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Monday, August 29, 2011

An Incredible “Gift” for Making Money in Financial Markets Enables You to Lower Risk and Leverage Trades

An Incredible “Gift” for Making Money in Financial Markets Enables You to Lower Risk and Leverage Trades

7:34 AM

Dear Entrepreneur:

“Is this a legitimate tool for making money in the market or another Wall Street deception?”
                                                                             T.M. Sante Fe NM

I received the above post on my blog recently.

My answer is yes.

Today I’ll show you an incredible “gift” investors, speculators and traders are using to make money.

The “gift” is exchange-traded funds or ETF for short.

Hang on……I know you’re probably familiar with ETFs.

But I’ll show you how my clients and I are making money with them. You won’t learn these tactics on financial websites or from the clowns on CNBC.

An exchange-traded fund (or ETF) is an investment vehicle traded on stock exchanges, like stocks.

I’ll give you a powerful overview in a second.

The profit making potential of ETFs is mind-boggling…and here’s why…

The risk of trading ETFs is super-manageable, and especially for beginning traders and speculators.

I like the ETFs for three reasons:

1.     Risk is limited to the initial investment (LOW)
2.     The ETF market is easy to enter and exit (LIQUID)
3.     ETFs offer nice leverage (LEVERAGE)

You won’t have the same leveraging or pyramiding ability of a futures contract or Forex.

But there’s a new type of ETF which enables traders and investors to leverage opportunities in a big way.

Marc’s ETF “Cheat” Sheet

An ETF holds assets such as stocks, bonds, currencies, or commodities and trades at approximately the same price as the net asset value of its underlying assets.

The most popular ETFs track an index, like the Dow Jones Industrial Average or S&P 500.

ETFs can be an attractive tool for making money because of the relatively low risk, tax efficiency, and stock-like features.

An ETF combines the feature of a mutual fund meaning it can be purchased or redeemed at the end of the trading day for its net asset value (or NAV).

ETFs traditionally have been index funds, but in 2008 the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission authorized the creation of actively-managed ETFs.

What is an Actively-Managed ETF?

An actively managed ETF will have a benchmark index (like the S&P 500), but managers can change sector allocations, market-time trades and/or deviate from the index as they see fit.

This produces investment returns which will not mirror the underlying index perfectly.

Passive ETFs typically follow indexes pretty closely, which allows investors to track the fund fairy easily.

Oil Exchange-Traded Funds

The price of oil has climbed to historic highs.

However, not everyone believes oil will remain at historically high levels for eternity, including me.

In fact, the last four months is a good indication of what can happen in the oil market….it can skyrocket when bullets start flying.

But…..and listen closely……oil can plummet in price too! Almost NO ONE believes this….but this is where the real money is made.

For example, look what happened to oil during the recent disaster is Japan….the price of oil went down!

You can make a fortune with ETFs when you understand how to trade markets when before they skyrocket or plummet… especially if you go against the crowd at the right time. 

On top of that, with EFTs you can wait indefinitely!

Gold Exchange-Traded Funds

Gold is trading at near three-decade highs.

But you can make a fortune when and if gold plummets in price too!

I know….this is a hard thing to grasp. It’s also one of the hardest lessons for novice traders to learn.

Look around…..everyone from Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to Warren Buffet and George Soros is touting gold as the greatest investment since the dawn of civilization. There are hundreds of “buy gold” commercials running at any given time.

But very few people believe the price of gold or precious metals will decline over the next 12 to18 months.

The so-called financial experts try to convince people gold will surge in price for eternity.

But like stocks, real estate, bonds, baseball cards and diamonds this is not always the case.

Sure… in times of sudden panic, stock market crashes, currency wars, etc. the price of gold “tends” to rise quickly.

But the price of gold can plummet during crises, too – as witnessed in the gold market recently.

For example, the price of gold surged from $400 an ounce in 2004 to more than $1400 an ounce in 2010.

However, at the beginning of the real estate and mortgage crisis in 2008 gold actually FELL in price.

So whatever your view happens to be there’s likely a Gold ETF you can trade.

Cool Insight on “Ultra” Exchange-Traded Funds

If, as an investor or trader, you believe the price of something will go up, you are considered bullish, or a “bull.” If you believe the price of something will go down you would be considered bearish, or a “bear.”

As an investor or a trader you might even be “ultra” bullish or bearish, meaning you think the price of something is going to go up or down in a big way.

That is the beauty of a new breed of ETFs called “ultras.”

Ultra Exchange-Traded Funds enable an investor or trader to leverage an investment in a much bigger way than just an ordinary ETF.

Here are a few “ultra” ETFs you can track on any financial website. I’ve noted the underlying stock, bond, currency, or commodity:

ProShares SIJ UltraShort (Industrials)
ProShares EFU UltraShort (MSCI EAFE)
ProShares EEV UltraShort MSCI (Emerging Markets)
ProShares EWV UltraShort MSCI (Japan)
ProShares MZZ UltraShort (MidCap400)
ProShares SCC UltraShort (Consumer Services)
ProShares DXD UltraShort (Dow30)
ProShares FXP UltraShort (FTSE/Xinhua China 25)
Proshares SKF UltraShort (Financials)
ProShares RXD UltraShort (Health Care)
ProShares DUG UltraShort (Oil & Gas)
ProShares QID UltraShort  (QQQ) Twice inverse of NASDAQ-100
ProShares SRS UltraShort (Real Estate)
ProShares SDK UltraShort (Russell MidCap Growth)
ProShares SMN UltraShort (Basic Materials)
ProShares SZK UltraShort (Consumer Goods)

How to Make Money with ETFs

Every investor has an opinion of the world financial markets, politics, and economy.

This is why the markets move so dramatically – up, down, and sideways.

In order to make money with ETFs your world view of the future needs to be accurate.

What’s more, you need to be fairly accurate in terms of timing too.

For example, in 2000 I was confident the Dot-com hysteria was a joke. I was advising several companies being run by 20-year olds valued at more than $100 million each…with NO sales.

It seemed like everyone was swept up in the fantasy.

And novice traders were making cash hand over fist on stocks of these Dot-com companies – on paper.

But no one I knew or read about removed profits from the Dot-com fiasco by the time everything collapsed.

In this case my world view of the market was correct. I made a bundle shorting tech and Internet company stocks. But my exposure to downside risk was way too high.

On top of that my timing was off by 10 months or so. I knew the market would plunge but timing is crucial.

Our view needs to be accurate in terms of “timing.”

And so…..

In order to make money with ETFs we need to examine the market we’re investing and calculate a “reasonable” time frame.

Now….one of the great aspects of ETFs is timing is not overly important.

You can hold an ETF for weeks, months and even years without any downside risk, margin calls or frustration.

For example, everyone knows the housing and real estate market has been in serious trouble for more than 3 years.

Some investors believe the housing market will bounce back in 2011. While other investors believe the worst is yet to come this year.

The reality is probably somewhere in the middle.

If you believe the housing market will stay the same or get slightly worse there are two ETFs you could purchase to take advantage of that trend:

Ultra Short Financials Proshares (AMEX: SKF)
This ETF benefits when and if financial services suffer. This would include real estate lenders, international banks; property and casualty insurance companies; companies invested directly or indirectly in real estate; diversified financial companies, such as Federal National Mortgage Association, credit card issuers and investment advisers; securities brokers and dealers, and investment banks,

ProFunds Short Real Estate Inv (MUTF:SRPIX)This ETF invests in derivatives that ProFund Advisors believes should have similar daily return characteristics as the inverse (opposite) of the daily return of the index. Assets of the fund not invested in derivatives will typically be held in money market instruments. It is non-diversified
The beauty of ETFs and specifically “ultra” and “double short” ETFs is they enable a trader to leverage markets (up or down) in a big way, but offer lower downside risk of futures and Forex markets.

There you have it!

Everything you wanted to know about ETFs but were afraid to ask!

Your humble host…

Marc Charles

(Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as "The King of Business Opportunities" ....and for good reason. He should be known as "The King of Legitimate Business Opportunities"...because he's launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities. He understands legitimate opportunities. Marc has agreed supply League of Power members with crucial updates regarding legitimate business and money making opportunities.)

******* Action Strategy *********

Start researching the “ultra” ETF market today.

When you start trading ETFs you’ll need an online brokerage account.

But that’s easy… can open an account with as little as $500.

The right ETF enables you to profit if a market skyrockets, plummets or trades sideways.

On top of that, you can make a boatload of money with double long or double short (ultra) ETFs.

You can subscribe to ETF publications and advisories to gain some street smart insight. I’ve included a couple of recommendations in today’s issue.

Paper Trade ETFs!

You can trade ETFs on paper and never risk a dime!

Simply select the ETFs you want to buy (or sell, or purchase options on), write down the current market price, and watch them in the paper or financial websites go up or down in value.

Develop an exit strategy.

Buy and hold for eternity will not work in the coming months and years. Nothing lasts forever – so develop a specific exit plan and remove profits regularly.

******* Valuable Resources ********

Exchange-Traded Funds CenterYahoo! Finance

ETF Investment Guide - ETFs


New Book Recommendations

The ETF Handbook by David Abner

Super Sectors: How to Outsmart the Market Using Sector Rotation and ETFs by John Nyaradi

The ETF Book: All You Need to Know About Exchange-Traded Funds by Richard Ferri

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Underhanded Secret for Grabbing Free Trips, VIP Treatment, Comps, Cash and More!

Underhanded Secret for Grabbing Free Trips, VIP Treatment, Comps, Cash and More!

7:02 AM

Dear Entrepreneur:

“Give me a break! These guys WON’T pay me to take a cruise. Get real”.

My friend (and fellow entrepreneur) made this comment during a fireside dinner at the Sunday River Resort in Western Maine. We were skiing with our families.

But when I showed J.D. my underhanded secret…and proof, he started working on “his plan” to get a free cruise….no strings attached. I caught him typing on his Netbook in the lobby a few hours later!

Here’s the deal………

I’ll show you several ways to get luxury cruises to Bermuda, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and even the Mediterranean absolutely free.

I promise……no gimmicks, tricks or fine print!

What’s more, you won’t have to sit through time share “presentations”, join a club, or share a room with someone you don’t know!

Look……a 10-day Caribbean cruise can set you back $1000-$3500 per person (and up). So we’re talking about chuck of change when you buy these things “off the rack”.

On top of that, using my tactics you won’t be forced into “off-season” trips, or suffer onboard third rate ships or visit pathetic port-of-calls.

Not only that…. I’ll show you how it’s done……plain and simple.

But you have to promise me something. Don’t worry - it won’t cost you anything, just few minutes of your time.

If the secrets I’m sharing with you today mean anything…..please provide some comments or feedback on our forum.

I’m starting to think you don’t love us! We offer the forum at The League of Power for a reason.

Feedback makes the world go round!

Okay…back to free cruises.

This has nothing to do with winning contests or buying cruises from bogus liquidators either.

I’m talking about luxury cruises on the coolest ships at sea.

And that’s not all……

In some cases your meals, entertainment and amenities will be included.

I’ll even show you how to line your pockets with savings of $1500 (or more) for your friends and family! They can’t travel free because you’ll be the VIP!

Anyway lets’ get this party started…

The cruise industry has taken a huge hit over the last 24 months, and I mean BIG.

Cruise experts claim the worst is over, and people are cruising again.

But the truth is the cruise industry has not recovered from the recession. The collapse in housing market has eliminated the cash cow for most homeowners going on cruises (home equity lines of credit).

Granted, the stock market has been higher lately. But don’t hold your breath. It’s artificially high.

For the first time in history luxury ships are sailing half full!

In some cases ships are running at 40% occupancy!

Mega-cruise ships like Genesis and Oasis of the Seas need 85% occupancy to breakeven, let alone make money (according to a senior cruise director).

Cruise companies are extending huge discounts in an effort to turn things around.

Now don’t worry…

I’m going to show you how to cruise for FREE, not obtain discounts.

But I wanted to give you my insider secret for getting big discounts for your family and friends too.

I haven’t mentioned this before…but if you’re flexible, there’s another way to get phenomenal discounts on cruises. You can walk up to a cruise line prior to boarding and ask for the “best price available”.

My good friend K.R. did this at the Carnival Cruise Line terminal in Fort Lauderdale Florida. He paid less than $500 for a four-day Caribbean cruise, in a first class stateroom!

And get this…….

Internet travel “integrators” are offering 20- 55% off luxury cruises.

Travel integrators resell cruise packages to consumers on websites like and Travelocity, or through “cruise agencies” like

On top of that, travel integrators also resell tickets for other companies (like Disney and, and earn a percentage of each sale.

Acquire Huge Discounts by Going Direct!

We can’t overlook the benefits of going direct to a cruise company to get deep discounts.

Granted, it takes street smarts when approaching cruise lines direct. But it can be done! I’m living proof!

For example, I wrote to the Marketing Director at a top cruise line and proposed a win-win deal.

In exchange for a discounted luxury cabin and accommodations, I offered to write about my experience on the trip and post it to the top 20 travel blogs.

In addition, I offered to post my review of the cruise on more than a dozen high traffic travel websites like

The Marketing Director agreed and I received a 62% discount on a Caribbean cruise, which included a $550 meal voucher!

In order to get deep discounts like this you’ll need to talk to someone in senior management. Entry level managers in reservations, marketing or sales are rarely in a position to offer discounts or negotiate deals.

The Right Contact Makes ALL the Difference

I’ve provided some contact information for the major cruise lines below.

All it takes is a simple letter or email to a senior manager with a request.

I like snail mail…actually FedEx or PriorityMail….because this forces the prospect to read and consider my proposal.

In your letter be sure to focus on “what’s in it for them”.  This will increase the odds of obtaining a deep discount.

For example, you could mention you’ll document your cruise by writing a personal diary, and include HD photos and videos.

You could offer to post your “travelogue” on the top Internet travel and cruise sites. You could even post HD quality videos on YouTube and other popular online video sites.

Another strategy I’ve used is to build a travel website which focuses on cruises!

This would prove to the cruise lines you’re serious about promoting their products.

How to Grab Deep Discounts on Luxury Cruises

One of the best websites for obtaining deep discounts on luxury cruises is called Cruise Compete.

I’m talking incredible deals…not lame “pseudo” deals!

For example, Carnival Cruises is offering a 7-day ALL INCLUSIVE Rock Cruise to the Caribbean for $848. This cruise typically sells for $2750 and up.

The price includes cruise ship tips ($50pp), alcohol, soft drinks, bottled water, drink tips, taxes, concerts, and autograph sessions.

The price also includes private Deck Parties and the DJ Club.

If a rock and roll cruise is not your idea of fun, then consider the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines New Year’s Cruise onboard the Oasis of the Seas for $1200.

This cruise is typically priced at $4350 on the most popular cruise sites.

And if you haven’t heard…..the Oasis of the Seas is NOT your typical cruise ship!

Oasis of the Seas is a new class of naval-engineering genius. The ship features the first-ever “neighborhood concept” where everyone can find their unique experiences in one of our seven distinct onboard neighborhoods.

There are 28 ultra-modern loft suites and 2,700 spacious staterooms, contained in a16-deck marvel.

That’s just a snapshot of the deep discounts you’ll find on Cruise Compete.

How to Cruise Like a Celebrity and VIP At No Cost Whatsoever!

It’s true!

You can cruise to incredible ports-of-call free of charge, if you know the right strategies and tactics to use.

Tactic #1

Lynn Shaw perfected a great tactic for free cruises.

Lynn launched her side venture by reserving a block of cabins on a Carnival Cruise Lines. Then she sent fliers with the cruise information to a group of friends.

Lynn wanted to attract as many people as possible turn them on to a great vacation. But Lynn also knew if she sold enough cabins she would earn free passage under Carnival Cruise Lines “group policy”.

Lynn easily sold 22 people for the Caribbean cruise.

The “group organizer”, Shaw became the “tour conductor.”

Tour conductors work with a travel agency to make all the travel and onboard arrangements; their primary jobs are recruitment and communication.

All you need for this tactic to work is a group willing to travel together.

For example, a family reunion, a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, a college reunion — or just plain fun! You can also book trips on “theme cruises” like the Rock and Roll Cruise, The Investment Cruise, or The Spring Break Cruise, etc. Sign up enough people and you’ll cruise for FREE!

Tactic #2
If you have an area of expertise, you could use John Hall’s tactic for getting free cruises.

John is a retired Louisiana State University professor of anthropology and geology. He provides cruise passengers with lectures on the characteristics of the destination.

In return, he gets a FREE CRUISE with meals, drinks and other amenities included!

John and his wife, Carol Ann (who helps with the presentations), receive a free cabin and meals, and most shipboard amenities.

Since 2002 John has taken a couple of cruises a year. He’s been to the Caribbean, Panama Canal and Alaska. On the Alaska cruise, John talked about glaciers and the Klondike gold rush.

Cynthia Barnett became a FREE CRUISE regular soon after she retired in 2003 at age 60.

During a typical 7-day cruise, Barnett gives four talks. Cynthia said this is a “great way to get a free vacation. On some cruises, I've taken family members as my guests."

Current Presenter Opportunities
Arts and Crafts Instructors
Teach craft classes onboard cruises. Projects range from watercolor classes, pottery, scrapbooking to macramé .

Bridge Players
If you enjoy playing bridge you could oversee groups in exchange for your cruise.

Computer Instructors
Most cruise lines actively seek individuals who can present classes on computer basics, the Internet or other related technology.

Investment advice
Have you made money in the market? Great. If you can share your knowledge in a clear and concise way…you’re in!

Do you know and understand the cruise ship port of calls? Sweet. Cruise ships need local experts!

Astronomy is a popular pastime on many ships. If you have any knowledge in this area you could present this to passengers.

Tactic #3
Most cruise lines recruit "Gentleman Hosts”!

Gentlemen hosts are typically single men ages 40 to 70 who conduct dance classes or serve as dance partners for single, divorced and widowed female passengers.

However, the “Gentlemen Hosts” must sign an agreement specifying they won't get romantically involved with the guests!

In exchange for “gentlemen host” services men receive a free cruise with all shipboard amenities included!

Tactic #4
You can get a job onboard a cruise line!

You could spend winters in the Caribbean and summers in Alaska or exotic ports in Europe, Australia or New Zealand. 

Most people pay between $2,500 and $10,000 to live on the same luxury cruise ships. You can do that for free (you’ll receive free meals and accommodations) and you’ll get paid to cruise!

Can you think of a better summer job for students?

It’s impossible to snag free luxury cruises if you don’t take the right action.

What’s more, you need to be persistent.

Think about this for a second…..

How many people do think would love to receive luxury cruises for free? The answer is a lot!

However, it doesn’t matter how many people want free luxury cruises. They key is having the right information (which you do), and taking the right action.

The other key, as I said is persistence. Don’t stop until you get what you want!

Then write to us about your success.

All you need to do is decide which these tactics works best for you. Then contact the decision maker responsible for each tactic.

For example, if you’d like to receive a free cruise by becoming a “presenter”, then you’ll need to contact the individual at each cruise line responsible for securing “presenters”.

If on the other hand, you’d like to assemble a group tour for your friends, family or business associates, then you’ll need to contact the person at the cruise line of your choice who can set it up for you – and extend your free cruise.

There’s no time for discouragement. The cruise lines desperately need your help! This is one of the best kept secrets in the industry.

Start planning your free cruise today!

You can cruise to exotic locations around the world like a celebrity, and enjoy luxury accommodations - free of charge.

I’ve shown you four ways to do it!

I’ve also included action strategy and contact information at the major cruise lines so you can get started today.

Your humble host,

Marc Charles

(Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as "The King of Business Opportunities" ....and for good reason. He should be known as "The King of Legitimate Business Opportunities"...because he's launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities. He understands legitimate opportunities. Marc has agreed supply League of Power members with crucial updates regarding legitimate business and money making opportunities.)

***** Action Strategy *****
Check out my new program…..

*****Valuable Resources*****

Cruise Lines Contact Information

2049 Century Park East
Suite 1400
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Attn:  Assistant, Sr. VP Hotel Operations

Regent Seven Seas Cruises
1000 Corporate Drive, Suite 500
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33334
Attention: Entertainment Department

110 East Broward Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Attn: Onboard Entertainment

Corporate Guest Relations:
1050 Caribbean Way
Miami Fl 33132
Attention: Entertainment

Attn: Onboard Entertainment
 24303 Town Center Drive
Valencia, CA

Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten GmbH
Ballindamm 25
D-20095 Hamburg
Attention: Onboard Services
+49(0)40 / 3001 4600
+49(0)40 / 3001 4601

300 Elliott Ave. West
Seattle WA 98119
Attention: Incentive Group 800-445-3731
Fax: 206-281-7110

6100 Blue Lagoon Drive, Suite 400
Miami FL 33126
Attention: Shipboard Services

Senior Cruise Director Mr. John Heald
3655 NW 87th Avenue
Miami FL 33178

Disney Cruise Vacations
Guest Communications
P.O. Box 10238
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830-0238
(800) 951-353

Attention: Onboard Entertainment
7665 Corporate Center Drive
Miami FL 33126

1170 Celebration Blvd, Suite 200
Celebration FL 34747
Fax 407-566-7162
24844 Avenue Rockefeller
Santa Clarita CA 91355
Attention: Incentive Groups

Royal Caribbean International
1050 Caribbean Way
Miami FL 33132
Attention: Onboard Opportunities

362, Syngrou Avenue
176 74 Kallithea
Athens, Greece
Attention: Onboard Entertainment
866 335 4975

1411 Opus Place
 Executive Towers West II
Suite 300
Downers Grove IL 60515-1182

96 Morton Street
9th Floor
New York New York 10014

3 El Tayaran Street
Nasr City - Cairo, Egypt
Attention: Onboard Services


57-08 39th Avenue
Woodside NY 11377 USA
Attention: Guest Services
800-348-8084 (USA & Canada only)
Fax: 212-818-9889

Windstar Cruises
2101 4th Avenue Suite 210
Seattle WA 98121
Attention: Onboard Entertainment and Services
(206) 292-9606
Fax (206) 340-0975

Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Can You Recommend Some Ways to Generate Money Quickly"?

Question: Dear Marc, can you recommend some ways to generate money quickly? Thanks!
G.L. Burlington VT

6:22 AM

Hi GL!

I assume you mean legal ways to generate cash.

Kidding aside… I like to isolate quick cash generators into three general areas; beginner (no risk), intermediate (moderate risk), and expert (high risk).

There are hundreds of ways of generating cash at the beginner level. These include immediate services such a snow shoveling, baby or elder sitting, debris cleanup (especially after storms or disasters), window washing, pool cleaning, air conditioner recharging or cleaning, and elder services (like transportation, errands, house cleaning, dog walking, and painting, etc.). There is typically no risk or capital required.

The intermediate level for generating cash often requires some technical expertise or knowledge. This would include fixing PCs (viruses, malware and the blue screen of death repair), getting someone online (the Internet, email, social media, and Facebook, etc.), writing sales letters or resumes, and advertising on Google.

This level would also include some trade services such as plumbing, electrical, handyman skills, auto repair, and medical billing reviews, etc. There is moderate risk and small amounts of capital may be required.

And lastly, there is the expert level for generating cash quickly. This would include (but not limited to) trading stocks, commodities, precious metals, and Forex (currency trading).

For example, most investors do not realize you can sell or “write” commodity options in dozens of worldwide markets. The premiums (money received for the option) are placed into your account immediately….there’s no waiting.

But with this privilege comes leverage, risk and moderate amounts of cash may be required for margin in your trading account.

There you have it… three areas for generating cash quickly.

Marc Charles is often referred to as “The King of Business Opportunities”. He has launched more than 40 successful businesses over past 29 years (and advised on many more). He has written extensively on legitimate money making opportunities and businesses. Marc is a regular contributor and expert panelist for The Liberty Street Investor.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

“Are There Ways of Making Money with AOL’s New Seed Program”?

“Are There Ways of Making Money with AOL’s New Seed Program”?

Question: “AOL is supposedly hiring freelance writers, journalists and columnist in droves. The new AOL CEO Tim Armstrong (and former Google hotshot) and seems to think they’ll be a major media player. What’s your view? Are there ways of making money with AOL’s new Seed program”?
T.M. Bloomington MN

7:44 AM

Dear Entrepreneur:

AOL has been in the news lately because they bought the blog network Huffington Post.AOL has also been promoting their new project.

I’m not enthusiastic about AOL’s prospects or the potential for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

And don’t forget….

AOL started as an adult chat room….they would prefer people forget about stuff like this.

AOL launched the program about a year ago. It was touted as a “new” way for freelance writers, journalists, designers and photographers to make money.

The is free….and so the downside risk is pretty low.

But AOL’s program is a content farm….nothing more, nothing less.

Don’t get me wrong….

There’s nothing wrong with growing content.

But growing generic, irrelevant content is NOT the “wave” of the future.

Most heavy Internet users are sick and tired of generic information, articles and content. The only exception would be “news”….which is super-generic.

Get this….

AOL’s current CEO Tim Armstrong used to be a major player at Google. I’m confident Tim understood Google built an empire around “relevant” search results.

But my first impression of AOL’s program is not great.

First, you have to use your real pen names or pseudonyms.

That's a joke.

I've been writing under pseudonyms for more than 29 years. And so have thousands of other (successful) freelance writers and entrepreneurs ….Mark Twain was a pen name for God’s sake!

But pen names are a minor point.

A major problem at is the approval process for new articles and stories.

An "approval" can take up to a month, if you’re lucky enough to get a response.

And then….

When an article is "rejected" -- AOL editors do not offer any suggestions, comments, ideas, insight....nothing. Your article is thrown into the trash.

Here is what a no-name “customer service” person at Seed told me:

"Yeah, no feedback or suggestions is a problem. But we can't provide any feedback at this time – sorry.”
                                                                               Seed Customer Service

Come on.

AOL is supposed to be reshaping the world as we know it. Tim Armstrong brings a major skill set to the table.

But I think he’s bound to AOL corporate mumbo jumbo.

Keep in mind….Tim has never run a company and I think that’s a big deal.

What’s more, I think luck, the law of accident and political clout (later on) has a lot to do with Google’s rise to world domination.

The bottom line is…. may be the greatest media platform since the "blog".

But there are better and more lucrative ways to make money as a freelance writer.

One way is by going direct to publishers who need relevant content.

Actually, I would focus on publishers with a track record of paying freelance writers accurately and on time.

There are tens of thousands of viable publishers in the world today, and millions of website publishers. Most of them need relevant content…but only a handful of them would qualify to my clients or receive MY content.

I suppose is worth a try but I think it’s a joke.

AOL’s dirty little secret….

Thousands of writers are providing millions of pages of content for pennies on the dollar. This is the real AOL/ business model – cheap content.

I haven’t met a single writer, journalist, editor or columnist with glowing reviews of AOL’s program.

If you've had a different experience I’d like to hear about it. There’s no cost to try.

I hope that helps.

Until next time…..

Your humble host,

Marc Charles

PS Google is crucifying the stuff produced by redundant content farms. This means irrelevant…”cut and paste” content is DEAD when it comes to Google search results.

PPS Long live fresh, personalized, relevant content!

 (Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as "The King of Business Opportunities" ....and for good reason. He should be known as "The King of Legitimate Business Opportunities"...because he's launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities. He understands legitimate opportunities. Marc has agreed supply League of Power members with crucial updates regarding legitimate business and money making opportunities.)

***** Action Strategy *****

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