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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Do You Have Any Bright Ideas for Obtaining a Car Free of Charge?

Question: My friend told me about an article you wrote about getting a car free of charge. I Googled your name and those words but couldn't find the article. Is it true? Do you have any bright ideas for obtaining a car free of charge?
W.M. Gary IN

Answer Marc Charles:

Auto dealerships are going out of business in droves. But the opportunity to drive a new car for absolutely no cost has never been better.

The tactic I’ll show you for obtaining a new car at no cost is a proven method, tested and 100% legal.

There is some work involved, which I’ll explain in detail, but there are no gimmicks, tricks or micro-print.
Most people still prefer driving newer vehicles. This may eventually change as the recession wares on.
But the desire to drive nice late model automobile is still red hot.

Now you can drive away in a brand new automobile at zero cost.

Here’s how to do it.

Practically every auto dealership in the world has a leasing department.

Leasing continues to grow in popularity with consumers, business owners and corporations because of the low monthly cost, low transaction costs (oftentimes with no money down) and the ease of getting out of one auto lease and into another.

However, even though auto leasing is growing in popularity, several manufactures such as GM, Chrysler and Ford have discontinued their auto leasing programs.

The main reason auto manufactures have discontinued their leasing programs is due to three factors:

1) The value of automobiles were declining faster than lease values
2) Maintenance of contracts
3) Fewer people buying and leasing new vehicles.

But the current situation opens the door to a wonderful opportunity.

Auto dealerships desparately need leasing business and contracts.

Consumer, business owners and corporations would lease automobiles but not at current prices.

The strategy is to organize an informal group of consumers, business owners, professionals or even corporations.
We can approach auto dealerships with the clout and buying power of a professional organization.

For example, in any given city or town there are hundreds (if not thousands) of specialized groups of people, like doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants, real estate brokers or entrepreneurs.

But we’ll need a second criterion for our auto leasing organization to work properly.

The specialized group of professionals needs to be “qualified”.

In this case qualified could be defines as anyone who is eligible for an auto lease, has leased cars previously and is in the market for a new automobile.

The next step is to obtain a list of qualified professionals who meet all of the criteria. This can be accomplished with the use of reputable mailing list broker. You can search Google Local for reputable mailing list brokers in your area, or use the Yellow Pages.

The final step is to write a compelling sales letter to all of the people on your mailing list. Tell them you are developing a professional organization with the main purpose of acquiring new automobiles at the lowest cost possible for all of the members.

In your letter you can explain there is absolutely no obligation of any kind until they review the lease agreement and details.

The sole purpose of your initial letter is to get a favorable response from the recipients of the letter. This can be done with a simple phone call, fax, email or by return mail.

If you send a powerful sales letter to 500 qualified professionals there’s a good chance you’ll receive a 1-2% response. In this case this would mean 5-10 people - if the response rate is higher so much the better.

You might also consider retaining a professional copywriter to construct the sales letter – or retain the services of a writer who specializes in sales letters.

Armed with our favorable response of 5-10 professionals we approach the auto dealership. If a particular dealership is unable or unwilling to offer a spectacular proposal for your professional organization – then simply go to the next dealership.

You will find dealerships who want to play ball and write the deal.

Here’s the catch…

If a dealership wants your professional organization’s business (which hypothetically consists of 5-10 people or more), they should be willing to extend a new car lease to you at no cost.

In other words, if you can deliver a group lease consisting of 5-10 professionals the dealership should be willing to extend a complimentary lease to the group organizer at no cost.

In the current hard times most auto dealerships would bend over backwards to make a deal like this work. If you presented this proposal to a Toyota dealership you could possibly drive away with a new Toyota Camry LE.

The average cost of a 2009 Toyota Camry LE in July 2009 was $20,000.

I hope that helps.

Yes.....this strategy works :)


Marc Charles

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