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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Please Post Your Thoughts on Some Simple Service Type Businesses

Question: Hi Marc -- thanks for this blog. Can you recommend any simple service type businesses for a start up entrepreneur?
W.L. Tampa FL

Answer: Marc Charles:

Hi WL....thanks for your post.

I love service type businesses. 

Service type businesses are great for new entrepreneurs. 

I've helped a lot of people...including my kids...start very profitable service type businesses.

I like businesses which don't require a boatload of time, money or energy to start.'s my list. 

These are ALL viable, legitimate service type businesses I've done myself or worked with entrepreneurs who ran them. They're easy to start, take almost no capital, can be run almost anywhere, and do not require tons of red tape or licenses.

Window washing --- for homes and businesses
Office cleaning
Dog walking service
PC, Mac and Gaming system repair
Babysitting -- yes, even for guys!
Property management -- can be complicated but keep it simple
Freelance driver (or taxi)
Painting (homes, businesses, interior and exterior)
Mailing service (medical/dental offices, retail stores, direct mail companies)
Auto detailing
Boat cleaning and restoration
Eldercare -- errands, shopping, amusement, trips and companionship
Pet sitting (vacations, long weekends, other)
Landscaping / gardening
Telemarketing (NOT annoying sales calls -- but rather "in-bound" order takers for TV, Web and direct mail promotions)
Trash removal (commercial and residential)
Flyer distribution (on foot, direct mail, other)
Hand towel drying at car washes (owner offers free hand towel drying, you work on tips -- extra charge for hand wax)
Tour guide
Music lessons
Commission sales (opportunities are endless -- think about products that are already selling well, ie mobile homes, apartment rentals, some advertising, precious metals, insurance, etc.)
Farm stands (they want to outlaw them, or regulate the crap out of them in Maine. But for now there are still opportunities in most areas)

How's that for starters?

Anyone reading this post -- please send me your ideas or tips for "proven" service type businesses so I can spread the world to my subscribers.


Marc Charles

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