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Monday, June 7, 2010

Do You Follow Any Gurus?

Question: Do You Follow or Recommend Any Gurus?
P.N. Mountainaire AZ

Answer Marc Charles:
I stopped hanging my hat on "gurus" many years ago.

The problem with gurus is whenever they get into trouble, lie, cheat or're always left holding the bag so to speak.

Whenever I judge someone's or a guru's character....and put my trust in them, I ask two questions:

1) Would I let this person watch my kids?

2) Would I want to be in a fox hole with this person when all hell breaks loose?

A lot of so-called gurus I've worked with or have known would not pass this test.

I won't post any names or businesses on this blog.

But if you drop me an email -- and tell me about your project, venture or business, I'll give you some recommendations and give you some names of people who would "pass the test" in my book.

Sound fair?



Marc Charles

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