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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is Anyone Making Money with Real Estate in This Stupid Economy?

Question: Is anyone making money with real estate in this stupid economy?
B.P. Castle Hayne NC

Answer Marc Charles:

Yes......people are making money. But in my observations only the entrepreneurs with street smarts and an in-depth understanding of depressions, and how they work.

In 2004, I mentioned dozen times in my newsletter, blog, speeches and conferences that  the real estate boom and fiasco would end badly.

Three conference organizers did not invite me back....even though I was the most popular speaker at two of the conferences (according to an attendee poll).

The reason the organizers did not want me back is because I kept talking about a "depression" and real estate collapse (in most areas of the US).

Anyway, that was yesterday....what have you done for me today!

We've all seen the real estate fiasco...and some people have been devastated by it.

But, the real estate boom (ans BUST) was predictable. If you had eyes to see, you would have known the boom was not going to last.

When I saw a cashier from a local convenience store drive into her triple car garage, which was attached to a $400,000 home, I knew the boom was toast. This was in 2005. The boom lasted another three years, and then kaput!

Almost everyone I knew, 90%+, was bullish on real estate from 2004-2008. The reason everyone was bullish is because in most cases they were making money.

But then the market collapsed....and is still collapsing.

Most people never realize, or refuse to realize, they're involved in hysteria. But all it takes is simple, common, horse sense. You can also seek wise counsel from someone who's already lived through hysteria or "madness of the crowd". In many cases wise counsel will be twice your age.

I've made money on real estate. But I've also avoided major losses. I did not lose one thin dime in real estate from 2004-2009. I was also not underwater with mortgages.

Anyway..enough with the long winded response! can make money on real estate in a Depression. The key is buying at super deep discounts, not being over-anxious about doing deals (or fearful), and paying cash whenever possible.

The problem with most foreclosure properties is finding a clear title, and a property with no liens. But that's another topic.

The days of Fix and Flip are over for now! This market may not recover for 10 years...if ever.

But you can still find incredible deals, offer even less, wait for your terms, and rent the property.

Drop me a note if you'd to know about specific markets I'm considering.

I hope that helps!

Marc Charles
Street Smart Host

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