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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Maine Barn Dance and Party

Hi Gang:

My wife and I (and 10 year old son) attended a really neat barn dance on Saturday at the Remsen Farm in West Rockport.

The music was fabulous....the food and drink was "over the top" good.

We really enjoyed ourselves....and hung out with friends and people we haven't seen in years.

All the wealthy "dignitaries" were there, as well as politicians,  entrepreneurs, down and outers, and "commoners" like me.

I also ran into to two authors, who proceeded to tell me what it was like to be "bestsellers", and have to travel so much to sign books. I had to laugh. I guess everyone who writes a book today and it sells one copy is a "best" seller.

Most authors are lucky if they sell 1,000 copies of his or her book today.....that's the dirty little secret in publishing. You are much better off self-publishing what ever book you've written, then convert it into an ebook (PDF) and Kindle book.

But we had a lot of fun.

Four or five people told me how "bad" things were for them financially. Even the owner of the farm told me "We had big plans for development. But we can't do anything because we don't have any money, and we're in debt".

And so it goes......

On a high note....I think it's good for your soul and spirit to listen to live music from exceptional musicians.

One of the best kept secrets in Maine for live music is in Brownfield. The Sotne Mountain Arts Center. Hundreds of top musicians make the journey every year.....good stuff:

Have fun and play nice.

Marc Charles

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