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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Hottest Rising Trends and Business Opportunities Right Now!

The Hottest Rising Trends and Business Opportunities Right Now!
By Marc Charles

The world financial crisis deepens…….

Entrepreneurs are searching for new ways to make money.

What’s more, some people would be happy making a couple of hundred dollars each month, or launch secondary income streams.

I have the solution….it’s real simple…..

I’ve been launching, researching and testing businesses and products for more than 29 years.
I’m referred to as “The King of Business Opportunities” for good reason. Granted, I take the title with a grain of salt…..and a sense of humor.

But I’ve started, managed, bought and sold more businesses (great successes and pathetic failures) than most people. I’m honest, street smart and I tell it like it is. 

The bottom line is…….

There are ways to make money in the current economy

I’ve helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs identify great business ideas and plans for almost three decades (and I’m a fairly young guy).

The businesses I’m focusing on today are simple, easy to understand and require very little start-up cash.

What’s more, the businesses have limited red tape, no complicated software and offer great upside potential.

On top of that, most of the businesses have a web-based component but I’ve included some legitimate “offline” opportunities too.

Let’s get to it….

14 hot rising trends and business opportunities for today’s economy:

Hot Opportunity #1
Internet Direct Response
Despite of the world financial crisis Internet shopping and sales has rebounded in a big way.
In fact, Internet ecommerce is at record levels and continues to climb.
Internet direct response businesses which offer high demand products at fair prices (and free shipping) are doing well – even in the current downturn.
Internet direct response includes selling products on eBay, Bing,, and other high traffic shopping sites. But there are some little-known tactics and strategies almost no one knows about…until now.
Digital products are a hot rising trend too. This market includes ebooks, tutorials, software, and Kindle books. is the largest digital marketplace on the Internet, and growing.  

Hot Opportunity #2
Select real estate niches -- and the new "Exurbs"
Real estate is not exactly a low risk, low capital business. And yes…this market has taken a beating.
But entrepreneurs (including yours truly) are making money and leveraging opportunities in select markets and niches
The last frontier for real estate investors and developers may be the new "exurbs”.  The new “exurbs” are typically 3-4 hours from major metro areas but enjoy access to clean air, water and recreation. The “exurbs” often have access to small scale entertainment, education, community events and more.

Hot Opportunity #3
Personal, business and network security products and services
Personal security products were among the best selling products on eBay and Amazon in 2010.
Entrepreneurs are selling security products online and via direct mail, as well as through infomercials. Personal and business security products always perform better in a downturn.
Personal security products include guns, home security systems, dogs, armored products (Kevlar), mace, bodyguards, and tasers, etc.
Business security products include security cameras (web and WiFi), surveillance equipment, private security guards, electronic screening devices, fingerprint/retinal technology, dogs and employee training.
Network security products include software, encryption, telephone systems, backup storage, information forensics, offshore web hosting, IT administration, programming, hardware and consulting/integrators.
Security products and services is a worldwide hot rising trend. 

Hot Opportunity #4
Self storage real estate (and REIT) in select areas
The self-storage business often generates more revenue per square foot than resort casinos, medical office buildings, apartments, hotels, inns, cruise ships and government leases. It’s hard to believe but true.
The boom time for the self-storage industry was in the 1970’s and 80’s.
In the late 90’s and early 2000’s there was consolidation in the market and a rapid growth leveled off.
But that trend is back! Self storage real estate (and real estate investment trust) provides some great opportunities for entrepreneurs of every size.
Another trend in this market is “pods” or portable self-storage units. These are self-storage units which are delivered to a customer’s location..
The new "exurb" areas provide exciting opportunities for starting or developing self-storage businesses.
Self-storage REITs have made many people very rich – Google it!

Hot Opportunity #5
Commodity Futures and Forex Trading (especially energy, agriculture, precious metals and currencies)
Futures and Forex trading is one of the great “laptop liberating” businesses. You can run this business from practically anywhere in the world!
The futures and Forex markets are not dependent on a vibrant economy. Trillions of dollars are traded electronically every day…no matter what happens to the Pound, Euro or Dollar!
Granted, there is substantial downside risk trading futures and Forex contracts, don’t kid yourself. But you can reduce your risk and exposure like a professional.
You can start trading some markets for an initial investment of $5000 – and some brokerages offer accounts for $2500 ($1,000 for Forex).
On top of that, you can “practice” or “paper trade” before risking a dime too!

Hot Opportunity #6
Import Export Opportunities
There’s a misconception regarding the import export market. Most entrepreneurs think you need boatloads of money, huge warehouses, employees, special licenses and political contacts. Not so.
I discovered a way to profit in this market without stockpiling products, renting buildings or making a huge big investment.
What’s more, you can even make money in the import export market without touching a single product!
In fact, one of the highest traffic websites on the Internet is devoted to import export entrepreneurs - it’s called
Granted, the major players like Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, Macy’s, Dollar Store and BestBuy invest billions of dollars into infrastructure and distribution.
But small entrepreneurs like Kevin and Lisa Hickey are making millions of dollars in this market by understanding how the game is played.  
You don’t have to be as big as Wal-Mart to make major profits in this business.

Hot Opportunity #7
Writing, sales, consulting, programming, marketing, SEO and more….
Experts are calling it the Freelance Decade…..and for good reason.
Millions of people around the world are getting fired every month.  The way to make a stable, dependable income is to go freelance.
Heck….I’ll even show you how to submit winning freelance proposals to companies laying people off!
There are an abundance of freelance opportunities in practically every field and profession.
Freelance websites like, and CraigsList are among the top traffic sites on the Internet.
The trend for freelance workers is up!

Hot Opportunity #8
Prepaid Opportunities!
Prepaid cell phone, legal, medical and Web hosting to name a few
The "pre-paid" revolution is a HOT rising trend.
There are dozens of ways entrepreneurs can leverage in the pre-paid market 
The markets with the greatest upside potential are pre-paid cell phones, legal, medical, dental, web hosting, advertising, petroleum products, and utilities.
You can resell prepaid products over the web, by direct mail, kiosks, digital vending machines and through joint ventures.

Hot Opportunity #9
Pawn Shops, Check Cashing and Payday Loan Services
Pawnshops have a notoriously bad image. I suppose the iron bars on the windows and doors don't help matters.
Pawnshops and check cashing services in this economy are a hot rising trend.
On top of that, pawn shops are attracting middle and upper income people. The History Channel’s hottest show is Pawn Stars!
A new era of pawnshops are emerging.
Cash America, Ace Cash Express, Inc., and EZ-Pawn are three of the big players in this market.
But Internet pawn shops are emerging too.
DigiPawn loans money with domain names as collateral!
Pawnshops can also be a resource for items to sell on eBay,, Overstock and hundreds of other sites.
You can pick up high demand items like iPods, musical equipment, stereos, tools and jewelry at deep discounts and resell them on the Internet for huge profits.
Pawn shops –online and off – are a hot rising trend

Hot Opportunity #10
Search Engine Marketing and Optimization
There has NEVER been a greater demand for Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Local Search, Social Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
If a business wants to be “found” on the Internet their websites need to be optimized for the major engines, social media sites and on video search.
There’s a huge, pent-up demand for SEO, SEM and social media services!
Business owners are starting to realize the power of local search offered by Google, Bing, Yahoo!, AOL, and high traffic local news websites.

Hot Opportunity #11
Health and Wellness– Fountain of Youth Businesses
The profit opportunities in this market are staggering.
Baby boomers refuse to get old! They want to look, feel and act younger. They want life enhancement products – and are paying to get them!
Products properly marketed to this audience via the Internet, direct mail, social media and some print media– are doing extremely well.
The health and wellness market is pushing $1.7 trillion.
Other low risk (low capital) business opportunities include home health care, medical tourism and retirement planning.
Patient advocates are another HOT new business service.
Patient advocates reduce medical and dental bills for their clients. Patient advocate compensation is based upon the amount of money he or she is able to save the client.
For example, if a client’s medical bill is $50,000 and the patient advocate is able to reduce that amount by $30,000 – the client agrees to pay a percentage of the savings – typically 5-15%.

Hot Opportunity #12
Information Products and Publishing!
Google may be the Great Answer Machine. If you type in any question into Google and you’ll see what I mean!
But Google doesn’t create or produce any content – it only serves what’s already been developed. 
Entrepreneurs who can develop, customize, package and market information products and publications direct to qualified buyers are positioning themselves for major profits.
The greatest opportunities in this market are digital.
But print is not dead yet. A good friend (and consulting client) publishes weekly print “shopper” newspapers throughout the US. My client is very smart because he owns all of the papers outright with practically no debt. He splits the net profit with “local” owners. He pays people above average and works hard to keep the best people.

Hot Opportunity #13 & #14
Online Gaming and Gambling
There are actually three Internets – not one!
The first one everyone uses for business, conversations, deals, and ecommerce (shopping), etc.
The second Internet is used primarily for research, news, articles, specialized information and for passively “surfing the web”.
The third Internet is going to rock your world!
If you have teenagers you already know what I’m talking about – Online Gaming and chat.
Online gaming is huge…..I mean really BIG. 

Right now – there are more than 40 million people gaming online according to Gamer World. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

It’s estimated that more than 100 million people are playing online games like Mafia Wars and FarmVille on Facebook!

You’ll see the whole gamut of online games like first-person shooter games, strategy games, cross-platform games, browser games and multi-user real-time virtual world or MUDs.

But how to you make money from online gaming and gambling?

There are several ways to profit from online gaming.

Some of these ways include advertiser supported gaming portals or newsletters, blogs, forums, and podcasts. You can also profit building applications and tools for online gaming.

A good friend of mine is making money building iPhone gaming applications!

These are the fastest and easiest ways to make money but there are more.

Online gambling is illegal in many countries but that’s not stopping people from doing it in countries where it is LEGAL. There are several ways to make money with online gambling without placing a single bet!

That’s it!

I hope one of these opportunities is a good fit for you.

You can make money in today’s economy. The key is focusing on businesses in hot rising trends.

Most entrepreneurs lose because they refuse to adapt to trends.

I’ve outlined 14 specific hot rising trends and business opportunities to help you make money in the coming months!

I hope this helps.

Your humble host…

Marc Charles

(Ed Note:  Marc Charles is referred to as "The King of Business Opportunities" ....and for good reason. He's launched, bought, sold reviewed and advised on hundreds of businesses and money making opportunities. He understands legitimate opportunities. Marc has written dozens of best selling ebooks, courses, and interactive products on money making opportunities and businesses. He’s a regular contributor to Early to Rise, The Liberty Street Investor, The Internet Edge and AskMarcCharles.)

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