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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Little-Known Market No One Told You About by Marc Charles

A Little-Known Market No One Told You About

5:01 AM

Dear Entrepreneur:
This is going to surprise you.
First of all, I’m confident NOBODY has ever told this money making opportunity.

Oh sure….you’ve probably heard fourth hand information from an in-law, uncle or co-worker.
But I’ll show you this baby in all its glory.

And YES….I’ve made money with this opportunity.

The opportunity is coffee options.

I’m not offering investment advice.

I’m simply offering a basic understanding of coffee futures and options trading. 

My column this week is NOT intended to provide specific financial or investment advice for you. 

On top of that, you should not act (or rely) on the information in this issue of without seeking the advice of a qualified financial adviser or futures broker.  They can discuss your specific circumstances and objectives. 

Great… now that I’ve managed to scare you senseless… let’s move on.

There are Risks When Trading Coffee Futures and Options

In deciding whether or not you want to become involved in any type of futures trading you should be aware you could both gain and lose large amounts of money. 

In other words, you risk losing money because………

(a) You could lose the margin funds you deposit with the futures broker to establish or maintain a futures position 

(b) If the market moves against your position, you may be required to deposit with the futures broker further monies as margin in order to maintain your position. If you fail to provide those additional funds within the required time your position may be liquidated. You will be liable for any shortfall in your account resulting from the liquidation.

(c) You could lose all monies deposited with the futures broker, and in addition be required to pay the futures broker further funds representing losses and other fees on your open and closed positions.

(d) Under certain conditions, it could become difficult or impossible for you to liquidate or close a position (this can happen when there is significant change in prices over a short period).

(e) The placing of contingent orders (such as a "stop-loss" order) may not always limit your losses to the amounts that you may want. Market conditions may make it impossible to execute such orders.

(f) The high degree of leverage obtainable in futures trading because of small margin requirements can work against you as well as for you. The use of leverage can lead to large losses as well as large gains.

(g) Futures and options trading are not appropriate for everyone. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading futures and options on futures. Only risk capital should be used.

(h) No representation is being made that futures and options on futures trading is appropriate for everyone. It should not be viewed as an alternative, replacement or supplemental form of income.

You should discuss these matters with a commodity broker prior to commencing any trading.

A Trader’s View of This Market…

A futures contract is an agreement (obligation) to buy or sell a given quantity of a particular asset at a specified future date at a prearranged price. 

Futures contracts have standard delivery dates, trading units, terms, and conditions. They can be based on any one of a number of underlying assets. 

There are futures contracts available in individual shares and stock market indices, bonds, interest rates, coffee, sugar, orange juice, and other agricultural commodities. 

You can even trade catastrophe futures (they have to do with insurance) at CME!

Futures contracts are usually traded on government-regulated exchanges like the Chicago Board of Trade (the largest futures exchange), ICE, and the New York Mercantile Exchange.

There are also commodity and currency futures exchanges in most industrialized countries.
You’ll find futures prices on most of the top financial websites and business newspaper websites.

The total number of contracts traded on the CME in 2010 was valued at more than $645 trillion!
You heard right…..645 TRILLION.  That’s a lot of lattes!

Now…as I said….You can "open" a futures position by either buying or selling a contract.
You can "close" a futures position by doing the exact opposite either selling or buying the same contract. 

If you believe the price of the underlying asset will rise, you would buy a futures position. This is referred to as being "long." 

When you buy a futures contract and hold it to expiration, you would be required to take delivery of the underlying asset, or equivalent cash value, at a prearranged price and by a certain date.

Don't worry though…..only a small percentage of futures contracts are held to expiration. 

Most of the money in this market is made during the life of a contract.

If you believe the price of the underlying asset will fall, you would sell a futures position. This is referred to as being "short." 

When you sell a futures contract and it is held to expiration, you would be required to deliver the underlying asset, or equivalent cash value, at a prearranged price and by a certain date. 

Beginning traders often have difficulty grasping the concept of selling something they don't own. What you are doing is simply selling something on paper - via the contract. 

There is a risk of substantial losses when trading any kind of futures contract. 

How to Reduce Risk with Options

One way to reduce risk is by using options.

You won’t eliminate risk…but you’ll greatly reduce it.

I can’t get into all the specifics of option trading in this week's issue but it wouldn't hurt for you to do some research on the topic.

But know this…….when you buy an option your risk is defined – upfront.

For example, if you buy an option for $500 that is the most you can lose.  

Your downside risk is limited to the “premium” or the price you pay for the option.

When I started trading this simple lesson was worth a fortune to me!

How to Make $10,000 While Sipping Chocolate Lattes at Starbucks

There is thousands of trading systems, techniques, and software programs on the market today.
Most of them are designed to help you make money in futures market. 

Obviously, some programs and techniques are better than others.

But George Angel taught me an option strategy many years ago which I still use to this day.
In fact, when I learned this simple technique I was so excited I couldn’t sleep.

Important Point: Unlike real estate, coins, brick-and-mortar businesses, and hundreds of other investments, the futures and options market is immediate. These is especially true for markets with large volume and open interest (open contracts). The worldwide futures market is huge. When you place an order to buy or sell, it's filled almost instantly! No lawyers, accountants, appraisers, government workers, or employees are required.

So here we go…..

Coffee options are contracts in which the underlying asset is a coffee futures contract. 

The holder of a coffee option possesses the right (but not the obligation) to assume a long position (in the case of a call option) or a short position (in the case of a put option) in the underlying coffee futures at the strike price. 

This right will cease to exist when the option expires after market close on expiration date.
If this doesn’t make sense….my advice is to STOP. Take some time to research and study the fundamentals of coffee options so all of this makes sense.

The Options Guide is a good place to start.

Here’s a hypothetical example….

Okay… let’s say the March Coffee futures contract is trading at $235 (per pound). A coffee futures contract is 37,500 lbs.  The total value of a coffee futures contract is approximately $88,125 ($2.35 x 37,500 lbs).

Great….now we’ll sell or “write” a put option on the March coffee futures contract.

This is also a nice strategy because coffee prices do not tend to fall coming into March and April.

The basic idea behind selling or “writing” a put option on a coffee contract is to profit if prices remain steady or increase. If coffee prices fall you would lose money by selling or “writing” a coffee put option.

We’ll sell one March coffee 220 put at the market. 

220 is the strike price. It means $2.20.

Let’s say the premium or cost of this option is 11 which mean 11 cents. The value of this particular option would be 11 x 37,500 or $4125.

If you sold this coffee option $4125 would be deposited into your account immediately! If you sold two options $8250 would be deposited into your account instantly.

Now…if the price of coffee remains under $2.35 or goes higher within the next 5 weeks when the option contract hypothetically expires, the full premium is yours.

You see….option contracts have a time element to them. There will always be an expiration date.

The trick is to write options as close to expiration as possible so the time element works in YOUR favor. 

In reality most options expire without being exercised, which makes selling or “writing” options a profitable opportunity.

There you have it!

A simple strategy for selling coffee options while sipping chocolate lattes with extra cream at Starbucks.

Have fun and play nice!

Your humble host,

Marc Charles

***** Action Strategy *****

Grab a $20,000 Paper Trading Futures Account Absolutely FREE – here

You can paper trade futures without risking a dime!

Test my coffee option formula or strategy to see if it works in the real world.

You can find a commodity future quotes everywhere – just Google it.

Select coffee option you want to trade, obtain a current market price (quote) and start trading “on paper”. 

Commodity future and option quotes are displayed with an opening price, high, low, settle, or closing price.

Selling or “writing” options is what savvy, street smart commodity traders use to make money with very little downside risk.

******** Valuable Resources ***********

Top World Commodity Futures Exchanges

Recommended Books
Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, by Van K. Tharp
Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders, by Jack Schwager
The New Market Wizards, by Jack Schwager
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, by Edwin Lefevre
Winning in the Futures Markets, by George Angell
Elliott Wave Principle by Robert Prechter Jr
The Complete Turtle Trader: The Legend, the Lessons, the Results by Michael Covel

A Trader's First Book on Commodities: An Introduction to the World's Fastest Growing Market by Carley Garner

Commodity Brokerages

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Inside Scoop for Obtaining FREE CASH by Marc Charles

The Inside Scoop for Obtaining FREE CASH

11:02 PM

Dear Entrepreneur:

My friends call me a “miser”.

That’s fine; it only means I’m in good company. 

Some of the wealthiest entrepreneurs on the face of the planet were “misers”, including Sam Walton, John Paul Getty, John D. Rockefeller, Sam Zell and the list goes on and on.

The truth is….I discovered ways to “beat the system” (legally)… without the risk of going to jail.

What’s more, I’m grabbing mind-blowing discounts on all kinds of products and services and I’ve found ways to obtain free cash…without the usual gimmicks and tricks!

It’s real simple…..

I’ll show you how to save a boatload of money on hundreds of products and services you’re probably using right now.

I realize “saving money” and “penny pinching” is B-O-R-I-N-G…..with a capital B!

Most entrepreneurs want to know how to MAKE MONEY as fast and easy as possible…

As for me – “penny pinching” is for the birds! But grabbing huge discounts can be as valuable as millions of dollars in CASH.

Here’s what I mean….

I have several friends who are millionaires and a few of them are in the multimillionaire class…. But most of them OVERPAY for everything. 

They didn’t mind overpaying for travel, insurance, real estate, luxury products, and businesses when the markets, economy and real estate were booming.

But today, some of them are frantically reducing expenses, employees, and downsizing their businesses…..not to mention trying to find the best possible deals on stuff.
It’s almost comical. 

My good friend TL said, “I saved over $420 on this stupid thing”. He was practically doing back-flips by the pool he was so happy. (I gave him my secret for refurbished electronics).
The fact is…. my friends were “misers” like me when they started out. 

But somehow they became “invincible” when the big money started rolling in hand over fist.
One of my (very) rich friends, PS., said the following to me at dinner recently (with a huge, toothy grin):

“Marc, you were right. The economy, real estate and market tanked. And you prepared ahead of time. Have you written down your “miser tactics” and strategies so other entrepreneurs can benefit”?

Well… the good news is I put my closely guarded “miser tactics” into a new program…and I’ll show you how to get it in a second.

But know this…..I’m a millionaire miser…and proud of it…..because I know how to get HUGE discounts and I know where to go for money for ventures, deals and projects…not to mention FREE CASH just for asking!

My incessant drive for the deepest discounts and getting stuff dirt cheap – (and free)… drives people crazy!

But you’ve got to admit…… scoring deep discounts is a big deal….and especially in this economy!

The stuff I reveal in my program is almost too good to be true.

But believe me…..all of the tactics, strategies, methods and resources in my new “miser manual” are 100% true, accurate and legitimate.

On top of that, my discoveries are not based on some stupid theory! 

You get “theories” by going to college, working for the government or hanging out with “pseudo” (trust fund) millionaires.

The tactics and strategies in my e-book program are based on personal experience, and the experiences of my wealthy friends and partners.

This probably sounds like a sales pitch. But it’s NOT!

I honestly believe my program will be a huge asset to your business, life and ventures and especially in THIS ECONOMY.

Heck….I even developed a strategy for saving money on building a house! I built a dream house in an exclusive enclave on the coast of Maine for a small fraction of what most people pay.
On top of that, there’s NO mortgage or liens and the house and property is paid in full.

How to Get Anything You Want at HUGE Discounts – and Sometimes FREE!

My tactics in action recently for scoring big time discounts:
·        Caterers. I saved more than $2200 on catering for a family reunion at an exclusive mountain retreat in central Vermont.  Tactic: I promised the caterer 3 new clients, or free publicity in the local newspapers and websites.

·        Wine. There’s a monopoly at your local grocery store when it comes to wine! Heck, some states have BANNED the purchase of wine online. My tactics for buying wine could save you 20-60%...and it’s not Sam’s Club or Costco! Tactic: Buy unopened wine with damaged labels or discontinued win from distributors! You can even shop at “mega stores” like Applejacks in Denver CO. These are wine “superstores”. Tactic 2: You can even buy wine in bulk from overseas vineyards.

·        Debt Settlement. Most of the so-called debt settlement companies have a cozy relationship with credit card companies and banks. On top of that, debt settlement companies are getting sued left and right because of sneaky fees and other things. There are legitimate, low cost debt settlement services.  It’s not a disgrace to need some help once in awhile. Tactic: CareOne has a great track record and could save you big bucks.

·        Outlet Malls. I’ve snatched savings of $500, $1000, $2000 (and more) at outlet malls and a few online retailers.  Tactic: Buy damaged or returned products.

·        Extended Warranty Scams. Manufactures make a killing on “extended” warranties! This is a major scam. If the product is made right you won’t need a warranty. Tactic: Don’t buy extended warranties and save a bundle.

·        Special Membership Clubs You’ve heard about the “alphabet clubs” like AARP, NRA and AAA. Are these membership clubs worth joining? I don’t join “special clubs” because I can get deals without them.  But check my blog for a few of the winners.

·        Insurance - Health, Life, Car & Home. This is a biggie! Insurance will cost you a fortune over your lifetime unless you know how the game is played. I received a comprehensive homeowner’s policy from an A+ provider on one of my homes ($350k value) for less than $310 per year.   Tactic: Increase deductible to maximum level. Never buy insurance from an agent or insurance salesman. Do your own research and only insure reality.

·        Auto Leases. I found a 2008 Toyota Prius Hybrid for a friend for less than $125 per month. And get this….there was no down payment, no closing costs, no fine print and the seller actually paid him to do the deal! Thousands of cars and deals are available: Tactic: Tactic 2: Go direct to people upside down in their lease…offer to take it off their hands.

·        Magazines and Newsletters. You can pick up magazines and newsletters at phenomenal discounts and sometimes absolutely free. Tactic: Write to the publisher direct (and use the correct contact name). Request a “free trial subscription” to their publication. Some publishers will throw your letter or postcard (my favorite) in the trash, but most won’t!

·        Vitamins, Herbs and Natural Supplements. Local supermarkets and health food stores mark these babies up 40-90% (or more). A regional chain in New England marks some supplements up 145%! Tactic: Lowest prices on the planet can be found at and Tactic 2: Buy herbs, vitamins and supplements in bulk – make your own!

·        Fitness Clubs and Spas. Fitness clubs and spas have been hit especially hard in the current economy. Never pay the retail “street” price.  Tactic: Write to the owner (not the manager) of a fitness club or spa in your area. Enclose a check for $100. Propose 60% off the first year membership fee 40% thereafter…you’ll be shocked by the response (in a good way)

·        Cosmetic Procedures. If you’re willing to travel you can receive unheard of discounts on facelifts, Botox treatments, lip augmentation, breast jobs and neck lifts at savings of 30-60% (or more!). A simple Botox treatment could run you $500-$1000. Tactic 1: You can get the same treatment for $250 at Arriva in Costa Rica. Tactic 2: Go to a dermatologist school in your area – American Academy of Dermatology  

·        Premium Channels. You can get most premium channels on cable and satellite TV by simply asking the right people at the right time. I received several years of HBO, Showtime HD, Starz and others absolutely free.  Tactic: Write a snail mail letter (or FedEx is better) to a senior manager at your cable company or satellite provider. Simply ask for 6 months free to “test” the service.  Tactic 2: Lather, rinse, repeat..I’ve done this several times over the past 6 years (different senior contacts)  

·        Vacation Rentals. If you fall for vacation rental “ploys” or timeshares you’ll get burned every time. I’ve received mind boggling discounts on homes, condos, townhouses, apartments and houseboats over the last 10 years. I use these services so you know they’re legit! Tactic:,, and

·        Landscaping. What happened to neighborhood kids charging $25 to do the job? I’ll show you how to get it back! Tactic: Post a large professionally designed sign on your lawn or property that reads “Mow This Lawn for $25 CASH – Our Equipment” – list your phone number and/or website. Believe me…you’ll get calls.

·        Online education and instruction. I’m discouraging my kids from going to college. I’m NOT a bad parent. The educational system and pricing is a joke. Colleges are bloated with debt, tenured professors (who don’t teach), over priced books and degrees you can online in half the time for a quarter of the price. You can obtain degrees and certification at a fraction of the cost. Tactic: Gary North’s exclusive chapter enclosed!      

·        Windjammer cruises. A windjammer cruise can change your life. But don’t settle for the “dock price”. A recent day sail on the historic Schooner Mary Day only cost $45. The “dock rate” is $225. Tactic: Write to the boat’s captain or owner in advance – tell them you’re on a tight budget or whatever
·        Online Stock Trading. Most “discount” brokers are a joke. You’ll never get any deals after the first trade with these guys. Today you can get every online trade for as low as $3…all the time! Tactic:

·        Computers, Laptops, PDAs and software Forget about BestBuy, Walmart, Sam’s Club and Costco. Granted, you’ll find deals from time to time at these places. But they don’t offer high performance electronics. In other words, check the exact specifications and the price, and then go to my source. I’m talking hundreds of dollars here. Tactic:, (I’m not kidding) and

This is only the tip of the iceberg!
My new “miser manual” is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.
It reveals my insider tactics, discoveries, strategies and secrets for “beating the system” and obtaining anything you want at DEEP discounts…and in some cases FREE.

Before I go any further…..I’ll reveal one of my secrets for demanding huge discounts and deals.

It’s called negotiation.

Don’t worry; I’m not going to bore you a lame study of “Negotiation Tactics 101”.

But get this……

Most people never get what they want in life or business because they’ve never understood the art of negotiation.

Negotiation can make you very, very rich.

Billionaire negotiation tactics can save you more money than you ever imagined.

Billionaire Negotiation Tactic Anyone Can Use

Most self-made billionaires are master negotiators.

Most billionaires would probably say negotiation is one of the main reasons they’re so filthy rich.

I realize negotiation is required for every transaction or deal.

If you walk into a grocery store or gas station negotiation tactics are useless. These businesses could care less if you buy anything or not. Pay retail or get lost!

Negotiation only works when you have a willing party…or “qualified prospect”.

If you wanted to buy an automobile from a private party….he or she would most likely be a willing party.

The same is true if you buy a house, land, services, a business or other products.

And so…it’s important to understand the foundation of negotiation which is:

You need a willing party or “qualified prospect” for this tactic to work.

Here’s the tactic in all its glory…..

Always Be Willing to Walk Away!

Most people are unwilling to walk away when they want to buy something. In most cases they will always pay more a product or service than the item is worth in a current market.

What’s more, a lot of people “say” they’re willing to walk away from a deal and they may believe it on some level.

But in reality…..most people are unwilling to walk away when they really want something.

I refer to this as a paradox.

A paradox is a statement or concept that contains conflicting ideas. In logic, a paradox is a statement that contradicts itself.

In everyday language, a paradox is something which seems absurd or contradictory, and yet is true.

For example, the best way to win in the game of soccer is stay away from the ball! Let this truth sink in for a second.

Have you ever watched youngsters play soccer? All of the kids on both teams chase the ball up and down the field.

But if just a few kids stayed away from the ball, more kids would be open to shoot the ball and score!

The same is true in professional soccer. The key to winning games is to have fewer players chasing the ball!

In other words…spread out and stay away from the ball!

The same is true in negotiation.

You always need to be willing to walk away from a deal ….as if you could care less.

Granted, you obviously want the thing you’re negotiating for….it is obvious to you and the other party.

On the popular TV show House Hunters the real estate broker usually suggests to prospective buyers to avoid “offending” sellers by submitting an offer that’s too low.

That’s absolutely ridiculous!

In fact, it’s almost criminal advice.

If a seller is “offended” or “insulted” by low ball offers they’re in the wrong market or business…period!

If they don’t want low ball offers then don’t put your house on the market.

The mistake most home buyers make is they’re unwilling to walk away from a deal.

In many cases, someone in the deal has his or her “heart set” on a particular home…and they’re unwilling to walk away from it.

Therefore, buyers end up spending a lot more than they need to.

When I’m buying a property… I rarely use a real estate broker.

My preference would be a high paid, seasoned real estate attorney with investment personal investment experience.

What’s more, I’ll typically pre-qualify a boatload of deals before I indentify a legitimate prospect or candidate.

Most deals never make it to the table because they are unqualified.

On top of that, I’ve “offended” thousands of people in my business life because of so-called “low ball” offers….cry me a river!

The fact is….most of my deals have been profitable.

I lose money from time to time…but not very often.

Sometimes you’ll be willing to pay the full price for something…no matter what it is.

But I’m talking about situations and deals where negotiation is required…which is 80% of the time.

And so….in negotiating deals you must always be willing to walk away.

If people are desperate enough to make a sale they won’t let you get away…and you’ll get what you wanted….and in most cases at deep, deep discounts!

Your Humble Host,

Marc Charles

***** Action Strategy *****

It’s simple……grab my NEW e-book program now! 

Believe me…it’ll be worth every penny…or just send it back. There’s no risk. I always offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on everything I produce.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Forex Farce

Here's a question from one of my Facebook followers......

My Facebook page is

Question: Is the Forex market another ploy to get our money? It seems much harder to make money in it than all of the promotions for Forex products. What;s the deal?
David B. Brunswick Maine

My response:

I know the promos for Forex trading products make it look easy.

Obvioulsy some products are better than others. But you cna teach yourself without every spending a dime on so-called trading secrets or strategies.

However, it's nice to have some help, insight or real street smart insight for ANY business, including trading Forex. So don't rule out every program, book or newsletter, especially if its written and developed by a seasoned professional.

But yes.....the FOREX market is a $1.8 TRILLION waterfall of CASH!

I’ll show you a simple way make money trading the Forex markets in a second.

But first, a little background ...

The FOREX market demands the attention of any entrepreneur who wants to participate in the largest electronic marketplace in the world.

Banks, governments, drug kingpins, ex-patriots, international corporations, sheiks, kings, and speculators all participate.

Traders of every size, shape, color, and educational background can generate enormous profits in this market.

FOREX – or “FX” – stands for Foreign Exchange. It is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world – 30 times larger than all the U.S. equity markets combined.

“Foreign exchange” is the simultaneous buying of one currency and selling of another – the Euro/U.S. Dollar (EUR/USD), for example, or the U.S. Dollar/Japanese Yen (USD/JPY).

Yes. You can make money with Forex, and I think it's a legitimate business opportunity.

But the "rub" as they the learning curve, which although fairly simple, it's not always easy for everyone.

As for the products on Clickbank...I know there's a boatload of them. I've reviewed several of them. The only ones I would give a B+ would be Forextrino Click Here!, Forex Robot Click Here!, and FX Automny Click Here!.

The Ultimate FX Predictor is really good too. I was contracted to work on the US promotion, so I'm biased. It's pricey too....but not everything good is cheap. Check it out here:

I hope that helps!


Marc Charles

PS I wrote a book about making money on Forex. It's calle dthe Forex Cheat can find it on It's a Kindle book.

Monday, January 7, 2013

How to Become a Banker without the Political Baggage

How to Become a Banker without the Political Baggage

6:11 AM

Dear Entrepreneur:

I stumbled on to a business opportunity which is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

You’re going to like this one!

On top of that, now you’ll have an opportunity to play along with “fat cat bankers”.

Granted, I’m slow on the draw on this one….it’s already been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Time, USA Today, Forbes, Wired, Fast Company, CBS News, Business Week, and Money Magazine - to name a few. And it’s catching on like wildfire but there is still an opportunity to make money.

I’ve done the research for you and it’s legit.

I can’t imagine why someone didn’t think of this sooner…

Here is the deal….

I’ll get into the details in a second…but first a short story.

Twenty five years ago, I hired a young kid from Southeast Asia.  His name was Pao. 

One afternoon during a lunch break Pao described an approach to entrepreneurialism (and financial lending) which blew me away.

I thought I was the hot shot entrepreneur.

Here’s what Pao said…..

Pao explained why Asian businesses tend to grow faster than U.S. businesses.

It started to sound like Pao had some hidden “mysterious” knowledge about growing businesses.

Pao explained how Asian entrepreneurs coming to North America often leverage an ancient financing “formula”.

An ancient financing formula in a nutshell…..

Pao explained when an entrepreneur has an idea for a business; he or she would present the idea to a small group of elders or “advisors.” 

If the group approved the business idea, the entrepreneur would receive all of the necessary start-up capital to start the business.

This type of loan would enable the young entrepreneurs to own their businesses lock, stock, and barrel, unlike a bank or venture capital (who always have their hands in your pocket).

There was only one requirement. 

When the Asian business became profitable, the entrepreneur would be required to contribute funds to the group so they could help the next entrepreneur succeed

It’s brilliant.

When the strategy is working in full force the elders could fund dozens of ventures, or in some cases hundreds!

I’m sure yo0u’ve noticed how immigrant businesses often spread like wildfire in the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world. Part of this success is due to the Asian business formula Pao explained to me that day.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could launch and finance a business this way? 

Can you imagine the mountains of red tape that could be eliminated?

The opportunity I discovered is very similar to the ancient business formula.

It’s an opportunity for people like you and I to fund other entrepreneurs directly, and receive compensation for doing it.

It’s like having your own web-based bank!

The opportunity I’m talking about is called is a people-to-people (P2P) lending marketplace.
It goes like this….. leverages some of the basic principles of the Asian business formula, namely lending money to eager entrepreneurs, and receiving interest just like a bank.

The objective of is to make consumer and business lending more rewarding for everyone. works like an online auction. 

But instead of listing and bidding on items, people list and bid on loans

Entrepreneurs who want to lend money to other people set the minimum interest rate they are willing to earn and bid in increments of $50 to $25,000.

If you think that’s great… you’ll love this…

People who want to lend money can easily diversify their holdings by using "standing orders," which automatically makes dozens of small loans to different borrowers. 

If you understand anything about banking you’ll know the secret to making money is by “spreading the risk”. Banks do this by lending money in the form of hundreds, thousands, and even millions of small loans.

Bankers understand the philosophy of “spreading the risk” and diversifying by lending to as many people as possible. This limits their losses when a miniscule number of customers default.

This past weekend I attended a dinner party at a swanky resort on the coast of Maine. One of the guests was a high powered “risk assessment” director. His job was to “spread the risk” of the bank’s assets and limit downside “exposure”.

We had a great conversation….and he smiled when I mentioned, but he quickly added, “I hope our customers don’t find out about it”.

Can see the advantage of a diversification strategy?

Borrowers can post loan needs for up to $25,000 and set the maximum rate they are willing to pay a lender. 

The auction process begins as people who want to lend bid down the interest rate. 

When the auction ends, takes the bids with the lowest rates and combines them into one simple loan

In addition, handles all of the administration tasks including loan repayment and collections on behalf of the matched borrower and lenders.
I committed funds to within 24 hours of discovering it. This site has fulfilled one of my goals of owning a bank.

In addition to making money as a lender, you can make money by referring borrowers and lenders too.

How the Referral Program Works:
1. You can add a special link to Prosper on your website, blog, e-mail newsletter, discussion forum, MySpace page, Facebook page, YouTube video, and so forth
2. An individual clicks on your Prosper link
3. A person must join Prosper within 30 days of clicking on your link
4. Within 90 days of joining Prosper, when your referral gets a funded loan (as a borrower) or funds a loan (as a lender), you get cash in your account (this happens as soon as your referral’s first monthly payment clears [as a borrower] or first loan originates [as a lender])
Referral Fees
When you refer a lender to you receive $25. Your referral receives $25 as soon as they fund his or her first loan. When you refer a borrower, you receive 0.5 percent of your friend's loan amount as soon as your friend's first monthly payment clears.
It’s truly amazing.

Many companies have tried to make this business work. But it looks like has the trading platform down, and it’s incredibly easy to use (as a borrower or lender).

Now you have an opportunity to become a financial lender in 15 minutes or less. That’s how long the signup usually takes - although confirming your bank account will take a little time, too.


Marc Charles

(Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as "The King of Business Opportunities" ....and for good reason. He's launched, bought, and sold more than 40 businesses over the past 29 years. He's reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities. Marc provides crucial updates regarding legitimate business and money making opportunities on his blog, in columns, books and conferences)

********** Action Strategy **************
Open an account at

You can open an account as either a lender or borrower. 

It’s fast, easy, and fairly painless. 

Once your identity and bank account are verified, you can fund your account and start lending. It took me about 24 hours.

You can start out small and place a “cap” on the lowest interest rate you’re willing to accept. 

What’s more, you can also choose to only work with people with the highest credit ratings!

My favorite strategy is “diversification.” This enables you “spread the risk” with different kinds of borrowers.

The best part about this opportunity (besides money making potential) is you’ll be helping honest, hard working people… and having fun in the process!

Valuable Resources
MicroPlace (an eBay company)
LendingClub (another P2P lending site)
P2P Lending News

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How to Make $50,000 by Marc Charles

How to Make $50,000 Over the Next 12 Months as a Freelance Writer Using a “Time Tested” Renegade Tactic

7:15 AM

Dear Entrepreneur:

You can make money by writing a best-selling novel, movie script, travel book or even a Broadway play.

These are legitimate writing opportunities.

But most of us we would be happy making an extra $50,000 this year as a renegade freelance “hack”…..writing about stuff that interests us.

Today I’ll show you how to make money as a freelance writer in hundreds, and in some cases thousands of markets. 

On top of that…I’ve give you a simple step-by-step formula for landing paid writing projects.

But first…the truth about my freelance writing experience.

I don’t think anyone had less training or experience than I did when I started out as a freelance writer.

I’m serious!

My first freelance gig was for a publisher looking for people to write website reviews. 

That’s right……website reviews for Pete’s sake!

My first deal was for a publisher called IDG Books Worldwide Inc. After reading my cover letter they asked for writing samples and references for my published work.

The bad news was I didn’t have any “writing samples” and I certainly didn’t have any so-called “published” work. 

So here’s what I did.... 

Coming up with writing samples was easy, because the publisher told me he was looking for website reviews with an “edge.”

I asked myself, “How hard can it be to write a website review with an “edge”?

The publisher sent me a link to their published website reviews and said, “This is what I’m looking for.”

Rule Number One: Offer to write exactly what the publisher needs.

I studied hundreds of this first publisher’s website reviews and counted every word in each review. 

Then I studied the writer’s “voice and attitude.” 

By the time I was done, I understood exactly what the publisher needed.
I wrote twenty website reviews without stopping using the publisher’s published content as a guide.

Rule Number Two: Use the publisher‘s content as a guide for landing projects

I submitted my website reviews and hoped to God the publisher didn’t ask for more samples or references – and he didn’t!

After six days the publisher sent me an email claiming he loved my reviews. He sent me a contract via FedEx and my first paid writing gig was off and running!

But get this….. I contacted more than fifty publishers before I got this gig.

So if you’re not persistent then freelance writing is NOT for you!

Rule Number Three: There are millions of publishers in the world today. Most of them need relevant content

And this ties into my step-by-step formula for landing paid writing projects.

If you want to land a freelance writing project it’s good to have focused persistence.

Focus on projects in the markets you most enjoy. Writing about stuff you know something about is always easier than making stuff up.

My Step-by-Step Formula for Landing Paid Writing Projects

Forget about writing free articles in order to get your feet wet. 

There are dozens of “content farms” on the Internet today seeking free articles.  In fact, article writing with a view to search engine optimization is a monster market.

But most of the people and publishers seeking free articles (with the promise of massive exposure) are a joke. I know from personal experience.

A “content farm” typically offers to compensate freelance writers with worldwide exposure. 

The dirty secret is content farms typically reject most of the articles they receive. 

What’s more, when content farms actually shell out some money it’s usually peanuts.

You’re better off going to direct to publishers.

Now don’t get me wrong……..

Sometimes we’ll need to be willing to accept smaller projects and pay days.
When I started out writing my Yahoo! Unplugged project (and IDG Books Worldwide, Inc) I was only paid ten cents a word!


But, I knew IDG Books Worldwide was a big company (they published the Dummie titles). They also had a history of working with freelance writers and actually paying them (A Prospects)….so I knew there were a boatload of opportunities.

And so…sometimes a little money is better than no money if there are more opportunities down the road….

Anyway…..the first priority is to land a paid writing assignment.

1.     Identify YOUR market
This shouldn’t be hard. What are you into? What did you read about today? Do you like the financial markets, horse breeding, online poker, natural health, Internet marketing, real estate, or Major League baseball?
Focus on the stuff you’re passionate about.
If you write about stuff without any passion you can kiss your freelance projects goodbye. Readers will know if you don’t care!
My first paid gig was writing website reviews! I thought the web was the coolest thing in the world and I was really excited about it. Although I had many projects and businesses at the time the Internet captured my heart and soul.

2.     Identify publishers (and writing projects) in YOUR market.
This is easy.
The Internet makes research super simple.
There are thousands of publishers and paid writing assignment online (I’ve listed some great ones in the Valuable Resources section).
You can search billions of documents, postings and listings instantly with Google.
For example, let’s say you’re looking for publishers in the animals or pets market. Okay….enter the words “animal pet publication” or “publisher pets animals.”
There were millions of search results under these terms on Google.
Writer’s Market  lists more than 8,200 markets and publishers who need writers!

3.     Submit a proposal and add YOUR personality to it. Focus on the publisher’s audience!
It’s easy to write cover letters and proposals. But most cover letters are useless. 

I’m serious. 

Would you talk to a friend or business acquaintance the way you write cover letters? If so, that’s why your cover letters do not inspire people to take action.
Look….when you write a letter let the cat out of the box! Let YOUR personality shine.

You’ll be competing for writing projects with people who have more experience, savvy, and ability then you do. But who cares? 

The BEST way to get someone’s attention …even with a proposal is to let your personality shine.  The trick is to focus on the publisher’s audience and reader – not on how much you’re going to get paid. 

The biggest obstacle in securing freelance writing projects can be overcome by focusing on the PUBLISHER’S reader. Make sure you know who the publisher’s reader is BEFORE you submit a proposal.

Don’t worry. Sometimes this only takes a few minutes. Read the publisher’s content!

Write like you talk in real life. You’re not an English teacher. 

4. Submit work within the publisher’s guidelines – and BEFORE the deadline! 

Every publication has submission guidelines.

In most cases, the submission guidelines are easy to follow.

When you land a writing project, deliver it before the deadline

In more than 18 years as a freelance writer I’ve only missed two deadlines.
If you can follow submission guidelines and deliver projects on time you’ll soon have more work than you can handle. 

A publisher once told me I was NOT the most proficient writer on their team (thanks a lot!).

But he said I was the “go to guy” because I always delivered RELEVANT content on time! 

You want to be the “go to” guy or gal.

5. Always be looking for writing projects, even when your hands are full!

I’ve lived this principle for more than two decades in businesses.
I’m always looking for the next project ...or opportunity…even if my hands are full.

Ask any freelance writer who’s making money and 90% will tell you they’re always on the lookout for new writing projects.
That’s it! 

It’s that simple! 

Identify the markets which turn you on, submit proposals with a little 

personality, follow the publisher’s submission guidelines, deliver stuff on time and always be on the lookout for new projects.

Your Humble Host,

Marc Charles

*** Action Strategy ***

You’ve got everything you need to land your first paid writing project!
Now it’s up to you to make it happen. 

Start by simply identifying the markets you would enjoy writing about. 

Keep in mind a lot of publishers are hungry for personal and lively “reviews” – especially travel, entertainment, and restaurant reviews. 

Scour the resources in the Valuable Resources section and you’ll begin to see how huge the market is for freelance writers.

You’ll have a blast!

Have fun and play nice.

**********Valuable Resources *********

Writer’s Weekly (outstanding freelance writing newsletter)
Media Bistro (Freelance marketplace for writing projects)
Dan Poynter (a true freelance writing guru ... with a massive contact database)
CraigsList Writing Gigs (Hundreds of freelance opportunities are posted every day)
Writer’s Market 2011 (you can grab used editions at AbeBooks)
Know More Media (blog networks, columns, and more)
Gebbie Press: 2011 The All-in-One Media Directory (8,200 newspaper editors, 1000+ magazine editors, TV and radio stations, and much more)
WritersNet (hundreds of publishers looking for writers)
BlogIt (Get paid to blog!)
Editor and Publisher (a fantastic resource ... and another great source of contacts)
Newsletter Access (more than 9,000 email newsletter publishers looking for content)

AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting (excellent copywriting program)

Content Farms