeowner has a valid “counter-claim”.

A homeowner or business owner will be required to provide viable “proof” of shoddy workmanship, or proof work was never rendered.

Granted, homeowners or business owners often have complaints against contractors. Unfortunately the law often sides with the contractor or provider of services.

In most cases, 90 percent+ according to my friend, liens are settled quickly and easily without going to court.

Surprise Cash Flow Niche!

There’s a surprise niche in the cash flow business almost no one pursues.

It’s called mobile home paper.

I’m not kidding.

When you search this term on Google, you’ll find a ton of information on the topic.

Mobile Home Paper Cheat Sheet

Almost every real estate investor, speculator, and developer considers mobile homes the bottom of the barrel.

Whether this is true or not is irrelevant.

As an entrepreneur you can make money in this market.

What’s more, there’s more than enough “bad mobile home paper” to go around!

If someone is at risk of losing their mobile home to the bank because of a hardship or bankruptcy, you can offer to buy their note (at a discount of course).

Then you can rent the mobile home to the homeowner, refinance the deal, or do a combination of both.

One of the reasons I like this niche business is because mobile homes are relatively inexpensive.

In fact, I located more than a dozen mobile homes (in fairly good condition) in my neck of the woods for less than $50,000 each.

In some cases, the deals were contingent upon moving the mobile homes from a park or land. I think this is common problem in this market.

But the reality is mobile homes can easily moved and set up in a park or on land for $3,000 or less (and everything is negotiable).

Anyway, mobile home paper is a great niche in the cash flow note market.

I hope that helps!


Marc Charles

(Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as "The King of Business Opportunities" ....and for good reason. He should be known as "The King of Legitimate Business Opportunities"...because he's launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities. He understands legitimate opportunities)

Action Plan
Let’s say you want to make money with cash flow notes ASAP but you are on a tight budget, so cable and satellite TV advertising may be out.
That’s okay.
But you’ll need to get the word out to attract note sellers and buyers.
You can run cheap classified ads in your local newspaper, shoppers guide, and CraigsList for a few dollars.
You don’t need a website to make this business work, but it helps to have information available for prospects 24-7, without having to answer a phone all day.
The idea is to attract cash flow note buyers and sellers. If you have the funds you could buy cash flow notes from sellers outright, and then resell them on the open market.
Within a short period of time you’ll start to see the profit potential of this market and business.
Also, don’t forget “mobile home paper”. This is virtually an untapped market, and one which interests me a great deal.
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