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Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Do You Think of Kevin Trudeau?

Question: There's no shortage of opinions on Kevin Trudeau. He's made millions, written six best sellers, launched dozens of profitable ventures and sealed his position in the "Infomercial Hall of Fame". But forums are filled with complaints, criticisms and law suits galore. I trust your opinion...what do you think of Kevin Trudeau?
A.Y. Cave Creek AZ

Answer Marc Charles:

I've never met Kevin Trudeau. But I've read three of his books. I can honestly say his books helped me....especially Natural Cures.

I've researched and tracked many of his ventures....and read posts about him and his companies on a regular basis.

I would consider myself fairly up to speed on his products, ventures and law suits.

Anytime someone rises above the crowd there will be a price to be paid.

Generally speaking, people do not like innovators or mega-success stories. It's probably human nature to put others in his or her place if they get to big for their britches.'s no surprise to me people and government agencies take shots at Kevin Trudeau.

But when was the last time the government produced products or services which helped people? Try never.

The same holds true for the people who critisize entreprneurs like Kevin Trudeau.

Now...that being said....I think Kevin could improve in customer service areas. He's focused on the big picture....not individuals or lowly entrepreneurs.

Nor has he trained top level customer service gurus to help his ventures. He could look at,, and others for examples of high level "one-to-one" customer service and support.

Another issue I have is how most of his ventures are shrouded behind curtains.

For example, readers are told in the Natural Cures book to check out the Natural Cures website for more information and resources.

Have you ever been to ? You can't access any viable information with joining something or buying something.

Obvioulsy, that's his choice. He can run his websites and ventures any way he wants to.....and he's doing it very profitably I might add.

But to me....its leading people through a get money...rather than legitmaelty helping and providing solutions.

It's like offering entrepreneurs "FREE MONEY" for $29.95.

His latest infomercial....Your Wish Is Your Command...sounds exciting. But I wouldn't pay $400 for 12 DVDs. I'll wait until its been on the market awhile and then buy his book....used. Because I want the "essence" of the product...not 300 hours of talking.

So...that's my take. I still think Kevin is a genius marketer, and incredibly street smart.


Marc Charles
"The King of Business Opportunities"

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