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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Is the Best Resource for Finding Cash for My Business?

Question: I'm a successful entrepreneur. I've bought, sold and started several businesses over the past 25 years or so. Most of my business had no debt and were started without financing. I'm not planning to get into a deep debt hole now. But I would like to have resources, contacts and people for financing or last minute deals. Can you recommend any places?
T.Y. Orange County CA

Answer Marc Charles:

Hey TY:

Thanks for your note and question.

Check out Tyler Hicks and Internet Wealth Success: 

Ty and his network of contacts is among the best in the business.

I've been a subscriber to his two newsletters (one devoted to Money Sources) for 15+ years.

I hope that helps!

You're smart not to take on huge levels of debt right now. If you can forgo a few deals, you might be further ahead.

The entrepreneurs with no debt, low overhead, low inventory and that are involved in rising trends are doing incredibly well right least the ones I know.


Marc Charles

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