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Saturday, September 8, 2012

How to Make $35,000 in 12 Months (or Less) the Easy Way by Marc Charles

How to Make $35,000 in 12 Months (or Less) the Easy Way

There’s No Need for Tons of Cash, Employees, Red Tape or Inventory

5:21 AM

Dear Entrepreneur:

I made about $10,543 in the first 12 months in my rookie year in this business.

But the opportunity is much bigger, faster (and more profitable) today!

I can’t promise you’ll be successful, how could I?

But in today’s issue I’ll cut through the smoke and mirrors, peal pack the curtains and show you how to get started making money this weekend.

Granted, you’ll need a few bucks to get going. But it’s not as much as you think.
If you’re down to your last dollar to feed your family this business is probably not the best fit.

Let’s go!

This business is easy to understand and implement.

I’ve taught my kids to do it…..and hundreds of other entrepreneurs.

I even volunteered my time at a local library to show 9-12 year-olds how to do it!

E-books are the hottest digital products on the Internet today.
The best part is you can make money them without a boat load of, inventory or even special skills.

Heck…you don’t even need an e-book! You can sell someone else’s!
I’ll show you how to do it.

Plus, you don’t need any special software, marketing savvy, employees or office space.

A good friend of mine, Lisa T., started her business part-time in the laundry room of her apartment complex on a laptop.

I’ll give you a step-by-step formula today, which has worked for me and thousands of other entrepreneurs.

If you read today’s issue and take action and still don’t get results….drop me a note and I’ll help you implement the strategy.

"E-book" is short for "electronic book."

Most people know what an e-book is, but some people don’t, so bear with me as I explain.

An e-book can be downloaded from the Internet on to a computer, laptop, Kindle or mobile phone in a few seconds.

E-books can be read on a TV, PC, Laptop or smart phone screen.

But a new style of “e-book readers” hit the market recently. The Kindle, Nook and Sony Reader are the most popular models.

However, you DON’T need these devices to read e-books. The new “e-book readers” simply make e-books more portable and convenient (and mainstream).
The majority of e-books are downloaded and read with PCs, Macs or laptop computers.

E-books are versatile, portable, and super convenient.
The Largest Digital Marketplace Spreading Like Wildfire

ClickBank is one of the largest e-book marketplaces on the Internet. They offer more than 100,000 e-books and other digital products.

There are hundreds of other e-book marketplaces on the Internet too. But ClickBank is the big kid on the block.

If you Google the word “e-books” or “free e-books” and you’ll begin to see the magnitude of this  market.

I don’t think e-books are going to replace traditional print books any time soon.
But e-books have a larger audience than anyone (including yours truly) ever predicated - or imagined.

On top of that, most of the top book publishers and retailers are on board for this hot rising trend….it just took them awhile to “get it”.

1st Secret to Making Money With e-Books

Most entrepreneurs would rather put their time and effort into writing a best-selling e-book than selling e-books that are already successful.


If you have limited time and capital - and if you’re new to this whole e-books thing take my word for it…. it's easier to sell e-books which are already selling like hotcakes.

Don't worry.

You'll have plenty of time to write your own best-seller.

And I’ll show you how to get hundreds or even thousands of people to sell it for you, too.

But let's focus on making your first sale quickly and easily.
Then I’ll show you how to “parlay” your success.

·       The first secret is to focus on selling e-books which are ALREADY selling in the marketplace.

2nd Secret to Making Money with e-Books

The second secret is to use ad copy and a landing page which are already producing sales.

Reinventing the wheel is a waste of time and money.

My gosh…..

You could spend a lifetime learning how to write powerful ad copy and sales letters and still never sell any e-books!

We need to grab ad copy and sales letters which are already successful. If we can’t copy this content we need to copy the “essence” of it.

This doesn't mean copying advertisements or the keyword ads you see on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

It means copying "the formula" or the “essence” which makes those ads work - and dumping the ones which are not producing sales.

Most of the authors on ClickBank will let you use their ad copy and landing pages to sell e-books. I'll get to this in a minute.

·       The second secret is to use advertising copy and landing page sales letters which are already producing sales.

3rd Secret to Making Money with e-Books

The third secret is to make sure you're reaching a targeted audience of pre-qualified prospects.

This is a big deal.

People beat their brains out trying to sell stuff to unqualified, untargeted prospects.
Actually….this is true no matter what they're selling.

For example, selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door is one of the hardest sales jobs you can do….(believe me, I've done it).

But, the truth is…..

The most successful vacuum cleaner salesmen are not "cold calling" or literally going door-to-door to make a sale.

No sir.

In most cases, the top vacuum cleaner salesmen are given red-hot, pre-qualified, targeted sales leads.

In every business you’ll have “A” prospects and “B” prospects. Most entrepreneurs (probably 90%) always confuse the two.

An “A” and “B” prospect are VERY different.

An “A” prospect is someone who has recently purchased what you are selling. Ideally, they have purchased recently and often.

A “B” prospect is someone who is interested in or thinking about buying what you are selling.

Do you know who the best prospects are at an auto dealership? The customer list!
An “A” prospect for your e-book would be someone who has recently purchased an e-book similar to the one you're selling. Ideally the prospect has made multiple purchases of the similar e-books.

The best “A” prospects are typically found on your own in-house customer list.

But I’ll assume you don’t have an in-house customer list yet because you’re just starting out in this market and business.

So believe it or not…search engines are a great way to find “A” prospects.
People are searching for specific information on search engines and directories around the clock.

For example, let’s say people are searching for "extra income" opportunities on Google.

If you have a Google keyword advertisement (the ads you see on the right side of the search result pages on Google) entitled "Extra Income for Life" some people may click on it.

If people are searching for "Online Poker Tournaments" - you could advertise an e-book entitled "Poker Tournament Directory: A Guide to the 100 Hottest Poker Tournaments" in the search result pages.

But the main thing to remember when it comes to all of your marketing is to focus on “A” prospects.

·       The third secret is to make sure you're reaching a targeted audience of pre-qualified “A” prospects.

4th Secret to Making Money with e-Books

The fourth secret is to outsource as much as you can. This means things like customer service, credit card processing, technical support, copywriting and even some of the marketing.

Every business has time suckers. I’ve learned this lesson gradually over 30 years of entrepreneurial activities.

You may enjoy some of the time suckers. I’ve always enjoyed in-depth research on the Internet.

But we can learn a simple lesson the hard way or the easy way…..

Time suckers cost money.

Therefore, a good strategy is to outsource certain projects and jobs.
Enter ClickBank.

ClickBank can handle most of the back office work for you for a small fee.

In other words, ClickBank can handle customer service, returns, credit card processing, rebates, complaints and even some of the advertising and marketing.
Listen….There are hundreds of digital marketplaces on the Internet.

Most of them offer variations of ClickBank's service.

But ClickBank is really good.

I've been using ClickBank for more than 10 years. In fact, I signed up the second month they were live.

Here’s the best thing about ClickBank…..

ClickBank has a network of more than 100,000 active affiliates who can sell your e-book for you!

You heard right!

Try attracting 100,000 traditional book sellers to sell your book for you.

When you write your own best-selling e-book, ClickBank should be your first stop.
But it’s even better if you don’t have your own product yet!

The Publisher’s Monopoly

When you write a traditional book and submit a proposal for it to a traditional publisher (or literary agent) you quickly realize it’s a monopoly.

Oh sure….there are tens of thousands of book publishers in the world.

But 80-90% of all book publishing and sales are handled by the “Big Six” publishers is New York, which are:

Hachette Book Group
Penguin Group
Random House
Simon & Schuster

The Big Six book publishers typically compensate authors with royalties of 3%-9% of the net profits from their sale of their books.

E-book authors on ClickBank receive 90%-95% of the net proceeds of their own sales, or 40-60% of the revenue if affiliates sell the e-book for you!

The ClickBank start-up fee is still around $49.

On top of that, ClickBank accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Eurocard, Bravo, Visa Debit, MasterCard Debit, and Novus!

·       The fourth secret is to outsource the customer service, e-commerce, technical support, and some of the advertising and marketing.

Let’s make some money…

How You Can Make $35,000 (or More) in 12 Months Selling e-Books

The average e-book on ClickBank sells for about $25.

The average commission for ClickBank affiliates is around 60%.

So, as an affiliate, for every e-book you sell for $25, you could earn about 60% or $15.

In order to make $35,000 over the next 12 months, you'll need to sell 2350 e-books at $15 each (60% commission rate).

This will be our “net profit” target.

Any expenses or advertising costs advertising will come out of our “gross sales”… we end up with a minimum of $35,000.

Keep in mind some ClickBank affiliates sell thousands of e-books a month!
Selling 2350 ebooks over a 12 month period probably sounds impossible especially for first timers…but it’s certainly attainable.

Let’s break this down into bite size pieces…..

Our objective would be to sell about 195 e-books a month (2350 divided by 12 = 195.8) ... by combining the four insider secrets I’ve given you:
1. Concentrate on e-books which are currently selling like hotcakes.
2. Use ad copy and landing pages which are currently closing sales.
3. Target qualified “A” prospects. These are people who have purchased similar e-books for approximately the same price (ideally more than once!)
4.    Outsource as much as you can

Your humble host…..

Marc Charles

(Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as "The King of Business Opportunities" ....and for good reason. He should be known as "The King of Legitimate Business Opportunities"...because he's launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities. He understands legitimate opportunities. Marc has agreed supply League of Power members with crucial updates regarding legitimate business and money making opportunities.)

Action Strategy
There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel here.

Focus on selling the e-book titles that are already proven winners.

Eventually, you can develop your own e-books and sell them on ClickBank and other high-traffic sites……and make money.

But one of the fastest (and easiest) ways to make money is by selling e-books which already enjoy a strong demand.

Again….ClickBank is a great place to find the best selling e-books.

In the ClickBank Marketplace you’ll find hundreds of e-book subject categories and sub-categories in which to find a hot selling title.

Let’s use the e-business and e-marketing category as an example.

I don’t want you to get sidetracked or mislead though just because I picked this category.

There are thousands of best selling e-books we could focus on. I’m simply picking this category at random.

The number one e-book in this category based on popularity is George Brown’s Traffic Ultimatum.

Here’s a snapshot of his ebook

Voted The Only Course On Getting Traffic You Will Ever Need... And Created By A True $126,510.74 A Month Super Affiliate. The Top Paying IM Product Recurring Commissions For Life

This e-book sells for around $75. The affiliate commission is 50% or $37.50.
George’s e-book is a hot seller based on current popularity…so it would be a good candidate.

This is a higher priced e-book and therefore the commission is higher….but you’ll see how this works.

Our objective of acquiring $35,000 in 12 months or less is unchanged.

We can use George’s ad copy and landing page / sales letter. So that’s done.

Now we’ll target qualified prospects by marketing this e-book in email newsletters and search engine networks.

Email newsletters are still one of the best and most affordable ways to market and sell digital products like e-books.

This e-book would be of interest to webmasters, site owners and anyone interested in getting Internet traffic.

We could run inexpensive ads in several targeted email newsletters. But let’s focus on two newsletters in this space: SiteProNews and SEO-News.

SiteProNews reaches 500,000+ subscribers and SEO-News reaches about 200,000 subscribers.

A $1000 “remnant package” would enable you to run in multiple issues over a 30-45 day period – give or take a few days.

Let’s say your advertisement in these newsletters reaches 700,000 subscribers five times – this come out to 3.5 million eyeballs.

Let’s say only .3% of the eyeballs actually clicked your ad – this means about 10,500 people.

Now we’re on a roll…

But let’s say only 1% of the people who come to the landing/sales page actually buy George’s ebook.

Okay…..that’s 105 sales!

Marketing never works this smoothly. So let’s say you only make 50 sales.
Okay….that’s 50 sales in 30-45 days,
50 x $75 = $3750
Your commission (50%) = $1875.

How hard can it be to get 2300 more sales in 11 months?

It’s not that hard.

A second way to market and sell e-books is on search engines or pay per click (PPC) networks.

Granted, Google is the master of the universe when it comes to PPC. And I highly recommend Google and Yahoo!

But in reality….Google and Yahoo! can be expensive and the learning curve can be pretty steep too.

So for this example…. we’ll use a “second tier” PPC network like, or to help us ramp up sales, with the least expenditure possible.

For an investment of $500-$1000 you could reach a nice pool of targeted audience on these second tier PPC networks.

For example, you could run a keyword ad which is triggered each time a user searches for “get traffic”, or “Free Traffic”, or “How to Get Traffic”.

(Keyword ads appear on the right side of the search results page).

Let’s say you agreed to pay five cents per click. This means each time a prospect clicks on your keyword ad you pay the network, search engine or publisher five cents.

For a budget of $500 you could reach about 10,000 people. These people would be delivered to your landing page / sales letter for the e-book (which in this case we’re using George’s).


But let’s say only 2% of the people who clicked on the ad and came to the landing page purchase George’s e-book – this would mean 200 sales!
200 x $75 = $15,000
Your commission (50%) = $7500.
Total Commission in About 60 Days (or less): $1875 + $7500 = $9375

If you duplicate this simple formula over the next 10 months you’ll reach the objective of $35,000!

In addition to advertising in targeted email newsletters and buying keyword ads on search engines and pay-per-click networks, you can also obtain free "organic" search traffic with a simple website.

The trick is to make websites “Google friendly” ……or "optimized" for Google PageRank.  

When you submit your website URL into Google, they will "spider" your site and add it to their index.

When a website is added to the Google database or index it will appear somewhere in the Google search results.

Granted, it may appear on the 10,000th search result page! Which means its invisible to most users.

Our objective is to get our website (or multiple websites) to appear on the first or second search result page.

This can be done…and I’ve done it for hundreds of sites…by following Google’s PageRank guidelines and using other basic SEO tips and tricks.

If you (or your outsourced freelance webmaster) understand the PageRank technology as it relates to YOUR website, it can mean the difference between a few hundred dollars in sales and tens of thousands.

Granted, every search engine uses different methods or “algorithms” for ranking website content.

But if you focus on Google, Yahoo!, AOL and Bing when you build a site -- you'll be fine.

The idea is to post a simple website (by copying powerful ad copy like George’s) including a unique domain name – like or something similar.

When the site is live it could produce impressive free traffic….which means sales…think of it as no cost advertising.

You can host sites for free at DotEasy is not a gimmick. I’ve hosted a ton of free websites with them for years.

That’s it!

I’ve shown you a proven formula for generating $35,000 in the next 12 months selling e-books….the quick and easy way.

You won’t need a boatload of cash to get started. You don’t need employees, inventory or even special skills.

But don’t become overwhelmed with information. Simply review the formula in this week’s issue…thinks about it….and take action.

When you complete your first sale you’ll thank me.

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